Blog Guidelines


The following guidelines have been established to ensure the safety of our students when blogging.


  • Students’ first names, photos, work, video and school name MAY be included on the blog.
  • Students’ surnames, address, email address, phone number, specific plans, date of birth and other personal information WILL NOT be included on the blog.
  • Posts written by students are checked by the Year 3/4 teachers before they are published on the blog.
  • All comments have to be approved by the Year 3/4 teachers before they are included on the blog.
  • Students will be encouraged to comment on other class/student blogs with teacher/parent supervision.
  • All students must have parental permission to comment or post on the class blog/other blogs.
  • All students must have parental permission to have their photo, videos and work appear on the blog.
  • Parents who leave comments are asked to use their first name only so as not to identify their child. Eg. Please identify yourself in comments as “Jane – Sally’s mum” rather than “Jane Brown – Sally’s mum”.
  • All comments must be polite, respectful and courteous.
  • Others’ work, images, music or videos will not be used without permission and attribution.
  • Parents are asked to proofread comments that students write on blogs at home.

Adapted from the 4KM and 4KJ @ Leopold Primary School blog

24 Responses to Blog Guidelines

  1. Raymonds dad says:

    I think Mathletics is a very good idea for students to help them learn maths; it gives the students the freedom to choose what ever they want to do with a limited amount of questions (max 10 question).

  2. Leeah's mum says:

    The photo story that Jakob, Locie and Jack put together was well put together and gave me a fantastic insight to what the children learnt about. Well Done!!!!

  3. Tom says:

    Hey 3/4 bloggers

    Jakob, Lochie and Jacks photostory is awesome! If you haven’t seen it click that play button now!!!! I remember making my photostory with Bailey, it was good fun. Well done to Jakob, Lochie and Jack for getting your awesome photostory on the 3/4 blog! Great job guys!!!!! 🙂

  4. Mary says:

    Well done Jakob, Jack and Lochie for the excellant photostory you guys have made, every Tuesday I remember Tom telling me how much fun he had making his photostory with his friend Bailey, once again well done with the great photostory!!!!

  5. Luke D says:

    Hey bloggers
    Great job Jakob,Jack and Lochie for your fantastic photo story, it was awesome the way your put it together !!!

  6. Shirlee - Luke D's Mum says:

    Hello 3/4 Bloggers, good to see the 3/4’s utilising this great tool. I’m looking forward to Luke establishing a habit of logging onto the blog site and developing his social learning skills and communicating with his year level too.

  7. Ella says:

    Hi everyone

    I hope you had a really good Easter Holiday. I know I did. I got a lot of Easter eggs including a few presents. I hope you ALL have a good year!

    From Ella

  8. ruby says:

    Hi it’s ruby here from 3/4 m

    My mum and dad are Australian. My grandparents are from France. My mums sister is Australian and my mum and my mum’s sister went to St Mark’s when they were little. I have another aunty who lives in Singapore and she is Filipino.

  9. Ella says:

    Hi guys

    Just updating on my holiday
    So far my holiday has been amazing! We have been to all the amusement parks like Magic Kingdom and Epcot and Animal Kingdom and by the way because of my sister I needed to get dressed as a princess!
    Mr Stuart if you read this look on your email please thanks

    Bye! see you when I get back.

  10. Raymond says:

    Hi it’s Raymond here

    I like how we have Inquiry because you get to share information with other people and they might not know that it happens plus you can give feedback on other projects like, next time do more information and more interesting information.

    That’s why I like Inquiry because you can comment and learn new information that you haven’t learnt plus write it on later.


  11. Brendon’s dad says:

    Hi everyone,
    brendon would like to share how to eat healthy meals and snacks, his recommendations are to create a recipe book for your family and also to grow your own vege’s in your garden making it fun to pick them and eat.

  12. Nam Raymond's Dad says:

    Hi every one!
    I am Raymond dad. I think last Saturday Fete was very success, most of the kids in our school participate and they were having a very good time and luckily the rain came at the end of the day. We have lot of different stalls with lot of helpers around. I really like it, Raymond really enjoy it too.

  13. Ethan W says:

    I just saw the story of Zac the tax man. Everyone did not like him. Jesus forgave him and treated Zac like a friend. This made Zac feel special. Zac learnt from Jesus to be good to others. I liked the cartoon video.

  14. jackson says:

    Hi Jackson here.
    This year I have really enjoyed reading because I have a different reading group, I have already learned new stuff and its been so much fun. This year we have been doing the fab four.
    We have also been doing reading to self and reading to someone.
    We have been trying to take two steps at a time with our learning.
    Bye from Jackson.

  15. Ryan says:

    Hi friends,

    3/4’s you have to be really careful because anyone can get hurt when playing outside.

    If you are not careful someone could get kicked in the head.

    When we play outside we have to be mindful of what is happening around us.

    So when you are playing on the playground you have to be really really watchful.

    Bye Ryan

  16. Rivali , Tracey (Mum) says:

    Hi guys Rivali here with my Mum (Tracey)

    We are here to talk about the E-portfolios.
    Rivali:I have been enjoying working on my E-portfolio each and every week. What I have learnt is to share the E-portfolio with all of the 3/4s.
    The other thing I learnt is to make a different background for my E-portfolio. I chose the Terre Ruby background. If you would like to see it go on the 3/4 portal to check it out.

    Mum(Tracey):Rivali has done a fantastic job on her E-portfolio. She is very keen to add to it and change it’s styles. This experience has been rewarding and beneficial to her computer learning abilities.
    From Ruvali and Tracey

  17. Georgina says:

    Hello this is Georgina.

    In Inquiry we have been learning a new topic called force. Force means that you are pulling or pushing something. Force can be applied when you put pressure on an object. The teacher has been teaching us about gravity.
    I would like to know how different objects react to force and how much force is needed to break them. I would like to conduct some classroom experiments on force.
    I am interested in learning about what we would do without gravity.

    Bye for now Georgina.

  18. Georgina's dad says:

    Hello this is Georgina’s dad Con.

    Georgina has spoken to me about the topic that she is studying in class which is “Force”. This topic will be a very interesting one as there is heaps to learn about force. Force is caused when pressure is applied to various things which makes them react. Objects react differently to pressure. Force can cause items to break, change color and even turn to liquid. The students would benefit from conducting projects or experiments to measure the effects of force.

    Bye for now Con.

  19. Enrico and Trisha(Enrico's Mum) says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Enrico and my mum here 🙂

    We are very excited about our new topic for Inquiry this term,for grade 3/4 :
    Newton’s Laws about force and motion.

    Over the past 2 weeks, our class (3/4 MC) along with other classes in grade 3/4 have learnt the history of Isaac Newton, his three laws of physics such as his first law being that speed x direction = constant force; second law being that force = mass x acceleration; and, third law being: with every action equals a reaction. We had also learned today, about how weight causes different resistance levels also known as friction.

    I have been doing a bit of further research with my mum on this topic and we have discovered that gravity plays a major part in these laws. My interest in this topic also caused me to wonder…

    Does gravity affect how much we weigh on the bathroom scales?

    Why do we float in water?

    Is it gravity that makes it more challenging to move a smaller tin of paint than it is to move a larger-sized but empty tin of paint?

    What is the weight of a brick in space compared to a feather, if there is no gravity in space?

    Based on inquiry lessons so far and researching on this topic with mum, I have learned that Gravity is a type of force and it causes objects with greater mass to be difficult to pull or push across the ground which results in friction. It is interesting to know that it is NOT how big something is that makes it heavy in weight, it is actually it’s total mass that makes it heavy.

    Mass and weight (gravity) are measured differently. Mass is measured in grams and kilograms, it depends how solid or how much stuff something is made up of which makes it is heavier or lighter than something else. Weight is measured in Newtons (N).

    For example, a pencil case full of pencils verses an empty pencil case. The FULL pencil case has a greater mass than an EMPTY one and how we measure its weight in Newtons goes by this formula:

    Force (like weight or pull of gravity) Newtons = mass in kgs or grams multiplied by acceleration or speed (of a moving object).

    Force of gravity on an object is measured with a scientific Spring Scale instrument that Newton created.

    Something else I’ve learned is that gravity actually causes the spinning motion of Earth because of the pull from other planets that are in our solar system and by the Sun. If the Earth were to stop spinning, we would fall off the planet and it is also why when we jump up, we dont keep going like superman, our feet always come back down onto the ground.

    The Earth’s spinning motion is also known as acceleration -which causes us to pull back to the ground – and according to our research, the Earth spins at a speed of about 9.8 metres per second per secong (smaller than a second). So, if someone who’s mass of about 40kg x 9.8, they would be 392 Newtons which is their real weight!!!!!

    Swimming pools show zero gravity because it does something with our mass but mum says I will learn more about it in class and it’s way past my bedtime so I have to go to bed now but I’m really excited!!! Newtons laws of Physics are so amazing. I cant wait to find out more about it during our inquiry lessons. 🙂

    See you all at school!

    Enrico and mum signing off, good night!

    • Mrs Kelly says:

      Thankyou Trisha and Enrico for all that valuable information about our Inquiry topic. I’m sure all the children will find it very interesting and helpful when they are doing their inquiries. Mrs Kelly

    • angestuart says:

      Thank you Enrico and Trisha for leaving us with some questions to ponder!
      These could be questions that some students may like to investigate. So thank you for your post.
      I look forward to seeing what you end up researching , Enrico 🙂

      Miss Stuart

  20. Ava says:

    Hi this is Ava,

    In inquiry we have been learning about forces. My favourite sort of force is gravity because it keeps us on the ground not in the air. If you were in the air you would be floating away. I love Gravity because it gives you a lot of information about an object that is getting pushed or pulled.

    Bye for now but not for ever.

  21. antonio says:

    Hi bloggers,
    It’s Antonio. I am looking forward to the the inquiry topic may the force be with you, I really like learning about force and gravity.

    In 3/4 we have been learning about Isaac Newton’s three laws.

    You will need more force to push a heavy thing because it just wants to stay where it is.You need less force to push a light thing . For example if you kick a small rock it needs less force than a big heavy rock.

    Bye bloggers.

  22. Kylie - Grace's Mum says:

    Hi everyone in 3/4,

    I’ve found it really interesting working my way through the 3/4 portal to find out about how students learn and keep all their work on the drive. Thanks for running the information session for families, it was very informative.


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