Inquiry Term 4

Next term in 3/4 for Inquiry we will be learning about the History of Australia. We will studying specific events like the first fleet, white settlement, convicts, etc. As part of this unit we will also be focusing on how Australia changed during this time and how it is different now. Throughout this unit students will also be analysing how these significant events impacted the  Indigenous Australians who were already occupying the Australian land.

What do you already know about Australian History?

What else would you like to learn about white settlement in Australia?

How do you think Australia changed throughout that time?

How is Australia different (or not different) now?

What do your parents know about Australian history? What would they like you to learn about it?


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88 Responses to Inquiry Term 4

  1. Isobel says:

    Hello bloggers,
    I can’t wait till our next topic on The History of Australia. What I already know about Australia’s history is that Captain Cook discovered Australia in 1770, and landed at Botany Bay, and that Australia fought in both World War 1 and World War 2 as the ANZAC’s. I would like to learn more about the history of Melbourne and Victoria. Australia has changed a lot I think, because of the buildings, technology, transportation and the environment. Our food, fashion and lifestyle are different as well. My parents know how the convicts came to Australia, Ned Kelly and the outlaws, the gold rush and the way Aboriginals were badly treated, just to name a few. My parents want me to learn more about how the government was formed and about Aboriginal history.
    Bye for now, Isobel 🙂

  2. Noah says:

    Hi 3/4 bloggers,

    Before white settlement the Aborigines were living in Australia. It will be nice to learn about how they survived. I would like to learn more about who was the first white settlement to come to Australia.

    Change can happen over time from old to new. Some changes have been more buildings, more homes, more food and other areas. Australia is different because in the olden days there was not much homes and buildings. Over time areas have become more established.

    Mum’s comment:
    It is known to many that the Aborigines were already on Australian land before the first fleet arrived with any white people who wanted to settle in Australia. Over time things like climate and technology made Australia change. Computers play a large part in our everyday lives today and will continue to in the future. I wonder how much we will rely on computers to do work for us in the future.

    Bye For Now
    Noah Ma and Mum

  3. Charlotte.D says:

    Hello everyone,
    I would really like to learn about Australian History and how Australia is different from then to now. Also I want to learn how the Aboriginal people lived their lives and how they live their lives now. My mum knows the story behind Ned Kelly the outlaw who was eventually put in jail.
    I’m really looking forward to starting this inquiry unit.

    Bye for now,
    Charlotte 🙂

  4. Hayley says:

    Hello 3/4s,

    I don’t know much about the Australian History but I’m just really excited to do this topic. I can’t wait until we learn about the Australian History. History is so fun and interesting. The thing I want to learn more about is the Aboriginals. Their art is so interesting and so fun to look at.

    Bye 3/4s

    From Hayley

  5. Mia says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am really, really excited to learn about Australian history!
    Aboriginal language has been around for 100 years and I really want to learn the way their language was then and the way it is now.
    Can’t wait to start a new topic!

    from Mia

  6. Ryan H says:

    Hi guys, it’s Ryan,
    I am pretty excited about the topic, because we get to go to the Melbourne Museum. It will be pretty interesting. You will get to know a little bit more about Australia. Hope you have fun.

    From Ryan

  7. joseph says:

    Hello everyone,
    I am looking forward to this topic because I get to learn more about the country that we live in. I know some things about Australian history, but not much. The things I do know are 1. Ned Kelly`s gang name was the Kelly gang and all their armor was homemade.
    2. Everybody in the Kelly gang was killed except Ned Kelly.
    3. Ned Kelly was Australia`s most famous bush-ranger.
    I know all of this from a Just Kidding magazine so I`m not getting straight A`s on exams and that`s another reason why I`m super excited about this topic.
    Bye for now from Joseph

  8. Alexandra says:

    Hi guys,
    In inquiry I would love to learn about how Australia got its name.
    Why you ask? I live here and to be honest I don’t know much about Australia.
    Why were the Aboriginals the first to discover Australia ?

    I hope you guys have a great holiday.
    From Alex.E.

  9. Jessica H says:

    Hello 3/4’s

    Next term the 3/4 level are learning about the history of Australia. I am really excited to learn about the history of Australia because I do not know a lot about it.

    I hope everyone is looking forward to learning about the history of Australia and hopefully later on the 3/4’s can learn about some other country’s history as well.

    Does anyone know anything about the history of Australia or any other country’s?

    Hope everyone enjoys learning about the history of Australia.

    Enjoy from Jessica H

  10. Kevin says:

    Hi 3/4 bloggers,

    I don’t really know much about the History of Australia so I am looking forward to learning some good things about Australia’s history. I know that Aboriginals have a big part to play in Australian history. Australia changed as new people entered into Australia they bought new things and made Australia different. Australian history is one of my favourite things I would like to learn about. I hope that we learn some amazing things.

    Bye for now but not forever
    From Kevin

  11. Michael says:

    Hey All,
    I’m looking forward to learning about Australian history and the early settlers, especially the convicts. My mums ancestor was sent to Australia for stealing a horse whip. I can’t imagine being sent thousands of miles away from my family for doing that.

  12. Michael says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Australia’s history is so rich and exciting. There is so much to learn about, from the aborigines, the first fleet, the early settlers, the convicts, the building of our parliament and nation. I think you will find it very interesting to learn how we all got to be so lucky to live in this wonderful country.

    Jane (Michaels’s mum)

  13. Grace.R says:

    Hi Bloggers,
    It’s Grace here!
    I love Australia and it’s history.
    I think it is very fascinating.
    I can’t wait for next term!
    Well, that’s all for now.
    From Grace

  14. Brandon D says:

    Hi Everybody!
    I’m really excited about this Australian History topic and the excursion to the Melbourne Museum. I’m pretty sure that the Melbourne Museum excursion is for our Inquiry topic which is Australian History. The things I know about Australian History was that the English people that were from England came to Australia. The second thing I know that the Aboriginal people came to Australia first than any other people. My third fact is that Captain Cook stopped in New South Wales. My fourth and final fact is, that America helped Australia a lot! I am really excited to learn more about the Australian History and how was life back then.


  15. Rooney says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I just want to talk about our inquiry for term 4. I think the first fleet weren’t being fair to the aboriginal people because they killed them, had a war and did things their way even though it was the aboriginals’ land. Like destroying the environment just to build houses.
    That’s all for now!
    By: Rooney

  16. Katie says:

    Hi bloggers!
    I would like to learn more about the early history of Aborigines. I would like to learn when they first came to Australia and where they originated from; also I would like to learn what the impact was to Aborigines was when the first white people came to Australia.
    Also, I would like to learn about the history of Dingley

    bye bloggers! from katie!

  17. Joel says:

    Hello fellow bloggers, Joel here. I am very excited as well as curious to learn about our brand new inquiry topic Australian history. I already know that the Aborigines were the very first people in Australia, but I don’t know much otherwise. For a fact, Captain James Cook was an Englishman and he was light skinned. He came to Australia and so began the white settlement of Australia. I know that Australia has changed a lot like the new $5 note. I know that the new $5 note has a bump on it. The bump is for blind people and vision impaired people to know which side is the front side. The front side has got an image of Queen Elizabeth the second and the back side has got an image of Parliament House on the back. I want Uluru rock to change to be more safer so the Aborigines will change their minds and let people climb Uluru again. My parents know that the Aborigines were treated badly when Captain James Cook first came to Australia and I want to know why the Aborigines were treated so badly.
    Bye for now

  18. jude.p says:

    Hi It’s Jude.p here,
    I’m excited to learn about Australian history. I already know about Ned Kelly the Bush ranger and the didgeridoo is a wind instrument that was made by indigenous people that were the first people in Australia.I also know that Captain Cook found Australia in 1770 discovered the southeast coast of Australia in Botany bay On august 22 1770.
    I’m really excited about going to the museum

    From Jude

  19. Bianca.m says:

    Hello everyone,

    I can’t wait to learn about Australian history. I know a little about Australian history, like Austria’s first people were Aboriginals.
    I wonder if families, women or just men came out to Australia to settle from overseas first?
    Over time I think Australia has changed because of other countries have come to Austrila.
    I think that Australia is different now with different people,food and with technolog.
    I would Bianca to learn about what are some native animals.
    bye 3/4s
    from Bianca

  20. Brandan says:

    Hi bloggers,

    I am really excited to learn about the Australian history because I want to learn more about our country. Things that I mostly want to learn about is the Aboriginals, and how they lived their life. I also want to learn about how the money has changed over the years.

    Bye for now but not forever

  21. Loretta says:

    Hi everyone,

    I don’t know much about Australian History, so I think it would be very interesting to learn about it next term. I would like to learn about the Aboriginals and their arts. Both me and my mum find the Aboriginal arts very colourful and interesting. I would also like to know all of the big Australian events in History.

    Bye for now,

  22. thomas says:

    Hello everyone.

    I am so excited about next term to begin Australian History for inquiry. I can’t wait to learn a lot about Australian History. I Love history and especially my countries history and I hope you do to. History is my favourite subject and i’m excited to learn something new. Therefore I’m excited for next term.

    Bye 3/4

    From Tom.D

  23. Maddison says:

    Hi bloggers it’s Maddie here,

    What I already know about Australian History is that Aboriginals were here before white people.

    I would like to learn how white men came to Australia and what it was like for them.

    I think Australia has changed a lot because there are cars, buildings and a lot of different cultures that live in Australia.

    My mum knows that Captain Cook was the person who discovered Australia. Mum would like me to learn more about Captain Cook because she thinks it is very interesting.

    Bye 3/4’s, from Maddie!

  24. Archie says:

    Hello 3/4’s,

    I do not know a lot about Australian History but I can not wait to start learning in term four. History is fun to learn about and even reading history books. I would like to learn about how the Sydney Harbour was made. I would also like learn about Captain Cook.

    Bye 3/4’s

    from Archie

  25. Ryan says:

    Hi Guys it’s Ryan here,

    I am looking forward to our new inquiry topic for term 4. Australia has been changing in the last few years and some of those changes are with money, houses and people. I hope that people will learn a lot of things in inquiry next term. I am really happy to be learning about things I do not know yet.

    Bye bloggers

  26. Talia says:

    Hi bloggers Talia here,

    I am soooo excited to learn about Australia because I am not the best to tell anything about Australia. I would love to learn on what they did back then with the indigenous and probably heaps of other stuff. I am also wondering what did the first indigenous person do when they first got there? I wonder. What I already know is that captain Cook found Australia. I think Australia has changed because when the indigenous were here they never had roads, cars technology and brick houses. I think Australia is different because back then I don’t think they had a lot of shelter and no gas and heaps of stuff they did not have that we have now.

    Bye for now

  27. Angelique says:

    Hi everyone,
    I can not wait to learn about Australian History because I do not know a lot about it yet. I do know that Captain Cook was the first person to find Australia and that the Aboriginals came to Australia before Captain Cook discovered our Country. I would like to know more about white settlement. I would also like to learn about how the Australian money has changed over the years.

    That’s all from me

  28. Crystal says:

    Hi fellow bloggers!
    It’s Crystal here,
    I’m really excited about learning the Australian history. I so far know a little bit about Uluru, Aboriginal, didgeridoos, boomerang, Captain Cook.
    I would like to learn more about Captain Cook, how the white settlement changed Australia and the Australian wars. I think that Australia has changed a lot in health, fashion, technology, transportation and education. Australia is different now because our country is now multicultural. My parents know about the first Chinese settlement and the gold mines in Australia. My parents think that I should learn more about it because it is extremely interesting. So I would actually agree with them too.

  29. Bayden says:

    Hello bloggers.

    The aboriginals came to Australia 50,000 years ago. There were 320,000 aborigines and about 250 tribes when the first european settlers arrived in Australia in 1788. Aborigines were nomads, they were hunter gatherers. This meant that they hunted animals like geese, kangaroos and wallabies. They used weapons like spears and boomerangs to hunt these animals. They also gathered plants, fruits, seeds and yams. The land gave the aborigines everything they needed, this is why the aborigines love and respect the land so much.

    Bayden 3/4F

  30. Harry says:

    Hello Bloggers,
    I love Australian history and I am excited to see how our country has developed since the Aboriginals. There have been a lot of great achievements and I look forward to finding out about the bushrangers and convicts
    From Harry

  31. Sophie says:

    Hello Sophie Here,

    The aboriginal people were here first. The white people started coming in the aboriginals homes and cutting down their nature. Then most of aboriginal people moved into a different country because the white people started to live in there country/Australia. What would it feel like to, move out of a country because other people started coming in yours? Response: I would feel really angry and sad because other people started coming in like a seagulls, trying to get chips. Why did the white people move into Australia?

    Goodbye 🙂

  32. Jessica.T says:

    Hey 3/4,

    In my opinion i’m very interested about learning the history of Australia, it’s where I live and I want to know more about the history!

    I know that indigenous Australian people have a different lifestyle than today, also the fashion styles changes over the past years.

    What else would you like to learn about white settlement in Australia?
    I think that the fashion style changes when people experiment with styles and clothes, lifestyle and different ways to do with life. I think Australia changed A LOT throughout time!

    Australia is different because Australia coins is different to the coins we have today, the fashion is different and our lifestyle has changed from woods to technology.

    My mum would like to know How was it like when the aboriginal people was around?
    My dad would like to know What did Australia look like when the indigenous Australian people were around?

    Bye till next time!

  33. Claudia says:

    Hi guys it’s Claudia here,
    I am looking forward to learning about Australian history. I don’t know much about Australian history only that Aboriginals were the first people to live in Australia.

    I hope we get to do fun activities about Australian history and maybe learn about the aboriginal art of painting because i like the different patterns and colours they use.

    Bye bloggers

    From Claudia

  34. Jesse.P says:

    Hi there bloggers
    I am really looking forward to Australian history. I do remember some from Haileybury, I can’t wait. There are many things I haven’t seen or learn’t yet. Yes I know history can be boring but Australian history, now that’s some interesting history. There is a lot of history about Australia. I think after this I would love to go on a road trip to see the history of Australia.

    Can’t wait!
    Bye Bye Bloggers 🙂

  35. jana says:

    Hi bloggers,
    My name is Jana and I am here talk to you about Australia. The first thing is what I already know about this topic. I know that aboriginals were the original founders of Australia. Canberra is the capital city of Australia, because Australia and Sydney were fighting about the title of capital city. I would like to learn about Australia’s name, where it came from and the meaning. Australia has changed because there are many new cultures, new foods, new technology and a lot more.
    I do have to say Australia has been a welcoming country . Besides the original inhabitant Aborigines we have all come here from various parts of the world which we call home.
    Bye everyone!
    – Jana

  36. Olivia.A says:

    Hello 3/4’s

    I am very excited next term to learn about the history of the country I live in and love, Australia. I only know a little bit about it like how the Aborigines are thought to have immigrated to Australia first in 70,000 BC and that Captain James Cook landed in 1770 on the east coast of Australia and claimed it for Britain.

    I want to know more about Aboriginal life as it is one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world. Such as the way they lived, how they hunted for their food, what their ancient rock art/paintings mean and their religious beliefs like Rainbow Serpent.

    My mum told me how she visited one of the natural wonders of the world, Uluru (Ayers Rock) which I know is so sacred to indigenous Australians.

    Looking forward to learning more about this topic next term.

    Wishing you a safe and wonderful holiday.

  37. Georgie O'Brien says:

    Hello 3/4s it’s Georgie,

    I am really excited to learn about this wonderful topic! I think this is a really good topic because there is so much things to learn about from the history of Australia. The thing I want to learn the most is all the history arts and the paintings, what did they look like then? Thanks for reading!

    Bye 3/4’s
    from Georgie

  38. Nicholas says:

    Hi bloggers!

    I am very,very excited about learning the history of Australia, I have sometimes been thinking of wanting to do research about Australia. The topic really interests me and I hope I grab lots of information about the history, It already made my mind get intrigued.

    I do not know that much information about the history of Australia so it will feel very new in what I know about the topic. I want to go further into the topic because I want to know more about it for my future and when I am in highschool.
    I feel that a lot of things have changed throughout the years that have past, I am inspired to learn a lot more about Australia’s history.
    Australia is a lot different from the past times we have had Iike that the world has changed throughout these years. I really wonder what the world was like when I was not born. I mum and Dad know a lot about Australian history sometimes they ask me if they can do it with we but I never knew anything so I always refused. My Mum wants me to learn how australia came to be and my Dad wants me to learn about the gold rush era.

    Bye for now but not forever

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