Hi guys it’s Alex F. and Savannah H. from 3/4MC here,

We’re going to tell you some things about composting. We are writing this because 3/4MC had a girl named Hannah came to tell us about worm farming and composting. The 3/4’s are doing the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, so have taken over the responsibility of St. Mark’s compost and worm farm. This year’s compost captains are Olivia A., Scarlett K., Alex E., Emilia D., Eliza W., William O., Cooper L.,Tony B. and us. Some people are forgetting what you can put in the compost. As some people thought that you were not allowed to put citrus in the compost but you actually are. It is only the worms that can’t have citrus because it will burn their skin because their skin is very sensitive.

These are a few facts about composting and worm farming if you want to start doing this at home:

  • you will have to keep it in a semi shaded area and toss it around every few days
  • In the compost bins you are not allowed to put these things:
    • Meat, fish
    • fats, oils, dairy products
    • plastic, rubbish
    • treated wood
    • kitty litter.
  • In the worm farm you are not allowed to put these things:
    • Meat
    • citrus, onions
    • dairy, fats, oils
    • plastic, rubbish
    • kitty litter
  • A tip about worm farming is to put some gardening lime every few weeks this can reduce acidity and keep your farm smelling sweet.

I hope you learnt something new about composting and worm farming From Alex F. and Savannah.

Do you have a compost bin at your home? if you do what do you put in it?

What do you think are the advantages to composting and worm farming?

Are you inspired to start composting at home?

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One Response to Composting

  1. Kerry Dermietzel says:

    Thanks Alex and Savannah. This was a really good article on why we should do composting!! My compost bin is nearly full at home. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to empty the classroom compost bins on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.
    Thanks again, Mrs D.

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