Stephanie Alexander Garden and Kitchen Classes

Hi fellow Bloggers, it’s Sienna, Justin and Isabelle here,

We’re here to talk about the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen classes the 3/4s are doing this year. Each week we make delicious meals  which always have bread, some type of salad, a main meal and a dip. Last week we made Ratatouille, Tzatziki, The Salad of Imagination and bread rolls which were all so yummy we almost fainted! We finished all of it before some of the teachers came to have a bite, which was very unlucky for them because they didn’t get to try any of our delicious food. We have really enjoyed our gardening and kitchen lessons this term.  We learn to make recipes we can cook at home as well. We love cooking with our friends and sitting down and eating a meal with them. Thankyou so much to all the teachers and mums who have helped us this term.

sa 2

sa3 sa4 sa7 sa9 sa 1Do you think it is important to learn about gardening and cooking at school ?

Can you tell us about any of the plants you have grown at school this term ?

Which recipes would you recommend to us ?

Do you have any advice for the next class participating in these lessons ?

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6 Responses to Stephanie Alexander Garden and Kitchen Classes

  1. Nick Grade 4 3/4c says:

    Hi Bloggers,
    I have not done the cooking yet, What do you do? Is it like last year? And who takes us for our classes? Anyways enough with the questions, I’d like to cook an Italian dish, I have got an idea for cooking, we do a nationality every two lessons so people can try lot’s of different food and maybe at the end of the lesson,our teacher can tell us a little bit about the country!
    Anyway, Gotta fly!


    P.S. We have to clean up after which isn’t the most fun part but it’s something we all have to do!

  2. Josh Schultz Brotto says:

    Hey bloggers,
    great job on the kitchen class photos!! I really liked it alot!! The food looked yum! Also I really liked the pictures of us kids making the really good food! Great job taking those amazing pictures!
    from Josh 🙂

  3. cailani says:

    Hello bloggers,
    I can’t wait to do cooking every Thursday at school. I have heard that cooking is really fun and the food tastes great. I did cooking last year and it was really good but I heard that this year cooking is going to be even better. So I can’t wait to do cooking this year, I bet it will be awesome!

    Bye for now,
    from Cailani

  4. Kara.D says:

    Hello 3/4’s,

    I love your cooking this week. I can tell you have done some hard work with cooking.
    Do you even like cooking? I would love it!

    I’ve gotta go now,

  5. Kobe says:

    Hi friends and family it’s Kobe

    I like cooking in the 3\4 area because we get to eat the food that we cook. I had to peel the potatoes and it was mess. We cooked a avocado and corn salad, spinach dip and potato croquettes. We got potatoes and lettuce from the school garden.

    Bye bloggers

  6. Sienna says:

    Hi bloggers how are you?
    The food from cooking sounds delicious but I really wish my class isn’t last for cooking it is very annoying!!!. I love to cook. At least we will get a turn for cooking so I am really looking forward to it.

    buy for now but not for ever!!:)

    From SIENNA!!

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