Student e-portfolios 2015

This term students have been busy setting up their e-portfolios for 2015 using Google Sites.

Our e-portfolios are a showcase of work and achievements that includes a reflection journal. We will be using the e-portfolio to share our goals for Term 3 and Term 4, upload work samples that we are proud of, and write in our reflection journals about what we have been learning. The e-portfolio also includes an “About Me” section where we have been telling our visitors a bit of information about ourselves.

Below are some great examples of e-portfolios that have been created:

Grace's eportfolio

Lukes eportfolio

Sienna e-portfolio

Before we started, we had a look at some students who already had an e-portfolio of their own. Thanks to these global students for their inspiration.

Brooklyn (blogger)
Ala (blogger)
Chante (blogger)
Brandon (blogger)
Calvin (blogger)
Harry (edublogs)
Em (edublogs)
Axel (edublogs)
Masaki (edublogs)
Cheyenne (wiki)
Jessica (wiki / glogster)


What do you think about students having their own e-portfolio?

How are you going with Google Sites?

What other sections would you like to have on your e-portfolio?

What is something you have done on your e-portfolio that you are proud of?

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45 Responses to Student e-portfolios 2015

  1. Charlotte .F. says:

    Hi its Charlotte F. here,
    I really love that we are allowed to do an e-portfolio because only the grade 5/6’s could do the e-portfolios last year. Now we are allowed to do an e-portfolio in grade 3/4. The e-portfolios are really good to present your work and is fast and easy to read and do work on them. I really hope everyone wants to present their work and be apart of the journey of e-portfolios.
    From Charlotte F.

  2. Noah says:

    Hi peeps,
    My E-portfolio was fun to make. I had to put it in a lot of information about myself so people know stuff about me. In my opinion it is great that the school decided to let us make an e- portfolio because it helps us with our computer skills. I like to read other people’s e-portfolios because it tells you information about other people and things you didn’t know about them.

    From Noah!!!

  3. Charlotte says:

    Hi this is Charlotte .N,
    In 3\4 we have been learning about E-Portfolios.
    E-Portfolios are like blogs but it’s about you.
    I have so many questions about E-Portfolios but the main question is why do we make
    E-Portfolios about us when we are not even famous?
    I think E-Portfolio was a good idea because other people can know everything about you just by reading your E-Portfolio.
    Bye now but not forever!

  4. Bianca.L says:

    Hey fellow bloggers its Bianca here,

    I have enjoyed creating my e-portfolio! So far we did the About Me section, the Reflection journal section and Achievement section. My favourite one is the About Me section because I can write more than in others and I don’t know why but I think that I’m good at it and I like it. I have been looking at my sisters e-portfolio and trying to make my e-portfolio better to encourage people to see it.

    From Bianca L.

  5. James says:

    Hi 3/4 bloggers James here,

    I made an E-portfolio and you sure did too. Maybe you could look at mine by clicking on mine that is on the 3/4 portal. You could improve yours by looking at mine. Hope everybody is very good!

    From James see you next time! Bye

  6. Josh says:

    Hello bloggers! I really enjoyed setting up and creating my E~Portfolio, I put a lot of time and effort into this! I really hope it all goes well… Our DL teacher also put a lot of effort into setting this up so I felt that I had to repay the teachers for all their time they put into this! See you guys later From Josh 🙂

    • Ms Mirabella says:

      Thank you Josh. It was very nice for you to acknowledge that the teachers put a lot of effort into setting up the e-portfolios for you. It is great feedback for us.
      From Ms Mirabella

  7. Charlotte .D. says:

    Hi guys it’s Charlotte here,

    We have been working on amazing E-portfolios. I have included a photo of my dog Jess. I have also included polka dots for my background. Who doesn’t like polka dots?

    An E-portfolio is a good idea because in a few years you can look back at what you have written and see if anything about you has changed or has stayed the same. For example my goals now, might be different to my goals in a few years.
    Also, in the About Me section I’ve written my age and what school I go to. When I get older my school will change and so will my age.
    My dog Jess will also change.
    From Charlotte

  8. Alex says:

    Hey bloggers it’s Alex here,
    I think e-portfolio’s is a great way to present our work instead of in our books. I love always adding to my e-portfolio and I can’t wait until we present them. I am looking forward to next Tuesday to do more on our e-portfolios. I have put a lot of time into doing my e-portfolio and used my time at home too to add to my about me and to get ideas from other people too.
    Bye for now but not forever!

  9. bianca says:

    Hi classmates,

    The whole 3/4’s are very excited because……. we are getting our first E-portfolios ever! We have spent lots of lessons on it and have finally finished. On our e-portfolios we have long and short term goals, achievements, about me and a reflection journal. It would be an honor to let you see our work and goals so login and explore!

    By Bianca

  10. vy says:

    Hi fellow bloggers, it’s Vy.

    I think that our e-portfolio’s will be useful. I think this because in the past the 3/4s have never had anything to showcase our work on. It is also cool because last year, only ⅚ ‘s got to do one. I am actually going really well with mine. My question is do all schools let kids have an e-portfolio?

    From Vy

  11. Sienna.P says:

    Hi it’s Sienna here,
    I think that it was a great idea for everyone to have their very own E-Portfolio,
    so they can share thoughts, ideas and all their work with everyone. I had a lot
    of fun making and creating my E-Portfolio, and I’m sure everyone else did too.
    Just one thing before I go is that I think that we should have maths and maybe
    art sections on our E-Portfolio, because we do maths nearly every single day
    of the week so we would always have a lot to share and art because the teachers
    always have something interesting for our art lessons that we can share.
    By for now, from Sienna 🙂

  12. Nicholas says:

    Hi 3/4 bloggers ,

    What great work everyone is doing with their E portfolios! I hope that everyone who looks at your Eportfolio loves your work and leaves a comment. Enjoy your weekend with your family and the last week of Autumn for the year. Then in June, Winter starts.

    Have fun.

  13. jana says:

    Hi I am Jana,
    I am enjoying using my E-portfolio. One of the reasons I like it is that you can share with others about what we learn in class. It is fun to read what others kids write about them selves. Using E-portfolios is a great way to get to know some one better.
    That’s all for now.


  14. Chloe says:

    Hi bloggers,
    Having our own e-portfolios has been lots of fun. We get to write whatever we like on them, we also have been learning alot more things about our computers. It is a great chance for parents to see how our school works and stuff like that. I hope all of the people are looking at our e-portfolios! Enjoy it.

    Bye for now, but not forever.

  15. Tyler says:

    Hi bloggers,

    I’d just like to say that I really appreciate the teachers letting us have an e-portfolio because we can learn about other people and if we had a question about someone, we might find the answer by reading their e-portfolio.
    I also think that it’s good for the parents, so they can see what their child is learning at school.
    I really enjoy having an e-portfolio because I can show people work that I’m proud of, and can see work that other people are proud of.

    Bye for now,

  16. Charlotte D says:

    Hi guys its Charlotte here,

    We have been making E-portfolios. I think an E-portfolio is a good idea because when I’m older I can look at it and I will see the kind of things I was learning and what my goals were in year 3.

    If you want to make your own E-portfolio you need to know a few things. You need to know a bit about you, what you have been learning at school, your goals and even your achievements. If you didn’t know E-portfolios are the same as portfolios but you have an E in front. The E means electronic.

    E-portfolios have 8 sections to write in. The first section is called Home. In Home you write a little opening like “Hi guys this is my E-portfolio hope you enjoy it”. The second section is called About Me. In this section you write a little about yourself and you could even write some of your hobbies. The third section is called Reflection Journal. In this section you write why you like the idea of an E-portfolio. Also you write why you like or dislike mental maths and why you like or dislike writing. The fourth section is called My Goals. In there you write your goals for writing and for mental maths. There’s also a little box where you write your long term goal and your short term goal for writing and mental maths. There are another four but we haven’t learnt that yet so I couldn’t tell you.

    Bye for now, Charlotte.

  17. Charlotte says:

    Hi it’s Charlotte M. here,

    It is cool to have an e-portfolio because you can learn about people that you don’t know.
    I would like to have cooking on my e-portfolio and what we do in cooking.
    The thing that I do in my e-portfolio that I am proud of is Home, About me and Reflection Journal.
    I really enjoy my e-portfolio!!
    Bye for now not forever

  18. Mia says:

    Hi it’s Mia,
    I think it was a good idea for students to have their own e-portfolio because some of the students in the school might not know you .

    Another good thing about e-portfolios is that you have an opportunity to see what other people like to do.

    I also think that e-portfolios are a good idea because they are fun to do because you get to think about yourself a bit more and not just the important parts of yourself.

    The final reason I like the idea of e-portfolios is because I get to know things that I didn’t know about my friends and classmates.

    From Mia.

  19. Ana says:

    Hi bloggers,
    I really love doing my e-portfolio and I like to read other people e-portfolio because I learned more information about them that I didn’t know. I hope everyone enjoyed doing their e-portfolio too.
    Bye for now

  20. Nick Holden says:

    I think our e-portfolios are going really well. And there also fun because you get to change how it looks with the colours and the theme. And after we finish doing all our sections we get to view other people’s e-portfolio. That’s also a good thing because then you can learn a little bit about that person. We can also comment on what they’ve done on their e-portfolio.
    Bye from Nick.

  21. lucas says:

    Hi Peeps

    Lucas K here. I’m glad you all had fun doing your e-portfolio. I enjoyed getting to choose my own background and I hope you all chose your favourite one. It was really fun designing it and writing it.

    Until next time

  22. sammy D says:

    Hi guys this is Sammy.
    I like that we have been doing the e-portfolios because this shows people what we like and what they have learnt. And I like that we have our very own website because we can make colors we like and it is named after us.
    I will see you guys later. Bye from Sammy.

  23. Justin says:

    Hi Justin here,
    I think the e-portfolio’s look amazing and I found it fun discovering what an e-portfolio was. I think e-portfolio’s are a great way to share the work we did with our community. I think e-portfolios are a chance to get to know people around you. I think we should have a cooking or sport folder in our e-portfolio so we can tell people what we have been up to in the class.

  24. Dashell says:

    Hi bloggers it’s Dash again. I am having so much fun with my e-portfolio because I like doing it bit by bit and putting lots of info about myself. Hope you guys had a lot of fun doing it too. I am looking forward to seeing your e-portfolios too! Bye for now.


  25. Amber says:

    Hello 3/4’s,

    I think it is great to have the opportunity to have your own blog about yourself and your learning at school. It is interesting and exciting. I personally like that you can decorate it and add pictures. Google Sites is going great in my opinion, there is no problems. I am proud of my E-portfolio because it is fun and impressive.

    From Amber

  26. Aaron says:

    Hi Everyone

    I thought it was really fun making my e-portfolio. I have so much information about myself on the e-portfolio that a lot of people didn’t know about. I like it how other people can make comments and ask me questions too.

    I like how we can design our pages our own way. I’ve also enjoyed reading some of my friends e-portfolios and learning new things about them.

    From Aaron

  27. Talia S says:

    Hi its Talia here.

    I think e-portfolios are a great idea because it helps us learn about each other.

    I like reading other kids e-portfolios because I can learn about others especially what they like and enjoy doing as a hobby, things they do with their friends and family.

    Also, reading about what they want to be when they grow up like a job or something fun.

    I hope everyone enjoys what I wrote in my e-portfolio as I put everything that I think shows everyone who I am and what I like.


    Talia S.

  28. rooney says:

    Hi everybody It’s Rooney here!

    I like the idea of e-portfolios because then you learn more about their life. I found out lots of things from my friends, for instance I learn’t that one of my friends, Thomas has a bigger sister! You should see my e-portfolio on the St. Marks 3/4 portal its pretty good!
    I’ve worked hard on mine.

    Bye Rooney

  29. Ruby says:

    Hi everyone Ruby here,

    I am here to talk to you guys about the E-portfolios. I can’t wait till everyone has done there’s so I can just look at there’s and see how they are going to look. I bet that they are going to look better than mine. If they are great job on your work that has been set for you.

    bye for now but not forever!
    Ruby -_- 0_0

  30. Julia says:

    Hi bloggers its Julia,

    In 3/4 we have been doing our e-portfolio and it is about you and what you have been doing in school. I think it is a very good idea to do our e-portfolio so your teacher and your parents can keep track of what you have been doing at school. I have been going OK with Google sites but there are some things that I am not that sure of but that is fine because the teachers can teach us that’s why they are here. Maybe to make the e-portfolios better there could be more backgrounds and also we could make a tab that says what you like in school and what you dislike in school so the teachers can fix it.

    Well thats all bye bloggers
    from Julia

  31. Jett says:

    Hi guys, Jett here,

    This blog comment is about E-portfolios.
    My E-portfolio includes my About me, Reflection Journal
    and Home Page. Making an E-portfolio is fun and I’m still
    loving every bit of it. I enjoy making it as well as adding backgrounds.
    The E-portfolio is like a personal blog, but is better and cooler.
    It’s simple and easy to make and design.

    Well that’s it from me
    see ya, Jett-Lucien

  32. Isobel says:

    Hi bloggers Isobel here,

    I love how you have designed your e-portfolios especially when you did the backgrounds and fonts. E-portfolios are a fun thing to do because you get to write about yourself. E-portfolios are about talking about yourself and talking about your experiences. They are interesting and they are fun to make.

    From Isobel.

  33. Ryan says:

    Hi it’s Ryan, and I am here to tell you about my E-Portfolio,

    I Think Everyone should be happy with the new E-Portfolio because you can write all about yourself. I wonder how everyone is going with their E -Portfolio and if they are finished ? If someone had an E-Portfolio I would put a new section about your favorite thing and your worst thing in the world. I am proud of my About Me page because I have described myself and what I like about myself.

    Bye From Ryan

  34. Dorian says:

    Hey it’s Dorian,

    During our time in D.L. we have been making E-PORTFOLIO’S!!! and all of the kids can see all of them. In the e-portfolio we have an About Me page and a Home page and we have more pages. I have seen a lot of other ones and they are all great. IF I could have more than one I’d be very happy.

    Dorian over and out for now!

  35. Ryan.H says:

    Hi Bloggers it is Ryan here,

    I have enjoyed working on my e-portfolio. I have liked reading and commenting on other people’s work. I think I have learnt a lot about e-portfolios. One thing I learnt was to connect to the 3/4 Portal and my e-portfolio from home.

    Bye Ryan

  36. Justin says:

    Hi Justin here,
    I think the e-portfolio’s look amazing and I found it fun discovering what an e-portfolio was. I think e-portfolio’s are a great way to share the work we did with our community. I think e-portfolio’s are a chance to get to know people around you. I think we should have a cooking or sport folder in are e-portfolio so we can tell people what we have been up to.
    By for now but not forever

  37. Seth says:

    Hi bloggers,
    The e-portfolios look wonderful to my perspective.It was fun making our own e-portfolios to show the world our creations and master pices but some of us has not finnished It and Its a bummer.We put a lot of efort Into the e-portfolios.The e-portfolios say what we enjoy about life and whant to do when we grow up.
    From Seth

  38. jackson says:

    Hi guys Jackson here,

    I think eportfolios are a great idea because it’s a good safe place to keep some of your work in and it’s very fun to work on. In your e-portfolio there will be a home page where you write what is in your e-portfolio, There is also a about me page and that’s where you write all about you. There are lots other pages like a reflection journal, all your goals, your achievements, a showcase, an assessment page and a genius hour page.

    Bye guys thats all I have to say from Jackson.

  39. jasmine says:

    Hi following bloggers,
    I hope you are aware that we are making an e-portfolio on us through D.L. and in class time and we are having a great time making them. We are not finished our e-portfolios yet we have only made our home page, about me page and our reflection journal page. We are happy doing this and I can’t wait until we get to finish it. We can check all of the 3/4s e-portfolios. I also can find out about people who I don’t know that much. I saw some of the 5/6s. They had a lot of good describing words and I liked them all. There were a lot of different things between some others. I also love telling others about myself because it’s fun and people will find out about me.

  40. Seth says:

    Hi bloggers,
    The e-portfolios look wonderful from my perspective. It was fun making our own e-portfolios to show the world our creations and masterpieces but some of us have not finished it and it’s a bummer. We put a lot of effort into the e-portfolios. The e-portfolios say what we enjoy about life and want to do when we grow up.
    From: Seth

  41. Olivia says:

    I love making e-portfolios because they are so fun. I love checking out other people’s e-portfolios too. They all look so awesome!! I love the idea of e-portfolios because when you’re bored you can always edit one or you can create one. They are also really good because people get a better picture of you and you can look back and think about all the memories and tell lots of people like friends all about your past.

    Bye from Olivia

  42. Jake says:

    Hi guys Jake here,

    I think all the students should have an e-portfolio because it helps students learn. I am going good on Google sites and I am learning lots of things. I like adding lots of things to my e-portfolio. In my e-portfolio I am proud of the part ‘About me’ because I wrote a lot in there.
    Bye guys!

  43. holly says:

    Hello fellow bloggers it is Holly here,

    I love doing the E-Portfolios it is handy, creative and fun.
    I love it because it is a PLF but on a computer and people can see it.
    Another reason is you can show people some of your work eg persuasive texts.
    I also like that you can see different things and find out more about people and build more knowledge about them.

    Until next time bye from Holly.

  44. sophie says:

    Hi Sophie here,
    I like the idea of the E-portfolios, because it is nice to show yourself and it’s good to show what you have learnt. I hope you are having a good time doing this. You need to make this very good because it is going to be looked at from the whole school, Parent. If you like someone’s E-portfolio you can comment on their E-portfolio.
    Thank you Guys,

    From Sophie

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