RIDE TO SCHOOL DAY (Friday 13th of March)

Hi guys, it’s Jack and Jackson here.

Do you ride/walk to school on Wheelie Wednesday or on ride to school day?

Well, if you did, that’s good for your health!

Wheelie Wednesday or ride to school day is all about getting fit, healthy and making new friends on the way.  You can also meet some friends at the meeting points because these points will stay there  for a long time!

Every week we want more kids to be active getting to school.

If you live too far from school, don’t worry, you can get your parents to drop you off at a meeting point and walk/ride from there.

Congratulations to 3/4F for having 27 out of 29 students come to school in an active way on Ride to School Day!

1. Are you active in getting to school? If so, how?

2. Do you go to school with friends? If so, why?

3. Why is it good to ride or walk to school? 

4. What is your favourite method of transport to get to school? Why?

Ride to School Day, 13th of March, 2015 on PhotoPeach

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26 Responses to RIDE TO SCHOOL DAY (Friday 13th of March)

  1. Noah says:

    Hi everyone, Noah here.
    Riding to school is fun because you get to be active and stay healthy. I ride with my mates to school. Sometimes I ride to school with Jay who lives across the road from me. It is good to ride to school because it gives you energy for the day. This helps with my learning. Sometimes I ride with my little sister and my Mum.My favourite method of getting to school is ride my bike when it is sunny and when it rains I like to go by car.
    Happy riding everyone!!

  2. Tyler says:

    Hi bloggers,
    I’d just like to say that I really enjoy riding my bike to school. As we said in our inquiry project, ‘Going Green’, riding to school helps me to get fit and healthy! It also saves my mum petrol as she doesn’t need to drive me to school, which is also good for the environment.
    Sometimes I ride with my friends but other times I like to ride on my own so that I get some ‘self time’!

    See ya later!


  3. lachlan says:

    Dear fellow bloggers Lachlan here,

    I would say that I am starting to get active by waking up early so then I can get ready, walking a lot and being active outside of school! I don’t go to school with my friends because they can’t come. 🙁 Too bad. It’s good to ride or walk to school because you can get fit! My favourite transport is riding a bike because you use your whole body when you use a bike!
    Thanks for reading!

    From Lachlan

  4. Alexander says:

    Hi bloggers Alexander here,

    That video was epic and I have never seen so many children walking down the street. Congratulations to 3/4F for getting the most people walking/riding to school. Also congrats to everyone who walked/rode to school.

    Anyway bye for now but not forever. 🙂

  5. Matthew says:

    Hi it is Matthew here,
    We always walk to school from two blocks away.
    No one who goes to St Marks lives near us, so my sister and I walk together.
    I find the reason we should walk to school is that you need to get fresh air and exercise as much as possible.
    I would love to ride my bike or scooter, but I live too far from school. Maybe when I’m older I will be allowed.

    Bye for now Matthew out

  6. Red Rabbits says:

    Dear Bloggers,

    We like to walk/ride to school because it is good exercise for our body and brain. We think that it is also a great way to make friends across the school. Let’s hope that we have achieved our goal this week!

    Have fun being active,
    Red Rabbits

    • Ms Mirabella says:

      So good to hear from you red rabbits! Glad you enjoy being active and hope you continue to do so!

      From Ms Mirabella

  7. Red Rabbits says:

    Hi bloggers,

    We like riding/walking to school because it makes us fit and healthy and we do not have to waste the car’s petrol. It will make us be healthy every single day so we can get fit all the time. Hope you get along with your walking and riding.

    Hope you are active,

  8. Andrew says:

    Hi 3/4s

    I love ride 2 school because you can get fit.

    From Andrew.

  9. Alex k says:

    Hi people,

    Riding to school makes you fit and healthy. When you walk to school you save your mum and dad’s car petrol. You can also make new friends on the way to school.

    Riding is fun,

    Alex k

  10. Blue Bears says:

    Hi Grade 3/4s it’s all the Blue Bears here,
    We hope you all enjoyed Walk to School Day and made some good friends along the way. Most of us Blue Bears walked on Walk to School Day, so we hope we have worked on our fitness and health. Some of us walk with friends to school, and enjoy that because we get to have a chat as we walk.
    Bye 3/4s!

    • Ms Mirabella says:

      Great to hear from you Blue Bears. It is also so good that most of you walked to school on Ride to School day. Hopefully you will continue to come to school in an active way. We look forward to hearing from you again at some stage.

      From Ms Mirabella

  11. Mia says:

    Hi it’s Mia,
    My favourite way to get to school is to walk. Walking is good exercise and it keeps me healthy and fit. I also get to walk through an interesting park. On very cold days I see frost on the grass.
    So that’s why I like walking to school.

  12. Hayley says:

    Hi it’s Hayley here,

    Did you walk or ride to school?
    I hope most people came to the ride to school and if you did hope you had fun. If you didn’t come hope to see you ride to school. Most people came walking. I came to school by walking.
    See you guys later!
    From Hayley

  13. James & Mummy says:

    Hi all ye bloggers

    You guys DID the best job at being active for Wheelie Wednesday. But if you didn’t be active, it is okay, try again next time.

    I liked the video and I saw my friends.

    We should have ride to school day more often, it is fun if you are active.

    It is good to be active because you get more fit and healthy. It is good to be active with your friends because it is fun.

    From James and Mum

  14. Jacob says:

    Hi bloggers its Jacob here,
    I would like to say that ride to school day is a really good day because you can meet up with your friends and then ride to school.Also riding to school makes you fit and gives you lots of skills such as confidence. And also I ride to school everyday since I came to this school in Prep. Last of all I have been riding to school for a long time and I guarantee that it is fun.

    bye for now but not forever,

  15. Safia says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am active getting to school. I walk with my older brother.
    I walk home with my friends because they live near by and
    it is fun to be active with your friends.
    It it healthy for you.
    It will give you more air and oxygen than being in a car.
    My favorite transport is a skateboard. It is fun and I picked up skateboarding about a month ago.
    See you next time!

  16. bennett says:

    Hi everyone it’s Bennett
    How many people rode/walked to school? Did you go to the meeting places? I did. I went with my friends so i hope you did too. I know Mrs F went a long long way and I did too.

    from Bennett

  17. kyle says:

    Hey guys,
    I think that Ride To School day was a big hit and I think that many people appreciated all the effort that Mr. Snell put in to make wheelie Wednesday possible.I hope that everyone had a great time riding or walking to school. Good job to ¾ F for having 27 /29 kids ride or walk to school.


  18. Olivia says:


    I loved ride to school day!
    I liked to see lots of happy faces. You guys try all time.
    I really hope we can keep it up guys!!


  19. sienna says:

    Hello everybody Sienna here,
    I hope everyone who rode their bikes,scooters or walked to school on Walk to School Day enjoyed the fun journey from your house to school. I’m happy for the school kids who are getting real fit. Thank You Mr Snell for organising this event.

    A big bye from Sienna.

  20. Vivien says:

    I’m back again,
    Ride to school day was so good, I am definitely going to do it again next year! I loved how many people showed up and how everyone was active. I liked riding with everyone else and it was so…. fun. I love riding because it is fun and you can get fit.
    Bye from Vivien 🙂

  21. Christian says:

    Hey everyone,

    I hope you all had a lot of fun on ride to school day.You could have walked, rode on your scooter or rode on your bike.This program was supposed to make you more active.Remember to stop,look listen and think before you cross the road.

    From Christian.

  22. Dylan says:

    What’s up?! Dylan here.

    I hope that everybody had a good day of riding and walking to school! So many 3/4’s walked and rode to school but not many people drove which is good and I walked with Miss Johnston to school. Everyone should walk or ride to school more often because it’s really good exercise. The day was super close to my birthday which is on the 21st of March. But I’m afraid that is all for now bye! But not forever!

    Bye Dylan.

  23. flynn says:

    Hi it is Flynn here,
    This year I liked the ride to school. It was fun and at the end we got raffle tickets. It was good for people to ride and get fit and it is fun to ride with some friends. Do you want to ride and have fun? Now they show you how to get to school with the stickers on the ground. It is safe too and a nice way to get to school. Now you might be able to ride to school.
    By for now

  24. Campbell says:

    Hi Bloggers,
    We had an amazing turnout this year. I ride to school lots anyway, but it’s good to get more people to come with me. I met at Tambo Court with my brother Lachie. The teachers were Mrs Johnston and Mr Naidoo.
    Bye Bloggers
    From Campbell

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