3/4 Genius Hour in 2016


All students in 3/4 have been working on a personal Genius Hour project this year. Genius Hour is part of our Inquiry Learning, where students develop a complex “Non-Googleable” question on a topic of their choice, then research and present their findings. The students have been allocated one hour a week to work on these projects.

Today was our open expo day where they whole school community were invited to see what the 3/4 students have achieved in their projects. The students shared their learning and carried out their actions of their intended impact. It seems that all of our visitors have been very impressed at the wide variety of projects this term, and the creativity that students have shown through their projects.

Below, are some examples of student questions and their presentations.

Names Question Link
Christian & Dante How might we make St. Mark’s smarter at Maths? link
Noah, Caroline & Loretta How might we create a trial cat for kids to prove that they can own a real pet? link
Emily & Georgie How might we persuade people to keep fit and drink more litres of water? link
Savannah, Alex & Eliza How might we raise awareness and money for Caritas? link
Josh, Brandan & Ethan How might we educate people about bullying? link
Jake & Ethan How might we make a scratch game that teaches people about shapes? link


Students, what did you enjoy about the Expo and Google Hangout?

Visitors, which projects did you find most interesting and why?



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One Response to 3/4 Genius Hour in 2016

  1. Miss Stuart says:

    Wow 3/4’s ! Walking around the expo today I was blown away with everyone’s projects. I know a lot of students spent many hours of research , facing challenges, problem solving and thinking about how you could have the biggest impact for your community and your own learning. Well done you should be very proud of all your hard work!
    Miss Stuart 🙂

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