Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

In the Kitchen Garden program we have been learning about plants and how to weed and harvest them. The students plant them , harvest them, cook them and eat them. We set the table and sit down and eat together. Our food is really delicious and yummy. Most of this food is from our garden so we’ve made it from scratch!
On the 8th of March some beekeepers came to our school and taught us  many interesting facts about bees and we all learned so many new things like where the bees in our garden come from. Did you know we have black bees that originated in Russia and yellow bees that came from Italy? We are lucky to have our mums and teachers to help us every week as well as students from Monash University.

Written by Josh and Dante from 3/4 KU

What have you learnt during the kitchen classes?

Which recipe did you enjoy the most?

Have you tried any new foods ?

What would you like to plant in our school garden ?

Do you think learning how to grow vegetables and cook is important ?

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