May the Force be with you!


This term in Inquiry we are going to be exploring the science of physics – specifically looking at forces (push and pull of an object). We will be learning about force and motion, which will help us understand the world around us and how things work. We will also explore aspects of force (friction, speed, etc.) and how these can change the way something moves.

What do you know about forces already ?
How does the law of gravity relate to force/push or pull of an object?  
How do humans and the environment use forces to assist us with everyday life?
How might we create a force?
What do you wonder about this topic ?

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  1. gabriella says:

    Hi guys its Gabby here and I am learning about forces. I know that forces are one of the main things in our life.Did you know without gravity we would be floating in the air?A force is a thing that involves push and pull? Do you know how gravity works?
    bye 3/4

  2. Tom says:

    Hey Bloggers,
    Tom here from 5/6, I wish i was in 3/4 this year so I could be learning about this! It sounds awesome! At the moment I don’t really know anything to do with air forces so I think I might need to pop into 3/4 for a couple of these lessons.
    Bye for now! 🙂

    • angestuart says:

      Hi Tom!
      Thanks for taking the time and visiting the 3/4 blog! We would love to have you back 🙂 Feel free to visit the 3/4 portal.All the fun lessons about forces are there.

      Miss Stuart

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