How did you guys like this week’s art lesson? We have been exploring the history of art and learning about some famous artists from the past.  In the last two lessons, we have been studying the work of Vincent Van Gogh.  This week we made our own version of his famous painting ‘Starry Night’. We built on the skills we learnt in Year 1/2 with mixing paints to make our own tints and shades.

Well done to Claire from 3/4S on this beautiful artwork!

IMG_0378   IMG_0377

What did you enjoy about this art lesson?

What new skill did you learn?

How is this artwork different to some we have already looked at this term?


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3 Responses to Art

  1. jana says:

    Hi my name is Jana and I enjoyed learning about the painter Vincent Van Gogh. I found his life story interesting, when he had to cut his ear off due to an infection. He painted pictures of farms and portraits of himself.

    I learnt a new skill using the paintbrush, to curve and flick. I liked mixing colors to make new shades.

    Compared to other artists he liked painting pictures of himself. He preferred doing still life paintings.

    Bye for now Jana.

  2. Mia says:

    Hi it’s Mia,
    I enjoyed art last week because it was really cool when we got to have a look at Vincent Van Gogh’s painting of the starry night. I also liked it because it was fun to try and paint his painting. Another thing that I enjoyed was seeing all the different artworks painted by other students. They were all unique just like mine!. I really enjoyed this lesson painting Vincent Van Gogh’s thanks Miss Corduff and the other teachers.

    Bye for now but not forever!

  3. Amber says:

    Hello everyone it is Amber here,

    I enjoyed this art lesson because we get to learn different things about famous artists and how they create art in unique ways. Also I love when each one is different, colourful and fun to create in class.

    My new skill I learnt was take your time to make a neat finish and about the ways to use the paintbrush for different art.

    Bye bye:)

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