Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

This term 3/4N have been contributing to the Stephanie Alexander Program. They have been picking naturally grown herbs, vegetables and fruits from the garden run by compost. Thanks to this program, 3/4N have been learning about natural produce and how to use it in delicious foods. This has been great for the growth mindset to try something new and different to the norm. With the help of parents this program has been filled with new and fun experiences for the students of 3/4N.

By Harry M, Emilia D, Eva, Patrick & Maddie

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2 Responses to Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

  1. Mrs Dermietzel says:

    It’s so great to see so many happy, smiling faces in the Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden program. It’s terrific to see everyone having a positive growth mindset and trying new and different foods to what they might usually eat. I love being involved in such an awesome program with such awesome 3/4 students. AND, a VERY special thank you to all the wonderful 3/4N parents who have been helping out throughout the term.
    From Mrs. D

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    Hi Gr 3/4,
    the program sounds great.
    OMG I am so excited to be back on here even though it is night time here in the UAE. I am missing you guys so much and hoping that you are missing me just as much. Thank you for absolutely everything you did for me when I was leaving. I really wish that I could come back to say ‘hi’ and also wish that I could bring my BFF’s from here with me. Is Gr 4 going well for you all as it is for me? I love it here but the only thing is, it is quite hot. Although today it was raining which was a pleasant surprise. Say ‘hi’ to all the teachers because I miss everyone there as much as I will miss everyone here when I leave. Again, thanks for everything!
    Love from Jessica Smith!

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