Term 2 Inquiry

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This term we will be doing an environmental science topic. We will be looking at plants and how they grow, greenhouses, sustainability, crops and how to protect them, bees and other insects. We will be thinking about different factors and how these affect the environment (positive or negative) including our own actions.

What do you already know/understand about any of the concepts mentioned above?

What sorts of things are you excited to learn about?

Do you have any ideas about how we could do a better job of caring for our environment – school, home or world?




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42 Responses to Term 2 Inquiry

  1. Mitchell says:

    Hi everybody welcome back,

    Plants & trees produce oxygen for us to breathe. Most environmental items go through the process of photosynthesis. I am excited to learn about the problems crops face. Also I want to learn more about photosynthesis. Why don’t we just make a plantation for trees to become paper and when you cut one tree down to become paper you plant another?

    Thanks for reading and have a great term.
    Bye for now.

  2. William B says:

    Hi everybody welcome back,

    As you all know we are learning about the environment for inquiry. What I already know is that trees give you oxygen so we won’t breathe in the same oxygen and get sick. I’m excited to learn about how trees and plants grow in only a couple of months and how the trees suck in carbon dioxide. I think that the council can put more trees on everybody’s nature strip.

    See you next time!

  3. Caroline says:

    Hi Bloggers,

    It’s Caroline, and this term I’m writing about environmental science. We’re learning about lots of things, like how plants grow, what you need to do to protect them and lots of other interesting facts.

    What I know now is that…
    Most plants have roots that help them grow
    You need to protect your plants using repellents
    And before you eat any fruits or vegetables, wash them as they have had bug repelling sprays on them

    I’m really excited to learn more about…
    How carbon dioxide helps plants
    What people are doing to protect fruits and vegetables
    And finally, about plants’ lifecycles

    I think we can help care for our environment by…
    Picking up rubbish when we see it
    Reducing the amount of paper we make, and the cutting of trees
    And growing more fruits and vegetables in our backyard.

    I hope I can learn about lots of things this term so I can share them with you!

    See you!

  4. Nathan says:

    Welcome back everyone,

    I am going to be talking about nature and plants. I know that you have to protect them from wind, fire, animals and other dangers to nature. I also know that trees give people oxygen to breathe. I am excited about learning about insects and lifecycles. To make a better world for nature people should cut less trees, create less littering and less gases.

    Goodbye everyone! From Nathan

  5. Harry says:

    Hello Bloggers

    I’m very excited for our new inquiry topic which is gardening and plants!

    I like this topic because one part I know a lot about it and another part I’d like to learn. For example, how do plants go through photosynthesis? And which plants are which and how could I use them? But as I said I know a lot about it itself like all stages of a specific plant’s lifecycle and how plants are great for the stock market. I also know about repopulation and that if one tree dies seeds can carry on it’s existence. Overall this topic will be really exciting and I’d like to learn and share my new discoveries.

    Hope you have a nice day!

    From Harry

  6. William says:

    Hi everyone,
    I know that seeds drop from fruit to grow more trees and plants and then it goes on and on and on.

    Maybe if we do some more fruits and veg for the garden so we can have fruit related things for Stephanie Alexander like apple roses.

    For the environment we can have more bins around the school so some people don’t have to walk that far to a bin so people don’t litter.
    From William F 🙂

  7. Jessica says:

    Hi everyone,

    This term we are learning about the environment.

    I know that plants survive by being watered and put in the sun and some plants have a life cycle.

    I want to find out if all plants have a life cycle because it is my big wondering.

    To help the environment we could use buckets & tongs to clean up our school. If we are good at that then we could start cleaning other areas.

    Thanks for reading,
    From Jessica

  8. William says:

    Hi everyone,
    I know that seeds drop from fruit to grow more trees and plants and then it goes on and on and on.

    Maybe if we do some more fruits and veg for the garden so we can have fruit related things for Stephanie Alexander like apple roses.

    For the Environment we can have more bins around the school so some people don’t have to walk that far to a bin so people don’t litter.
    From William F 🙂

  9. Alex K says:

    Hi, It’s me Alex,

    I’m going to say some things about plants.
    I know that plants need sunlight and water to grow. I’m excited to learn about how they grow from a seed. For eg. How they turn into a BIG tree from a tiny seed. If there is a big tree people can cut the big sticks off the tree.


  10. Oliver says:

    Hi everyone I’m Oliver,

    I know that most of the plants in the world have roots or something similar.
    I wonder if everyone has a plant in their backyard (not including grass).
    I’m excited to learn about different types of plants, how they stay alive and their life cycle. My theory is that if there were no cars, people would live to 200 years old because there would be no gas so people would breathe healthy air.


  11. zavier says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m going to say some things about plants .
    The sunlight helps the garden and if you did not give plants water they will die.

    What I’m excited to learn is what other things can help the plants.

    My ideas to help the environment are to pick up the wrappers.

    Thank you

  12. Sienna says:

    Hi Im Sienna,

    We’re learning about the the environment and carbon dioxide helps a lot of the plants around us.

    Here are some things I’m excited to learn about within the environment – photosynthesis and growing crops.

    I have some ideas about what we can do to help the environment – pick up rubbish when you see it, don’t waste paper when you use it and care for your plants and garden.

    Thanks for reading my comment, Bye

  13. Emilia in year 4 says:

    Hi Bloggers,
    I am looking forward to finding out things about how plants grow in different environments.

    Some things I know about plants are that some plants re-seed that means that people don’t plant them bugs or animals drop the seed and it grows, That plants need water, sunlight and care to grow and that the roots of plants is where plants get water from.

    Things I want to learn are how long can a plant live without water? And how can plants that are in the desert live without water for a long time?

    Emilia in year 4

  14. Leah says:

    Hi bloggers! My name is Leah and for this term for this particular topic, ‘How does your garden grow?’ and the things I know about this topic are shown: the garden has to be in great care otherwise all of your beds will die immediately.

    You always must water your garden to help it grow, and keep a watch over it for the next few years. If you have success, give tips to others and they will listen – because you will be an experienced gardener.

    Remember to always help, care and love your garden for the years ahead. Always make sure you use those tips I showed you earlier.

    You can report images of your garden to others so they can look at and try to make it the same as the pictures. I tried it once – it felt good to help others with the garden.

    Things I want to learn are shown as well: I want to learn why you have to use seeds – why are seeds so important, and why are seeds sometimes expensive because it’s for the garden?

    Bye bloggers!


  15. Keisha says:

    Hi Bloggers,
    I am so excited about our new inquiry topic for term 2 How does your Garden grow?
    These are a few things you need etc. Water, Sunshine, Soil and Protection.


  16. Danny F says:

    Hi 3/4 bloggers,
    Today I am going to talk about how our garden can grow. It can grow by a combination of two things happening; water and sunshine. Be aware that you need to water your garden weekly so that none of your plants die. Just water or just sunshine won’t make your garden grow. Another thing is that you need soil to put the seeds in. Without seeds in your garden, then beautiful plants cannot grow. It is also important that you have worms because they can turn compost into soil. Protect your garden from the white cabbage moths – they go and eat some holes of leaves in your garden. Keep an eye out for that!
    How can you help your garden?
    See you later! From Danny

  17. Emilia says:

    Hi bloggers

    In Inquiry we are doing how our garden grows and we did a posters in groups. We had sun, seeds, care, air, water and more. We had a lot of sun and water and care. It looked really good.

    From Emilia.P3/4N

  18. Jessica H says:

    Hi bloggers,

    This term our Inquiry topic is How does our garden grow. I think this is a really good topic because the ¾’s are doing cooking and gardening lessons. In these lessons you learn to plant grow and look after your garden.

    In your garden you might have vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and much more. You might have fruits like passion fruit, peaches, Apricots and mangos. Herbs like mint, Rosemary, time and lots more.

    To keep a garden healthy you might need sunshine, water, love and passion, nice rich soil.
    To protect your garden you might need nets and some other things to protect your garden. You also have to watch your garden in case of anything.

    Bye bloggers

  19. Vanessa says:

    Hi 3/4s
    We are doing how our garden grows. We did a poster in groups. In Inquiry I think the garden can get more water and it can grow better with sun.

    From Vanessa.

  20. Harper Q says:

    Hi bloggers,

    Here are some things that gardens need to grow:
    Garden bed
    Worm Pee/Tea
    Please respond and tell me how excited you are for this topic.
    Bye bloggers!

  21. Charlie.k says:

    Hi 3/4’s

    What I know about how our garden grows is that it needs lots and lots of water,sun,good soil,care,love, patience and protection.

    By 3/4’s from Charlie

  22. Andrew says:

    Hi bloggers,

    For Inquiry we got a new topic It is how does our garden grow. I would like to give everyone some tips on growing a nice happy garden because I have a garden as well. So one thing is you need to water your plants EVERYDAY and you need sunlight so keep your plants outside where the sun can get to them. One other thing is care and love because if you don’t love your plants you won’t care for them and they will die.

    I hope these tips help you from Andrew bye bye

  23. Karyna says:

    Hi bloggers!
    I have an idea about how we could look after our environment.
    People litter on the school grounds and don’t care where the rubbish goes. The rubbish can be carried away by the wind and can land in the sea. Sea creatures can think it’s food and swallow it, which could make them die. We don’t want that to happen do we? If we put our rubbish in the bin, there would be less chance of struggling animals. So, next time you have some rubbish, put it in the bin. It’ll help our environment and we wouldn’t have rubbish flying around our playground.
    So bye bloggers! See you next time!

  24. Estelle says:

    Hi guys,

    These are the things about plants that I know.
    Plants gives us oxygen and food and other things.
    To make plants grow the plants need sun, water, air, bees and dirt.

    So that’s all I know. Bye for now but not forever!

  25. Zahra says:

    Hi everyone,
    We need plants because if we did not have any we will die. This is because plants give us oxygen to breathe and if there is no oxygen we will die so that is why we have to look after our plants.
    From Zahra

  26. Thomas N says:

    Hello bloggers,

    This term the Inquiry subject is How does your garden grow?

    This is what I know about this subject: To make a garden grow in your home or in school you maybe need sunlight, water, soil, flowers, bees and worms. I’m going to be learning about new words, greenhouses and more stuff to grow gardens.

    Now bye bloggers

  27. Noah M says:

    Hi guys,

    I just want to firstly tell you that I am quite excited to see a plant actually grow and I want to learn more about greenhouses and a lot more. I’d also like to learn how the environment is getting really bad and it’s getting hotter. My idea is we recycle a wrapper into something that could help us, like you can put stuff you need in a wrapper and get two magnets on each side and keep it closed to keep it fresh.

    From Noah

  28. Caitlin E says:

    Hi 3/4’s,

    I am excited to learn about growing a garden because I have a veggie patch and all the veggies have died. I really want to learn about growing a garden because I want to grow a healthy garden that grows healthy fruit and veggies. I know that a greenhouse grows fruit, veggies and other plants. I also know that bees help plants grow because they suck pollen out of plants. If bees did not suck pollen out of plants the plants would die. It would not be good if the plants died because plants help us breathe.

    From Caitlin. E.

  29. keith says:

    Keith here,

    The Inquiry subject for term two is how does a garden grows? A garden needs water and sun to grow. We need worms because they eat the compost. Compost is left over fruit and veg the worms eat and the worms turn it into plant food.
    Did you know plants need water and sun?

    From Keith.

  30. Tianna says:

    Hey bloggers,

    What I know about growing gardens is that you need to give them water nearly every day so they do not die. They also need soil/dirt to let the roots spread wherever they want. You will need a net or green house so crows/birds do not get into your garden. I know more it is just I do not want to make the comment too long.

    That is all see you soon.

  31. Joel says:

    Hello fellow bloggers!
    Joel here!

    I believe that our inquiry topic is “How Does Your Garden Grow?” I know that our environment is really important because it gives us oxygen and we give them carbon dioxide. I’m excited because I like nature. I think we should build a robot that waters the plants for us because it will be really useful if we forget.


    From Joel

  32. Maddie says:

    Hi bloggers,

    How does a garden grow? Well, a garden grows by watering it and by the sun shining on the plants.

    I understand that a garden needs water and sun to grow.

    We could do a better job by watering the plants every day so that the plants grow faster.

    How do we protect the plants? You protect the plants by putting a net over them so spiders don’t make webs and so the other insects don’t ruin them.

    I´m also excited to learn more about how to look after the plants that we own and other plants.
    Bye bloggers!

  33. Alex.F. says:

    Hello my fellow bloggers and viewers!

    I already know a fair amount about plants and photosynthesis. Trees are awesome they keep us alive by taking in our carbon dioxide and taking it out and turning it into breathable oxygen. For instance worms don’t even have eyes or teeth but they use their other senses to find their way through our compost.
    Isn’t that amazing!

    I am very excited to learn about photosynthesis even I know things about it I want to expand my learning. I have heard so many theories about plants and flowers so I want to know what information I can actually trust.

    I would like the government and workers to stop cutting down trees. We need them to survive! If we had more trees we would probably be able to live longer.

    That’s all I have to say today,
    Thank You for reading my comment!
    Alex F.

  34. Archie Wrigth says:

    Hi 3/4s

    I would like to know where and what are the bodyparts on a worm. I also would like to know how do bees turn pollen into hony?

    I am super excited to learn about how does a garden grow and why are bugs important to our garden.

    I have a lot of good ideas about how can we make our job of caring for our garden like making a machine out of robotics that can water our school garden.

    See you next time

  35. Ollie says:

    Hi ¾’s

    I already know that plants can die from no water, sun or shade. The plants need water from rain so you should only water them once every second day. I know that if all the plants and trees in the world die we’ll die too because they breath out oxygen and we get it and we breathe out carbon dioxide.

    I am excited to learn about greenhouses because I do not know anything about greenhouses. I am also excited to learn about insects because I am interested in insects and their life.

    I think that we can improve on watering the plants a bit more because I don’t think that they are getting enough water. I think at home we could improve on not stepping on all the plants because the plant are all squished. I think the world could improve on not littering so the plants will not die.

    That is all folks

  36. Joseph.m says:

    Hello bloggers, welcome back and I hope you all had great holiday. I am really happy about this topic because it involves science and I really love science. I would like to learn more about the inside structure of plants and how to tell if plants are edible because I do not know much about that and I think it would be very interesting. Today I was told that Mr Speranza has bought lots of robotics tools called makey makeys so we can use them this term to learn how robotics can be used in gardening.
    Goodbye from Joseph.

  37. cindy.L. says:

    Hi 3/4s,

    I know that plants need water and sunlight to help them grow, I also know that the lines in the plants are like veins which means that the lines on the plant carries water to every part of the plants.

    I can’t wait to learn about why do some plants need certain season to grow, I also wonder why worms help compost.

    To keep the environment healthy we should stop littering.

    Thank you for reading my comments

  38. Mia. M says:

    Hi it’s Mia again,

    I know that we breath out carbon dioxide and the plants breath it in and release oxygen, in the air and then repeats over and over and again.

    I want to know how plants produce oxygen from carbon dioxide. Also how they can change colors?

    I think that to help the environment grow by watering plants every day around the world.

    Thanks for listening
    Mia. M

  39. Patrick says:

    Hey bloggers Patrick here,

    I already know that the some crops need a certain amount of sun and rain. The better they are grown the more money you can sell them for.

    I am really excited to learn about greenhouse gases and insects, because I find greenhouse gases really interesting and I don’t know much about them. I know not that much about insects and I would like to learn more about them.

    I think we could improve our environment by reducing how much rubbish goes down the drain by putting nets over them.

    That is what I think.
    Bye from Patrick

  40. Tony says:

    Hello 3/4s,

    I really want to learn as much as I can about how does our garden grow. Here’s what I know. Worms can help you with your garden because when you have fruit and vegetable scraps you can give it to the worms and the worms will eat it and make compost.
    Greenhouses can help you grow your garden because in it there are a lot of plants and it will give you a bit of sunlight and plenty of water.

    I am excited to learn all about garden, crops and helping the environment. I also want to know about photosynthesis because I don’t know anything about it.

    I think that we should stop littering so are plants can grow. I also think that people should have a compost bin in there house so when you fill the compost bin you can give it to the worm.

    See you later!
    By Tony

  41. Angelique says:

    Hi everyone.
    I know that plants need sunlight, water and air. I also know that trees give us oxygen to breathe and that plants breathe in carbon dioxide. Also plants start from a tiny seed and then after a few days or so it becomes what it is meant to become and I also know that trees give us paper and that trees have roots. I am excited to learn what other type of plants there are in the world and what seeds are made of. Also I want to learn about greenhouses.I think we should not use so much paper and not leave our rubbish lying around.

    Bye for now

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