Eucharist Reflection Day

Hello People,

My Name Is Vincent and I will be talking about Eucharist Reflection Day. I imagined it being the best day of the month or maybe year because of what we were preparing for. It exceeded my expectations and  we got to do MORE activities than I expected. We got to work in groups, discuss scenarios that might happen and how God will help us and give us a way to treat others like Jesus would. It’s ok if we make a mistake it happens to us all and we have other people and Jesus helping us to make the right choices. We all met new people from other schools and worked with other year 4’s. We learnt the commitment of the Eucharist and using our prior knowledge to know it’s a very important sacrament. You become a disciple of Jesus Christ and eat the bread. We had an amazing time after that. We shared food like Jesus and the disciples at the last supper did.  After Lunch we practised in Church getting ready for Sunday when we made our first Eucharist. Overall this day was amazing, great and very worth it.
Bye Bloggers! From Vincent

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  1. Leah says:

    Hi Vincent,
    These are my questions to Vincent:
    Why do we have to be in Grade 4 to do the Eucharist? Why not younger or older? In Eucharist, do you just eat bread or bread and wine? What was it like when you were practising in church? Fun?
    Bye Vincent!
    From Leah.

  2. Tony says:

    Hello 3/4s,
    I am so excited about next year. So I can have my Eucharist reflection day. Next year I think I will be happy on the day. I hope that you had a great time at your Eucharist.
    Here are some questions.
    What do you do in the hall?
    What part is exciting for you?
    Do you watch a movie in there?

    From Tony

  3. Nathan says:

    Hello people,

    How is everyone? I have some questions. Firstly did you enjoy Your Eucharist? Secondly what did the not blessed host taste like? Are you excited for your confirmation in grade 6?
    Hope you have a good day

    From Nathan

  4. Brandon D says:

    Hi Bloggers!
    I was interested what Eucharist was but I have a few questions to be answered. Why don’t we get to have the blood? Why do we only get the body of Jesus? On the Reflection Day of Eucharist, it was fun and I learnt about Eucharist. So if you can answer this, I would be pleased.
    From Brandon.D

  5. Eliza.W says:

    Hi Vincent,
    My questions about the Eucharist are:
    What do you wear?
    What was it like?
    What did you say to the priest?
    What did the bread taste like?
    Did you enjoy the Eucharist?
    How is the Eucharist different to the normal mass?

    Bye from Eliza

  6. Jessica.T says:

    Hi Vincent,
    I have a few questions I’m wondering about the Eucharist..
    1. How did you feel taking The Body of Christ?
    2. How did you feel going to get the body of Christ?
    3. What did you feel when you walked into the Church?
    4. What did you feel while making your Eucharist?
    Okay, that’s all the questions I have for now!
    Thanks for reading~
    Bye 3/4!
    By Jessica.T

  7. Blake says:

    Great job Vincent. Comments

    1 Did you learn a lot about Eucharist?
    2 Do you understand more about Eucharist now?
    3 Did you feel nervous making your Eucharist?
    4 How did you feel after making your Eucharist?

    From Blake

  8. Grace.R says:

    Hi Vincent,
    I was wondering at the Eucharist. My question is: Did it feel like you connected with Jesus and God?

    Well I hope you can answer my question soon.

    From Grace

  9. Chloe Shinkfield says:

    To Vincent,
    I would like to ask you some questions about Eucharist. Did you have fun? Did you like it? Was it scary? Was it easy?

    From Chloe

  10. Charlotte.D says:

    Hi Vincent It’s me Charlotte here,

    I loved hearing about your experience and how you felt while making your Eucharist. Did you know that I made my Eucharist when I was a baby because I’m Greek Orthodox.
    I have a few questions for you about Eucharist. My first question is what did you wear to your Eucharist and how did it feel for you after you made your Eucharist? Also I was wondering were you nervous to make your Eucharist or were you excited? My last question is who came to your Eucharist?

    Thanks for sharing what you did on your Eucharist.

    From Charlotte

  11. Manya says:

    Hello 3 /4’s

    I have some question I wanted to ask about Eucharist and the reflection day.

    What sort of activities did you do on the reflection day?

    What did you feel while you received the bread and the wine?

    What did the bread taste like?

    Bye from Manya.

  12. Jessica H says:

    Hi 3/4s

    I have some questions I would like to ask.

    Were you nervous?
    How did you feel?
    How did you feel after your Eucharist?
    What did you wear?
    Who was there with you?
    What sort of activities did you do on the reflection day?
    Did you have fun?
    What food did you share together?

    Bye from Jessica H
    3/4 ku

  13. Eva says:

    Hello Vincent,
    I would like to ask some questions about the Eucharist reflection day.

    What food did you share?
    What activities did you do?
    Why did you have the reflection day?
    Why did you have to share food?
    What did the bread taste like?

    I hope all the grade 4’s had a fantastic day.

    Bye. From Eva

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