Google Expeditions visits St. Mark’s Primary School

Today, students in Years 3 – 6 were fortunate enough to experience the Google Expeditions program. Google Expeditions uses a kit of simple Google Cardboards to create a virtual reality experience for teachers and students to explore many places around the world. Google Expeditions is currently being trialed in schools across 5 countries, and today St. Mark’s were among some of the first to go to places around the world ‘where school buses can not go’. Students had the opportunity to explore the surfaces of the Moon and Mars, scale up Mount Fuji, and explore the underwater environments of the Galapagos Islands; all of which are related to their units of inquiry. The expeditions created much wonder and excitement today, and naturally sparked many curiosities.

Did you know?: That Google Cardboard was developed by a french Google engineer as a personal Genius Hour project?

IMG_0321aIMG_0323aIMG_0327aIMG_0330aIMG_0332aIMG_0334aWhat did you enjoy about the Google Expedition program?

What was your favourite thing you saw, heard, or learnt about during the Google Expedition?

How do you think virtual reality could be used for learning in the future?

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One Response to Google Expeditions visits St. Mark’s Primary School

  1. Leah says:

    Hi Bloggers!

    I do hope we will be doing this expedition in class.
    I find it very interesting. I think I know how to do it.
    So, I would give it a go! I think it would be a bit better with Ipads.
    (That would be bigger.) I think it is made out of cardboard or something.
    So, in the future, on the Google Cardboard I would probably see, from the office,
    to our classroom! Or, our classroom to Mrs.Royal’s class.
    So what I’m saying is, I’ll give this Google Cardboards a nice thumbs up!

    By bloggers!

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