The St Mark’s 3 I’s

The Three I's sm

At St Mark’s we have 3 school rules/expectations, these are :
I am a Learner
I am Respectful
I am Safe
These 3 expectations are what all students at St Mark’s should try to do at all times. We have them to help make St Mark’s a positive and safe place where everyone can enhance their learning.

We have developed a series of behavioural expectations that everyone should demonstrate in the different areas of the school, which are outlined in a behaviour matrix. Each of the different areas have a behaviour matrix which is specific for that area. They following areas have behaviour matrices:
· Learning Areas
· Church
· Lining up After Snack and Lunch
· Moving Around the School
· Canteen
· Toilets
· Whole School Gatherings
· Online
· Office
· Entering and Exiting the School Ground
· Playground
· Bike Area

The following image shows an example of the behaviour matrix for Learning Areas.
Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 1.06.42 PM

Each matrix has been designed with both students and teachers and only consists of positive behaviour expectations. Students can use these matrices to see what sort of behaviour is appropriate for the area they are in. Sometimes when teachers observe students doing the behaviour that is outlined in one of the matrices, that students will receive a token. Once a student has a certain amount of tokens they can trade them for a reward. The rewards range from 5 token rewards to 50 token rewards.

What do you like/dislike about the 3 I’s?

Do you think they help people behave positively?

What have you received a token for?

What rewards have you traded your tokens for?

Do you think you can live by the 3 I’s outside of St Mark’s? Explain your answer.

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85 Responses to The St Mark’s 3 I’s

  1. Talia S says:

    Hi Bloggers!

    The 3 I’s is a great way for the school to introduce rules that provide a better environment for students and teachers.
    A school is a place were we learn new things and new ideas. This only works if we learn to be “respectful” to one another also making sure that the environment we learn in is a “safe” one.
    Things like bullying, being disrespectful in class and being unsafe effects the way we learn and work in our school.
    Also, tokens are a good idea. It encourages students to follow the idea of the 3 I’s.

    Bye for now.


  2. David says:

    Hi there!

    I like the 3 I’s because without them our school would have fallen into pieces. Although since they are here I suppose it would have been fine. The 3 I’s are obviously a list of rules in a positive language without words like “don’t” or “can’t” etc. The 3 I’s teach you how to treat others and even the teachers the way you want to be treated.

    Thats all from me!


  3. Ana says:

    Hi bloggers

    I like the 3I’s because they teach us how to be a good learner, to be respectful and how to be safe.
    I hope everyone follows the 3I’s at school. I have received tokens for being a good learner, respecting others and for helping others. I also use the 3I’s at home and my friend’s houses and other places.

    Bye for now Ana

  4. flynn says:

    Hi it’s Flynn here,
    I think the 3l’s are an good idea. But some people forget the rules. So maybe you can put them around the school to remind us about the rules. Its important for us all to respect each other on the playground so we can all play together. I like that I can earn tokens if I do the right thing.

    BYE FOR NOW Flynn

  5. Nick Holden says:

    Hi again,

    I really like the 3 i’s because if all the 3/4’s and 5/6’s follow it, then maybe we can all set a good example for the foundation kids and inspire them to also follow the 3 i’s. It would also be good for our school’s reputation because parents will think it’s a good school for their children to go to.

    I am a learner… for example, ask questions and be curious in class.

    I am respectful… for example, be nice to other people and obviously respect them

    I am safe…for example, don’t be silly around gardening tools and kitchen equipment.

    Bye for now but not forever!!!


  6. Brooklyn says:

    Hi it’s Brooklyn here

    I like the 3 Is because it helps me learn and behave appropriately. I have 17 tokens and I am going to save for electronics for the day. I have received a token for answering a good question. I use the 3 Is at home so me and my brother don’t fight.

    Bye from Brooklyn

  7. Crystal says:

    I think that the 3 I’s are the best, because if we didn’t have the 3 I’s some kids would not behave and do bad things at school. Of course every school should have rules, like the 3 I’s they have a lot of positive language and that’s good!!! I think the 3 I’s are the best.
    Thank you for agreeing with me!

  8. Justin says:

    Hi Justin here,
    I think the 3 I’s are a great idea for the school to have because without them the teachers will have difficulty giving every student guidance to set a good standard at school. the 3 I’s students do whatever they want and without knowing may make the wrong choices. I think the 3 I’s are good because they teach kids who make the wrong choices that if they break a rule on that list the teachers will guide them to make the right choices. Another reason I like the 3 I’s is because they teach you how to respect your teachers, friends and the community.
    Bye for now.
    Justin S.

  9. lucas.k says:

    Hi Bloggers!

    I like the 3I’s because it keeps the school safe. They protect us from bullying and teach us how to treat others. They are our school guidelines on how to act and behave. They let everyone know what is expected of them. Without them school would not be as fun.

    Bye from Lucas

  10. Rogan says:

    Hi its Rogan
    The 3 I’s is a great way for our school to follow rules and be good students so later in life we do not break the law.It’s good for the environment because no one should be in the gardens and step on the plants and make them die. So If you see someone in the garden tell them to get out politely. If they don’t get out tell a teacher on duty and maybe you might get a leaner,respectful and a safe token.

    Bye for now Rogan

  11. Isabelle says:

    Hi it’s Isabelle here,

    I think the 3 I’s are a great way for students to be safe. They also help us to be good learners and respectful people to others. They help us to be make a better school community. We need to be good role models for younger kids.

    Bye for now but not forever.

  12. Amber says:

    Hi everyone,Amber here.

    The 3’is are important because they tell us how to be a good learner, how to respect and be safe. I like it because they have one for every area in our school. I dislike that their are so many rules to follow. I once got a respectful token for concentrating on the teacher whenever the class needs to.

    From Amber

  13. rooney says:

    Hi guys Rooney here!

    I love the 3 I’s because without them the school would not be safe or friendly! And if you forget the rules you can just look at the 3 I’s! And last of all, the 3 I’s use positive words and don’t use words like: don’t, can’t and no. They are very helpful.

    All for now, but not forever!

  14. Paul says:

    Hi guys Paul here.
    I think our school definitely needs the 3 I’s because these rules are easy for everybody to read and understand. In the 3 I’s there is I am Safe, I am Respectful and I am a Learner. The rules are there to show us how to behave and respect others. Being a good learner means improving work or asking lots of questions and that will make you a better person!
    Bye from Paul! 🙂

  15. kevin says:

    Hi bloggers !

    The 3Is are the best learning tools as they help us in teaching ourselves, showing respect to elders and empathy to youngers. The 3Is keeps us on track as a “learner”. I feel privileged to be part of an institution which encourages us to be “respectful” to all.

    We all need to keep these 3Is in our mind all time and everytime.
    Bye but not for ever!!!

  16. Tyler says:

    Hi bloggers,

    I really like that we have the 3I’s in our school, it helps us to be safe, respectful and good learners. If there were no rules, then a lot of people would get hurt and we would probably have a lot of bullying happening. It also teaches us to be respectful and safe when we grow older.
    I enjoy getting tokens and I am saving tokens to be able to bring electronics to school for a day.

    Bye for now,

  17. Vincent says:

    Hi bloggers me Vincent here and I’m here to talk about the 3’I’s.

    I like the 3’I’s because without it in our school it will be a disaster! It also teaches us how to be a learner,be respectful and safe.

    I think it helps us definitely because it shows you the rules on how to be a learner, be respectful and safe in school and maybe at home.

    I have received all of the tokens I got for being a learner because I stayed on task.Respectful I was using my manners. Safe I was being careful with the equipment.

    I traded or cashed one of my tokens to get my electronic (only if your parent gives you permission) and now I’m thinking I should’ve changed it to go to my friend’s class seriously.

    Anway bloggers bye :From Vincent.

  18. Isobel says:

    Hi bloggers,
    The 3 I’s are a great learning tool because it tells you what you need to do in and around school. The 3 I’s are I AM A LEARNER, I AM RESPECTFUL and I AM SAFE. The rules are there so we can keep track of what is right and wrong. The 3 I’s are for our behaviour and what we need to do at school both in the classroom and outside on the playground.
    From Isobel!

  19. Josh says:

    Hello bloggers.
    I enjoyed making the rules for the 3 I Matrix. It’s good having it around because you get reminded of the rules at home. It was a really fun homework task to complete! I learned a lot of new rules It also was very fun creating it.
    See you next time!
    From Josh:)

  20. Seth says:

    Hi bloggers,
    The three I’s are a great use around the school area. What I like about the three I’s is that they are good rules and easy rules to follow. I wish when I’m a teacher I could remove and add things to the three I’s. With my tokens one of them I got was for being respectful and I didn’t get one, I got two. I’m going to save them for going to a different class for the day.

  21. Josh says:

    Hello bloggers.
    I enjoyed making the rules for the 3 I Matrix. It’s good having it around because you get reminded of the rules at home. It was a really fun homework task to complete! I learned a lot of new rules. It also was very fun creating it.
    See you next time!
    From Josh 🙂

  22. Chloe says:

    Hey bloggers,
    I think the three I’s is a great idea. It is a good idea for children to get a break when they behave. It is like if you’re being good you get a break. It is also a good idea to be safe, respectful and a good learner. I only have 6 tokens and I am working to get 10.

    Bye, from Chloe

  23. luke says:

    Hi fellow bloggers,

    I’m here to talk about how awesome the 3Is are. I think the 3Is are awesome because they tell us what is safe and what is not and also it helps to stop bullying in our school. Another reason I know the 3Is are awesome is because they always are protecting the whole school from things like stranger danger and putting your last name online.

    Bye for now but not forever

  24. holly says:

    Hello fellow bloggers it’s Holly here,

    I think the 3 I’s are a great example for the students and teachers.
    The 3 I’s show the younger kids and older kids how to act wherever they are.
    The 3 I’s also say how to keep the environment clean and what we need to do.
    The 3 I’s have learner, safe and respectful and are all things that we should do.

    Until next time bye from Holly.

  25. Olivia says:

    Hi everyone,
    I love learning about the 3 I’s because I love the task we have like making our own 3 I’s for home.I got a little help from my mum but only for the spelling. The 3 I’s are a great idea in my opinion because it is put all around the school and when you’re not sure if you’re doing the right thing you can look at it and see. In the picture of the three people blue,green and red, they all are holding hands which is a sign of growing together. Thats it from me for now see you all later!

    Bye from Olivia

  26. justin x says:

    Hi bloggers,
    I like the idea of the 3I’s all around the school. It’s a good idea because lots of people be good. There are safe tokens and if you are safe you get a red token. If
    you are a learner you get a blue token. If you are respectful you will get a green token. Over the last 5 years I have received a lot
    of tokens for being safe, respectful and being a learner. I think I can live outside St. Mark’s by being safe, respectful and a learner. Tokens I have traded in have been to go to a different class and a lot more.

    By for now!

  27. Alexander says:

    Hi bloggers Alexander here,

    The three I’s have reminded me of some things everyday at school and without them, I wouldn’t know how to be a learner, respectful and safe. If we didn’t have the three I’s it could be a disaster! I wouldn’t know how to be a good person at school or anywhere else if it wasn’t for the three I’s. We are so lucky the school made the three I’s.

    Bye for now but not forever!
    From Alexander

  28. Brendon says:

    Hi fellow Bloggers, Brendon here reporting to you about the 3 I’s
    The 3 I’s help people to behave positively, to learn different subjects and help them understand what they are learning.
    I received a safe token because I listened to the teachers instructions eg: holding the scissors correctly and putting the chairs down safely without hurting anyone.
    The 3I’s gives the children a good reputation of the school both inside and outside the school. The 3I’s helps students to respect, listen and act safely in the school and at home.
    Bye for now bloggers
    Brendon out.

  29. Grace says:

    Hi guys, it’s Grace here.
    he good way to get lots and lots of tokens is to be a learner, be respectful and to be safe. There are lots of ways to be a learner, be respectful and be safe. The most tokens you will get are when you are picking up rubbish. You can get tokens when you’re in the classroom. I think picking up rubbish at school, at the playground and at the classroom will give you many tokens.
    Bye! From Grace

  30. luke says:

    Hi fellow bloggers,

    I’m here to talk about how awesome the 3Is are. I think the 3Is are awesome because they tell us what is safe and what is not and also it helps to stop bullying in our school. Another reason I know the 3Is are awesome is because they always are protecting the whole school from things like stranger danger and putting your last name online. Also the 3Is help all kids and help them be persistent to help people in need, give them help if they are being bullied by anyone. Lastly the 3Is will help you to be a better person and give people help and not discriminate them and treat them like you would treat your friends.

    Bye for now but not forever
    From Luke

  31. Nicholas says:

    Hi 3/4 bloggers

    The 3 I’s are a list of things with rules to keep the school safe so no one gets hurt. At snack or lunch or at home if we didn’t have the 3 I’s everyone would get hurt every day. Everyone would get hurt and not a lot of people would come to school and only for one day they would be at school.If we didn’t have the 3i’s you would get hurt a lot.

    Bye for now.

  32. Jasmine says:

    Hi Jasmine here,

    I think the the 3I’s are a good way to follow rules. To be responsible is to have rules so that is why I think the 3I’s are good. The good way to learn is to have rules and we have the 3I’s. The 3I’s are good for nearly anywhere like the shops and the city. The 3I’s are to keep you from being bad like maintain personal space so you have to give someone personal space.
    Bye know but not forever.

  33. Dorian quenette says:

    Hey it’s Dorian,

    The 3’Is stand for learning, respectful and safe. In school if you don’t follow them you can get in big big trouble! Safe is the one you would want to follow so you don’t get hurt. Respectful is saying sorry and praying in your life. And last but not least, learning! If you are a learner you will learn a lot of stuff.

    Dorian out.

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