The Stephanie Alexander Program – 3/4MC

This post was written by Zoe M. and Kevin B. from 3/4MC

In the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program 3/4MC have learnt how to cook lots of fabulous dishes. We have had great experience so far with teachers, parents and university students helping us to learn about cooking. We have made awesome dishes and they were also very yummy. First we make the dishes, then we go back to class and write what we made and did, then we eat our yummy food and last of all we clean up. We wish that we could do it for the rest of the year but everyone needs to have a turn at doing the Stephanie Alexander Program.

So far in gardening we have learnt a lot of things. We have had a lot of experience in gardening. There was a nice lady who came and spoke to us about worms. Her name was Hannah she was from the city of Kingston council she told us all about worms. She was so amazing that she gave us a worm farm and the worms will help our garden grow by the worm wee so when we dilute it with water and give it to the plants they will grow faster. Mrs D. taught us how to plant, how the compost bin works and also how to get all the weeds out. Mrs D. and all the students planted a lot of things and sometimes we had the vegetables that we had planted in our garden in the food that we made in the kitchen class. All the students really appreciate the parents helping us as well in gardening.

What have you learnt during the kitchen classes?

Do you like the new food you tried?

Do you think doing kitchen gardening has helped your learning ?

Why is it good to learn about gardening and cooking in school?

Do you think cooking and gardening at St. Mark’s could improve a bit more? How?   

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