WELCOME TO 3/4 IN 2016

Welcome to what we hope will be another fantastic year of learning in 3/4. We have many exciting things to look forward to this year, including our Year 3’s making the sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time later this term and continuing our 1:1 Laptop program again this year.

In 3/4 this year we once again have 5 classes, which include:

3/4C with Miss Corduff

3/4KU with Mrs Kelly and Mrs Usher

3/4F with Miss Flanagan

3/4S with Miss Stuart, and

3/4MC with Ms Mirabella and Mrs Costante.

We hope you keep checking in on our blog to hear about all the exciting things we do and learn this year.

What are you looking forward to this year?

What sort of things would you like to see on our blog this year?


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7 Responses to WELCOME TO 3/4 IN 2016

  1. Aidan says:

    Hello 3/4s,
    This year I am looking forward to being SRC for 3/4 MC. I am excited to be thinking of ideas to do in 3/4 and in the whole school. I would like lots of photos of our activities to be put on the blog.
    Bye Guys!

  2. Jessica says:

    Hi 3/4s,

    Welcome back!
    Hope everyone is settling into there new classes and enjoying everyone’s company. Also hope everyone enjoyed their first cooking class with Mrs.D we had lots of amazing fun. It was nice to sit down with all the Mums and teachers and eat the meal that we had just prepared.
    Wishing everyone a great year in 2016!

    From Jessica.H.

  3. Taso says:

    Hi bloggers,
    Taso here!
    Welcome back everyone, hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I’m excited for all the great, awesome and fun things were going to do this year, like cooking and gardening. What I’m really looking forward to is working on my chromebook!

    Bye bloggers, see you next time.
    From Taso

  4. Julie Freeman-Smith says:

    Hey guy’s, it’s Jessica and Ethan typing all the way from Dubai on the Mac book air. How are you guys doing in Australia? We are having a great time here how about you? How are you doing with your teachers? We are almost about to go into Grade 4 and Grade 6. Our teachers in Grade 3 and 5 are Miss Zoe and Mr Kustave. Miss Zoe is Jessica’s teacher and Mr Kustave is my teacher. Jessica is with me now. Hope you guys reply and see you soon. We miss you all so much and all of our favourite teachers. Say hi to Mrs D for us! BYE!!!

    • Ms Mirabella says:

      Hi Ethan and Jesssica,
      It is great to hear from you both! I hope you are loving it over there and enjoying your school. What is it like? Is it different from St. Mark’s? Everything is going along as usual back here.
      From Ms Mirabella

      • Julie Freeman-Smith says:

        Hi Ms Mirabella,it is Jessica here.

        I am loving it here in Dubai. Ethan is happy to be moving into Grade 6 and I am happy to be moving in to Grade 4. It is different here in AIS because there are not just Australians here,there are all different people from all different countries here because it is an International school. We have students from lots of different countries.
        that is all I can tell you now.

        I will see you later.
        Miss you and BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kerry Dermietzel says:

    Hi Ethan and Jessica, you will have to keep up to date with all that is happening at St. Mark’s now you have looked at the blogs. Make sure you go to the most recent articles and comment on those so that we can all see what you have to say!! Enjoy the last couple of weeks of your last term over there in Dubai. Take care, Love Mrs D!!

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