Inquiry in Term 2 – Continuity and Change

A big hello to all students and parents. Wow! What a great time we have had this term learning about the processes of government and even conducting our own mini elections. I hope everyone has enjoyed this unit and learnt a lot about how the government works in our country. Enough about that – now we need to get our brains thinking about next term! Our topic is ‘Continuity and Change’ where we will be looking at how different things have changed over the years and why, but also some things that haven’t changed so much and why. The teachers have had some ideas about what areas you might like to learn about like transport, technology, the environment, fashion and sport but now we would like to hear your ideas. Parents we encourage you to discuss this with your child as their questions will guide our planning. So 3/4 students:

What would you like to learn about in our topic ‘Continuity and Change’?

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  1. James & Mummy says:

    Dear Miss Corduff,

    James and I talked about the topic for next term, and he agreed that he would like to learn about how transport and technology has changed. I also wondered whether it might be good to learn about how Australia has changed in terms of the increased amounts of people from different cultures. This might link with the meaning of Harmony Day.

    I also had no idea that the 3/4’s learnt about government in Australia. That was interesting to hear.

    Regards, Sam

    • Miss Corduff says:

      Hi Sam,
      Thanks for your input, they all sound like interesting questions that James has! Learning about the cultural diversity is definitely an important part of the curriculum however, the 3/4s studied a topic about this last year. We like to do topics every second year so the children don’t repeat what they’ve already learned. This means that James will most likely study that next year.
      Learning about Australian Government, democracy, democratic processes, decision-making, community and leadership all comes under the umbrella of ‘Civics and Citizenship’ which teaches students all about living in society. We had a lot of fun this term making our political parties, campaigning and participating in class elections. I hope James enjoyed it!
      Miss Corduff 🙂

  2. kyle says:

    Hey guys,
    I think that next term we should learn about how transport has changed because it gives us many options on what to do our projects on like planes, cars, bikes, boats and many other things. It is a interesting subject and that you always can find information on it.


  3. Charlie & Mum says:

    Hi Miss Corduff
    Mum and I have been talking about topics that I would like to learn about. We have thought of how our environment has changed, how our transportation has changed and how school has changed. It would be interesting to learn about these things.
    I hope you like my suggestions.
    From Charlie & Ros

    • Miss Corduff says:

      Thanks Charlie and Ros! Some great ideas there. We learnt about how school has changed in 1/2 so we probably won’t do that one again,
      Miss Corduff

  4. Giulia says:

    Hi guys Giulia here 3/4.F

    I am looking forward to term 2 .
    I think it would be good to learn about community and how it’s changed in the past.
    At home I have a book about how the community has changed.
    I will bring it in to show everyone.

    Bye have a happy holidays!

  5. Hayley says:

    Hi it’s Hayley and I hope people are enjoying inquiry. What are you doing? Well there is fashion, technology, sport, transport and housing. I did fashion. What did you do?
    Bye, see you next time!
    From Hayley

  6. Julian says:

    Hello, it’s Julian here.

    I love the Inquiry activity where we visited the other classes and seen how things have changed over time. My favourite topic was how Sport has changed which was in 3/4S. I loved how I could see how the MCG has changed since it was first built when it had no roof or fence and just seats around the outside of the ground. Men seemed to have lots of moustaches back in those days. We got to watch the AFL grand final when Hawthorn v Sydney. What was your favourite class that you visited?

    Bye for now

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