Mrs. Usher!

You’ll all be so excited to hear that Mrs. Usher had her baby tonight! She had a a girl and named her Cleo. We wish Mrs. Usher and her husband a big congratulations from all the 3/4s!

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  1. Isla says:

    What happy news to start the day with! Congrats!!

  2. Matthew says:

    Hi it is Matthew here,

    I’m so happy Mrs Usher has had her baby girl. I bet she is really cute. I hope to see Cleo & Mrs Usher soon. I’m sure Mrs Usher will be a great mum. A big congratulations to Mr & Mrs Usher.

    Bye for now

  3. Nicholas F. says:

    Congratulations Mrs Usher,

    Can not wait until I see your cute little baby Cleo.
    I don’t know if Cleo can hear this but “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLEO!!!!”
    Please bring Cleo in soon I can not wait to see her!
    Congratulations again!!

    From Nick:)

  4. lachlan says:

    Dear fellow bloggers Lachlan here,

    Congratulations Mrs Usher! It’s so good to see that you have a baby and what a great name! I wonder how you are doing! I also wonder if you are going to have another baby? Hmm…..
    Bye for now!

    From Lachlan T.

  5. Vivien says:

    Hi guys, WOW!!!!!!!!!!! It must be soooo exciting for Mrs Usher and Cleo is a wonderful name. I wonder what school Cleo will go to when she grows up? Maybe some of the foundations now will have the chance of having her when she comes here!!!! Anyway Mrs Usher must be very happy and very occupied. Bye for now Vivien.

  6. Charlotte says:

    Hi 3/4’s it is Charlotte here,
    I am so excited to hear that Mrs Usher has had Cleo. Congratulations to Mrs Usher, Cleo and Mrs Usher’s husband. It would be amazing if Mrs Usher could bring Cleo in to the ¾ classes. I hope Mrs Usher is very happy.

    From Charlotte

  7. sienna says:

    Hi bloggers.
    I would like to congratulate the Usher family and say welcome little Cleo.I hope you come and show us Cleo Miss Usher.
    We would love to see her.
    See you later. Sienna

  8. Jacob says:

    Hi bloggers it’s Jacob.

    I absolutely adore babies. I am so happy for Mrs
    Usher. I really wonder what the baby looks like because they are always cute. I hope Mrs Usher has a wonderful future. Also
    I hope her baby has a good future .

    Bye for now but not forever.

  9. Luke G says:

    Hey Luke here,
    Congratulations Mrs. Usher on having a baby. I’ll bet she’s so cute. I’ll be looking forward to seeing her soon. Hopefully Mrs. Usher will teach next year. 🙂

    Bye for now but not forever

  10. Hayley says:

    Hi bloggers it’s Hayley here,
    Mrs Usher had a baby. Her name is Cleo. What a pretty name!!
    Is she going to have another baby? If she has another baby is it going to be a boy?
    From Hayley

  11. Paul says:

    Hi guys,
    I am so excited that Mrs Usher had her baby! Congratulations to Mrs Usher and Jamie!
    I would be over the moon to see baby Cleo face to face. I hope that Mrs Usher brings her baby Cleo to school soon! I love babies, they’re so adorable.
    From Paul 🙂

  12. stella says:

    Dear Miss Usher,
    Congratulations on your baby.
    I can’t wait to see Cleo.
    I bet shes really cute.

    🙂 Bye for now

  13. Amber says:

    Hello 3/4’s and Mrs Usher,

    I can’t believe the baby girl was born so soon and what a sweet name, Cleo. Hope all the presents you got make your baby happy.
    I bet your husband is going to be jealous because he is the only man in the house.

    From Amber

  14. Jeslyn says:

    Hi bloggers Jeslyn here,

    Congratulation to Mrs Usher for having a baby. When are you going to come back to school? I miss you so much.
    I think Cleo will look like Mrs Usher or her husband.
    I hope Mrs Usher will bring Cleo to school so we can see her.
    I hope Mrs Usher has a good time looking after her baby Cleo.

    Jeslyn out

  15. justin x says:

    Dear bloggers,
    Congratulations on having your baby Mrs Usher, I can’t wait for you to visit us so I can meet Cleo. My mum told me you held me when i was a couple of weeks old.
    I hope you are enjoying your time away from St Mark’s, I miss seeing you everyday.
    Does Cleo keep you awake at night?

    bye for now but not forever
    Justin X

  16. Thu says:

    Hi Thu’s here,

    Congratulation to Mrs. Usher and to her class last year. I can not wait until Cleo comes. What a beautiful name ” Cleo “. And hope you have a great time with Cleo.

    Bye for now but not forever.

  17. sienna says:

    Hi bloggers,
    I would like to congratulate the Usher family and say welcome little Cleo. I’m really happy for you Mrs Usher. I hope Cleo is happy to have a lovely mother and father. I think that everyone is waiting to say hi to you.
    See you later, Sienna.

  18. Dylan says:

    Whats up my peeps? Dylan here.

    First of all I would like to say congratulations to Mrs Usher for her newborn baby.I wish I was there to see her baby.One question is your baby a boy or a girl?I wish I was there to see him/her

    Anyway I hope to see you soon bye!


  19. Julia says:

    Hi bloggers it is Julia,
    Oh my gosh Mrs Usher had her baby! I do not believe it she had a girl! That is great news I hope she goes to school soon. One little question When is she coming back?

    Well that is it for today bye but not for long!!! ( :

  20. Vincent says:

    Hi bloggers Vincent here and I want to say congratulations Mrs Usher for your baby. And I have one question how did you come up with the name Cleo?
    If you answered well I would love to read it.
    Anyway bye from Vincent.

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