Mathletics !!

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Great to see everyone participating in Mathletics across the 3/4 level. Well done to 3/4C for winning the Mathletics trophy last week! You have obviously worked well as a team to receive so many points, keep up the good work! I wonder who will win it next time ?

How does Mathletics help you with your Maths ?

What is your favourite thing about Mathletics and why ?

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30 Responses to Mathletics !!

  1. Thu says:

    Hi it’s Thu here,

    I love Mathletics and it’s to fun to play with friends and people around the world and I love when you can win trophy and mathletics really helps with simple and quick maths problem. I hope people enjoy Mathletics too.

    Bye for now but not for EVER.

  2. Alexander says:

    Hi it’s Alexander here,

    I love learning on Mathletics because when I do a question wrong it tells me the right answer of the question. You can vs anyone on live Mathletics and I really enjoy playing live Mathletics.

    Bye for now!

  3. Charlotte says:

    Hi guys it’s me Charlotte

    I think mathletics is amazing because if you get something wrong, it
    shows you your right and wrong answers and you can re-do the test and get them right next time. You can also do live mathletics and it gives you the ability to play against other people from your class, your school or even the world.

    Bye for now.

    • angestuart says:

      Mathletics does sound like such a fantastic way to learn about maths! Thank you Charlotte for your thoughts.

      Miss Stuart

  4. Charlotte says:

    Hey 3/4’s it is Charlotte here,
    I think that Mathletics helps me with my maths because the tasks that are set for me are some of the the things we learn at school, which is helpful.
    My favourite thing to do on Mathletics is to go on live Mathletics.
    I love live Mathletics because the questions they ask you are sometimes hard and it pushes you to your limits because there is one minute to do it.
    I love pushing myself because I like to see how far I can go with my learning.
    I hope lots of people are going on Mathletics because it helps you with your learning.
    I also received a bronze certificate for getting 1280 points.

    From Charlotte

  5. Justin says:

    Hi Justin here,

    I think mathletics is a great thing for education towards kids and because it can be fun when you play live mathletics. You get to compete against other people in your year level and you can play against friends in live mathletics. You can also see if you have improved in maths. Secondly because you learn new math problems and learn more difficult things like algebra.


    From Justin

  6. Angela says:

    Hello bloggers,
    I hope everyone is enjoying mathletics. I like mathletics because it is like a computer teacher. You do not need your teacher to help! I have so much fun learning on mathletics. My favourite part is that you can verse people around the world and friends. It is fun to learn on. It does not have a limit as well.
    From your friend, Angela

  7. Ana says:

    Hi bloggers
    Do you like mathletics? Did you know that mathletics is good for us? It help us to get good at maths and it’s good practice for our brain. Do you like mathletics online when you get to verse classmates?
    Your blogger, Ana

  8. Alex says:

    Hey bloggers it’s Alex here,
    I think that Mathletics is a really good way to learn and the best way to learn maths. I’m really looking forward to doing the addition pre and post test and the mathletics addition activities. I enjoy doing maths and learning about it.

    Bye for now.

  9. Vincent says:

    Hi everyone this is Vincent
    I think mathletics is a good website because it helps your math skills. Also I like how you can verse people and it’s my favourite mode. Also you have fun activities like time tables, adding, subtraction and much more.
    Bye from Vincent.

  10. Joshua G says:

    Hi its Josh here,

    Who loves Mathletics…Well I do!
    I love mathletics because it is a great site for children to learn maths for all ages no matter what your abilities are!
    See you ‘on live’ mathletics for some maths battles!

    From Josh.G

  11. Jack says:

    Hi guys, its Jack here.
    Mathletics gives us a a good working brain so we don’t have to use our fingers in the tests.
    One thing I love in Mathletics is the live Mathletics because you have to use your brain consistently to get the questions correct!
    I’m going to wrap this blog comment up now so,

    Bye for now but not for ever!!

  12. Katie says:

    Hi fellow bloggers it’s Katie here,
    Mathletics improves my times tables and division skills ,it also helps me with mental maths. I really like how you can win certificates and I also enjoy versing people and buying accessories for myself! What do you like about Mathletics
    It’s time to go so bye guys!

  13. James says:

    Hi 3/4 bloggers,

    Congratulations 3/4 C for winning the Mathletics!
    Mathletics is fun maybe you could vs me!?

    Bye 3/4’s from James

  14. Isobel says:

    Hi fellow bloggers,
    Mathletics is a great learning activity on a laptop, iphone, ipad,etc. It helps with your maths skills. It’s a great website for kids. I love live mathletics especially, because you play with people all over the world. It’s great that you can earn lots of points and get certificates for your work.
    From Isobel

  15. Noah says:

    Hi everyone! Noah here.

    Mathletics helps me with my maths because it allows me to practice what I have learnt at school. The activities are easy to understand and I feel proud of myself when I get questions right. This tells me that I am getting better at my maths. I try to get a bronze certificate each time the rocket shoots up. It only shoots up when I complete tasks correctly. My favourite thing on Mathletics is live Mathleticas because I can challenge kids from school or play with kids from different countries. It is fun.

    From Noah

  16. Tyler says:

    Hi bloggers,

    I just want to say that I am loving Mathletics, especially the mapping, and I’m really excited to be moving into mapping groups.
    I love getting certificates and love being able to do it on my Chromebook.

    Bye for now but not forever!

  17. Aaron says:

    Hi everyone,

    I think that Mathletics helps me learn better because I’m doing maths problems while having fun and learning at the same time.

    My favourite thing about Mathletics is playing against my friends and other people around the world.

    Bye for now!


  18. flynn says:

    Hi guys it is Flynn here,
    I think mathletics is good and it is fun and it helps with your math. You can vs your friends on live mathletics. You can focus on what you are doing in your math group .You can do the task that your math teacher has given you. It is fun with your homework,

  19. Charlie says:

    Greetings bloggers Charlie here.
    Mathletics is so fun especially live mathletics. There’s different things on mathletics like tasks, live mathletics, rainforest maths, time table toons and problem solving. That’s the end of my blog comment.

    Goodbye from Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Dorian says:

    Hi everyone.

    If you got a mathletics award good job.
    ¾ C has already got the super mathletics award twice now.
    Quickly go on mathletics now.
    You should do every task and go on live mathletics twice a day.

    From Dorian,

    By everyone.

  21. Kobe says:

    Hi guys it’s Kobe here,

    I liked that 3 /4 C won the mathletics reward twice in a row. I like that we can go on live mathletics and practise our maths and get better at it. It is fun when your versing your friends and it helps you with your mental maths. I aim to get a thousand points a week.

    Bye for now but not forever

  22. lucas says:

    Hi bloggers

    Mathletics is fun. I like playing against people from all over the world. Its fun to keep winning the super mathlete award.

    Lucas signing off

  23. Dante says:

    Hey bloggers it’s Dante here.

    I think that mathletics is a great program.
    Mathletics helps you with your mental maths skills.
    It is really cool changing your character that you make.
    Who thinks mathletics is a great website? I love it.

    From Dante Quenette

    bye bloggers!

  24. Jordan says:

    Mathletics is good and fun. I like learning about numbers and doing the rainforest activities.

  25. charlotte says:

    Hi bloggers it’s Charlotte here,

    Mathletics helps me with maths by repeating what we do in class which gives me a better understanding.
    My favourite thing about mathletics is live mathletics because you get to verse people on the computer which challenges me.

    Bye for now but not forever

  26. Seth says:

    Hi everyone,
    Mathletics Is a math program but It helps you learn. I think that most like the live mathletics more than the activities. The activities help you learn and the live helps you type your numbers faster. In mathletics if you want you can play with your class or even your school but only If they are on. You can only go on if you have a mathletics password or username.

  27. Amber says:

    Hi 3/4’s,

    I bet Mathletics is great for people who love maths and who are not good with maths. My favourite parts are Activities, Live Mathletics and Problem Solving. I especially love that you get to earn awards and a trophy for your class. Hope everyone is improving on Mathletics.

    From Amber

  28. Dashell says:

    Hi Guys,
    It’s Dash, I think Mathletics is so much fun! I like maths and playing on the computer so it makes more fun for me to do. Also, the exercises give my brain a workout! Have a great Easter Holidays and see you all when you get back.

    Hope you have a fun Easter!

    Bye for now, Dash

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