Concert Newsflash !

Excitement is building up around the school as we are getting closer to performing at our concert “Top of the Pops “. The dates for the concerts are: Wednesday 16th September and Thursday 17th September. Both concerts will take place at Kingston Arts Centre on Nepean Highway. Each class has been busy  working with Mrs Podesta and Maria our dancing instructor.  Using  two of our St Mark’s Keystones over the next month will help us build on our skills and confidence and they are Teamwork and Perseverance. If we work together with our teachers and classmates while  never giving up even when thing are new or difficult we will be presenting a wonderful performance to entertain our friends and family. So dig deep and enjoy !

Team means Together Everyone Achieves More! 

Here’s a small sample of the wonderful art work we are creating for our Pop Up Art Gallery on the night.


Are you finding any of the concert preparation challenging ?

Which parts are you enjoying the most and why ?

Do you have any advice for your classmates ?

Do you have any memories from our other school performance you could share with us. ?

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