Science Day

Greetings 3/4s,

On Friday, we had an experiment day. We had the experiment day because our new topic for inquiry is science. We all had lots of fun.

Miss Corduff ‘s experiment was about fast rust where we experimented with steel wool and vinegar too.

Ms Mirabella’s experiment was making plastic milk. It was enjoyable but gross.

Mrs Marshel’s experiment was about how to make a bouncy ball. We had to be very careful not to put too much corn flour in the mixture.

Miss Flanagan’s experiment was about how to make a lava lamp. We mixed water and food dye together to create coloured water. We also put oil in with the water and the oil stayed at the top of the mixture. After we put the oil in, we added a tablet. The tablet made a fizz and made lots of bubbles.

Mrs Kelly’s experiment was making crystals. We put borax and hot water together and dipped a pipe cleaner into it for 48 hours.

Bye From Eva & Mitchell  


Did you make any new discoveries on our Science Day ?

Did you enjoy learning this way and why ?

What questions do you have about how heat can cause change ?

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  1. Thomas says:

    Hi 3/4s Thomas here,
    I am going to tell you about mindsets.
    I mostly have a growth mindset, if you have a growth mindset you are always happy and persistent.
    If you have a fixed mindset you are always mad and grumpy an always giving up.
    That’s it.
    Bye from Thomas

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