STRIDE DAY for 3/4’s

On the 29th of August, all the Year 3’s visited Kingswood Primary and the Year 4’s went to Dingley Primary. All the activities for the day focussed on building our resilience skills and making new friends along the way. Here are some thoughts of the day:

One of my favourite activities was throwing a ball to each other and saying the name of a character.  It was fun because you never knew where the ball would go. I saw some of my soccer and footy friends – Massimo

My favourite activity was passing the ball over and under other people’s legs.  It was a race and it involved teamwork – Ethan W

My teacher’s name was Lily and we had to pick a picture about something you liked and explain why you liked it. I like painting my nails so I picked a nail picture – Annabel M

I enjoyed how we made a symbol that represents you. We got to draw anything we liked. I drew a paintbrush because I like painting. It was a good day because we got to make new friends – Millie

It was a great day and we hope we can have it again in 2017!

What did you learn about resilience?

What did you find enjoyable on the STRIDE day?


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