Feedback and Intelligence

The staff and students at St Mark’s have been thinking about the feedback we give to each other and the effectiveness of this feedback. Curious about why some people view intelligence as a fixed trait while others embrace it as a quality that can be developed and expanded, Professor Carol Dweck conducted a powerful study with intriguing results. What is the effect of praise on student mindsets about learning? Please view the video below which outlines her findings.

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34 Responses to Feedback and Intelligence

  1. Luke D says:

    Hey bloggers Luke here,
    I think this is a great thing to read about because it shows how two different types of praise. I can’t believe that the people with intelligence did the same test at the start and then at the end and their results went down by 20%. On the other side the effort kids went up by almost 30%. I think this is a great example for the teachers in the whole school because it tells them what to say to their students and what not to. It was also remarkable to see that the intelligent kids then chose the easier test and barely any of the other kids did. If I was a teacher I would follow all of this.
    Bye for now but not for ever!
    Luke out

  2. Shirlee (Luke D's mum) says:

    Hi there 3/4 Bloggers

    Luke’s mum Shirlee here! What an interesting topic and video. For a while now I have been aware of how careful we need to be with our words and the power of positive messages that we send to our children; this is a very good example. From now on instead of saying ‘Good Job’ I’ll have to say ‘Great effort’. Here’s one for you all to try; instead of saying ‘Don’t forget ……’ try saying ‘Remember’ first!!!! Let’s see how these 3/4 Bloggers go!
    Happy Blogging……

  3. Charlie and his Dad (Owen) says:

    I found the video on “PRAISE” excellent – it made me stop and think about the ways I praise people whether it be children or adults. I think it is very important that we always look to reward or praise “effort”levels in people. I will definitely be looking to PRAISE people based on EFFORT first in the future. I think this is a very good learning tool for all.
    Owen (Charlies Dad)

    I thought the video was really interesting and I learnt a great deal. It makes me think about talking to people nicely. It makes me realise that praising people and telling them “well done” is really important for them to hear. I also realise that effort is very important in everything I do.

  4. Bianca says:

    Hi guys,

    We both think the video has really stong feedback about praising effort.

    Interesting video – Young children thrive on praise, but they do even better when you emphasize effort over ability.

    Karine (Bianca’s mum)

    By for now but not forever

  5. Claire Nguyen says:

    Hi everyone, it’s Claire,
    I liked it when someone gave me comments or feedback about my work or something that I’ve done because that helped me to know how I went and how I could improve it.

    Hi, I’m Hang (Claire’s mum)
    I found it very interesting watching the video clip about Feedback and Intelligence, and I realized how important it is to give children the positive feedback, so that they won’t stop there but they will keep getting better. For example, one of my girls showed me a really nice drawing that she’s done, instead of praising how wonderful she is, I’d say how much I liked it and found a way to comment on how her drawing would look even better next time.

  6. Michaela and Mum says:

    Hi everyone
    That was a very interesting video. Me and my mum both agree that this was a very intriguing and thought provoking video. My mum said she will try to change the way she praises me to encourage me to keep trying harder and doing the best I can. We both agree that St Marks should do the same thing they did and see if they get the same results.

    Bye for now
    Michaela and her mum

  7. Nicole.C says:

    Hi bloggers,
    I found the video interesting because the intelligence team dropped down 30% and the effort team grew 20% and because that we should not always praise on the persons intelligence and focuse on praising the persons effort.
    Bye Bloggers

  8. Keisha says:

    Hi everyone Keisha here,
    I think that learning to use feedback in our work has changed the way we learn. Instead of just getting the teacher to correct our work and leave it at that, we can get some feedback, take it on board, and improve. I learnt that good feedback, is feedback that is useful, kind and specific. If it’s all these three things it’s good feedback. With my biography I wrote, I got given feedback and so I used it to improve my work and it made my work sound better and instead of just getting corections I got to fix it up myself and it soon made sense. I think using feedback has really enhanced our learning!:)


    Hi bloggers! Its Phuong – Keisha’s mum here 🙂

    What an interesting video to watch! I love the idea of receiving feedback. Imagine a world where no feedback was ever provided and we just went about doing the things the way we always do. Feedback gives us valuable information from the perspective of others and supports us to identify knowledge gaps to further build our skills and intelligence! By receiving feedback we are able to continuously improve and as the video has shown, feedback such as praise is a great motivator for us to strive for more. The effort you put into your work is just as important as the end result!

    Well, that’s all for now….any “feedback” or replies most welcome 🙂

  9. Isla says:

    Hi, Jasmin’s Mum here.
    Very interesting topic and gives me something further to consider.

  10. Veronica and Mum says:

    Hi everyone,

    That was a cool video to watch because it’s about praising, feedback and intelligence.
    Feedback is important. If you are giving someone feedback you must make sure it’s “specific feedback.”
    “Specific feedback” tells you how you can improve and it can praise your work.

    Thanks for reading!

  11. Edmund says:

    Hi everyone, Edmund here,
    I think it was great to see the video because it could be part of our learning. I think many people would love to see the video because it tells more about feedback and it is interesting. I think this is important that people are praised by effort because people will get a higher mark on their tests; people will work longer to get a higher mark for tests and will enjoy themselves proudly. The video message is to only praise people’s process and effort.
    From Edmund 🙂 🙂

  12. Cheyenne says:

    Hey guys its Cheyenne here,
    that video was really interestIng and I was actually surprised !!
    I think its good to praise people because it gets them pumped up and ready to learn new things. We can even use this video as feedback because it gives the teachers ideas.
    The message in this video is to praise people with process and effort:)

    Bye from Cheyenne

  13. Andrea says:

    Hi Bloggers,
    Andrea: I find it amazing to think that just a subtle change in praise can make such a huge impact on children’s performance and test results. It certainly goes to show that how we interact with each other, in particular how we encourage one another – can influence the outcomes significantly!
    Paul: I liked how the blue group tried their hardest on the hardest test. I didn’t like it when the red group gave up quickly. Everybody should work their hardest and not worry about making mistakes. I like it when people tell me I’ve done a good job.
    From Paul and Andrea (Paul’s Mum).

  14. Angela plus mum says:

    Hi bloggers me and my mum thought the video was great!

    I thought it was fun, and I like it that it was not really long cause that is kind of good because ,if it was too long, it will just be boring. Also it was very interesting and it is a fun way of teaching and I love the topic and how they present it.

    And also my mum wanted to say some words,
    l’ve learnt how to praise your kids properly from this video. Praise on effort and hard work seems has a much better impact on kids than the one on intelligence. I think I need to use the right words to praise my kids next time.

  15. Sienna says:

    Hey people on the three four blog.
    I think that video could have a big influence on kids learning and kid’s way of thinking.
    See you next time by for now.

  16. Debbie- Julian's mum says:

    Hi everyone, I found the clip on Praise & Mindsets very interesting. By changing your words ever so slightly, shows there can be such a big difference in the children’s outcome. Good to see the 3/4 Blog has taught me something today. Regards Debbie

  17. Taylah says:

    Hi it’s Taylah here and I was so suprised when the man said that the people who were grouped for their intelligence dropped in their test.I thought that the people who were grouped for their effort would of dropped because they didn’t get lots of feedback,but that video shows that the group who was grouped for their intelligence dropped and I think that’s because they didn’t want to get bad feedback.Most children like to feel proud of what they have done and I think that video showed that.
    From Taylah.

  18. Shannen's says:

    Hi everyone Shannen here,
    I think this video is really good and teaches everyone about how the way you praise people can make a difference on their learning. I agree that you shouldn’t praise people on how good at maths they and how smart they are but on their effort.
    The way the kids thought the test was easy and got told they must be smart, then did a harder test but got stressed because they got told they must be smart, then found the first test hard shows us how the wrong way of praising can effect people.

    That’s all for now, bye.

  19. Jeslyn and mum says:

    Hi bloggers Jeslyn and her mum here,
    Jeslyn:I really think doing feedback was kind of fun because we could ask questions and we get to answer questions to give each other feedback.

    Mum (Lieu):Reading and watching the video sounds very interesting , it brings me back to the old days when I was in school.

  20. Jacob and his mum Maro says:

    Hi it’s Jacob and his mum Maro,

    We found the video very inspiring because the students that put more effort did better,worked harder and worked longer than the group that was told they were intelligent.

    We also learnt the importance of praising effort verses intelligence & the dramatic impact this can have on ones confidence & work ethic.

    By for now but not for ever.

  21. Matthew and Mum says:

    Hi everyone,

    I think it is amazing that the way the people were praised made such a difference to their test results. The people praised for their intelligence got a lower score for the last test, which was the same as the first. The people praised for their effort got a much higher score for the last test.

    When you compare -20% to +30% = 50% difference, it is surprising how the people who got praised for effort got higher than the people who got praised for intelligence.

    Thank you for reading and goodbye.


    I have always understood the importance of praise and encouragement when children are learning, but I am amazed that the choice of words of praise can have such an impact on future learning.

    I will give more specific feedback from now on.

    Michelle – Matt’s Mum

  22. Claudia and Melissa says:

    Hi 3/4s ,
    Me and my mum think that feed back
    is a great idea because it can help you improve
    on your work. When you get feed back you learn from it and good feedback can make your work better and neater. When you give feed back it has to be kind and
    specific and useful to use. I though the video was great to watch and learn about feed back .

    bye Claudia 3/4S

  23. oliver the awsome says:

    Hi every one
    I loved the video back there. I found it interesting how effort beat intelligence. I’ve learnt something new .I loved how we learnt and gave people feedback I think the teachers did a very good job at teaching us about it. Debbie must of studied for a long time to know that.

    Bye for now Oliver

  24. Nicholas & Kris (Dad) says:

    Hi all,

    The key message I take from this video is that while it is important to give feedback, it is more important to provide feedback that encourages the person. In this way, constructive feedback can be given and still have a positive effect.

    Feedback needs to reinforce the learning that someone has undertaken. To simply refer to someones intelligence or abilities can take away the hard work that was put in to achieve the results. I fully support the method of effort based feedback, and am pleased the school is using this as a learning tool for 3/4.

    Being taught this early on can only have further positive influences in your lives as you get older.


    Hi Bloggers, Nick here,

    Feedback needs to be kind, useful and specific. We are getting the chance to work on this by asking for feedback from someone in the class, a friend or something, and then fixing up the things you got feedback on before taking it to the teacher. I like this because when we get feedback, it helps to improve our writing, because even the best writers get feedback on their stories before they make them into a book.

    Bye all 🙂

  25. Vy and her mum says:

    Hi fellow bloggers,
    Vy and her mum here. Me and my mum both agreed that the video was interesting. This video made me think about how people praise me and I thought if someone praises me I will keep working hard. After watching the video my mum thought about the way she praises me. Now my mum gives me feedback differently.

    Bye for now.
    Vy and her mum

  26. Bianca - Aaron's Mum says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I know that Aaron only thrives on positive feedback, therefore most of the time I encourage Aaron positively. I didn’t realise that there were different types off the way you give praise. This video was so interesting, it has really made me think of the way I praise my kids. I will be more conscious now on the way I give positive feedback so that Aaron and Maddie can grow further in life.

    Thanks for posting!!!


  27. Lachlan says:

    Dear fellow bloggers,

    The grade 3/4’s are using the feedback you provided for our genius hour! We find it very helpful because you gave great feedback! This is a very great idea as we can improve on our work and also know how to use the feedback given!
    Bye for now everyone!

    From Lachlan

  28. Justin and his dad Nick says:

    Hi bloggers!

    Justin and his dad here.

    Justin and I found this clip very interesting. It has been proven throughout history that hard work and effort make a difference in this world.
    Like the video I agree by encouraging your child to enjoy working hard and making progress aids in their development in preparing and dealing with real world situations in future.

  29. Ryan 3/4 KR says:

    Hello bloggers,
    I think the clip was for parents and people who take care of children. It’s is great advice for younger kids because it is telling them how to praise. The most important thing in praising is to praise the right thing. This clip is so fantastic and is great for learning.



  30. Ana says:

    Hi everyone,
    I think this video on “Praise” was very interesting to watch.
    Isabel (Ana’s mum)

    I can see to “Praise” a student encourages them to do better on things.


  31. Justin X says:

    Hey it’s Justin from 3/4U

    I found the video really interesting because of the results. I wasn’t surprised by the effort results because the more effort you put in the better you’ll do. I was surprised that the intelligence went down by 20% and the effort results went up by 30%.


  32. Thu says:

    Hi bloggers,

    I think that the video was very important for teachers and studentS. I hope that everyone learns from that video and I can’t belive that the intelligence group actually drop down 20% while the effort group jumped up 30% INCREDIBLE.

    bye for now but not for ever.

  33. Bianca says:

    Hi it’s Bianca and Kathy here,
    I agree with the video, because i think that everybody should be praised for their effort because everybody wants to see people try harder and not give up.

    As a parent, this was very interesting and insightful information into the workings of the mind and the effect of words on a person. I never would have thought such subtle differences in the way praise is delivered would yield such different results in a child’s performance. I will be thinking carefully before I open my mouth from now on when praising my children…that’s for sure!!!!

    Bye for now, not forever.

  34. Thu says:

    Hi it’s Thu and my mum Na (my mum),

    My mum thinks that this video is important because it helps students and teacher
    to learn more about PRAISE. Well I think that this video is special and useful because
    it helps me with my learning and I’m pretty sure my friends too. My mum was shocked when she saw the part when the children who were praised for intelligence go down by
    20% and the other group who was praised for their effort go up by 30%.

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