Welcome Back

Welcome back to all our 3/4 students and their families. We hope you all had happy holidays and are looking forward to working with you during 2017.

This week we have been getting to know each other and talking about how we can develop growth mindsets to help us learn and grow while working as a team this year.

There are two different kinds of mindsets: growth mindsets and fixed mindsets.

Someone with a growth mindset is likely to:

  • Be keen as a bean to learn from the people around them
  • Understand that in order to get what they want, they’ve got to  put effort in
  • Know that making a mistake is a chance to learn
  • Be aware of their weaknesses, and focused on improving them
  • Welcome challenges
  • Be open to new things and new ways of learning.

The flip side of that is a fixed mindset. Someone with a fixed mindset is likely to:

  • Avoid challenges where they think they might fail
  • Not deal very well with setbacks
  • Try to hide their mistakes
  • Be convinced that their abilities are limited.
  • Practice negative self-talk by saying things like “I can’t do it.”

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Which mindset do you usually choose and why ?

What are some of your goals this year ?

What challenges are you looking forward to this year ?

How do you think you can contribute to our 3/4 team this year ?

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56 Responses to Welcome Back

  1. Alex says:

    Hello 3/4 s
    My mindset is normally a growth mindset. Sometimes I like learning but most of the time I like playing. I have learnt so much about growth mindset. A negative mindset is not good to have, if you do, try to change that.

    Bye for now but not for ever, Alex.

  2. Leah says:

    Hello, my name is Leah, for this year (for the topic growth mindset) I will try my hardest not to get into the fixed mindset area, because that might change my attitude and I might not experience everything that’s going on.

    So I will always be growth mindset for the rest of the year. I am willing to try different things because if I’m interested or not, I will still try it and have a go at it.

    I am looking forward to these subjects: Maths, Kitchen/Garden, Reading, Writing, PA and lots more! I can contribute to our 3/4 area because I know what it’s like here.

    Bye everybody, see you next time!

  3. Emilia says:

    Hi bloggers

    Growth mindset is putting your mind on something new.It is good to try something new.A fixed mindset is when you do not try something.
    Question.1I think you should Growth mindset because the thing you try can be fun and cool also good for you.
    Question.2Some of my goals for this year are to make more friends to get better at writing they are some of them.

    From Emilia

  4. katie giantsos says:

    Hi bloggers!
    I’m so happy to see what I will be learn this year.
    I think I have a growth mindset because I like think positive and I like to try new stuff to see if it will help me learn and i love to try new things.
    Which mindset do you usually choose and why I would love to be better at spelling,maths and history.
    What are some of your goals this year ?
    I would like to get better at spelling because I would like to try more hard words to make my story more interesting
    What challenges are you looking forward to this year ?
    Spelling and ,maths
    How do you think you can contribute to our 3/4 team this year?
    By helping my classmates

    From kate Bye Bye!

  5. Keisha says:

    Hi bloggers
    Hopefully everyone has had a great start to a new year. I think this year will be a great challenge for me because all of the different subjects.
    By Keisha

  6. Bianca says:

    Hey guys,

    I am going to talk about growth and fix mindset,
    I think that I have a 100% growth mindset. A growth mindset is about thinking of the positive side of your learning. A fix mindset is when you think there is one way to do something.

    Bye guys

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