CERES Environment Park Excursion

IMG_1833Organic Gardening

Last Friday the Year 3/4’s set off to go visit and learn all about sustainable gardening at CERES environmental park.  Everyone was excited to get their hands dirty in the garden and to learn about how we can have a positive impact in our community by looking after our environment through sustainable gardening.

The experts at CERES taught us lots of new concepts and ideas. Each class participated in 3 activities throughout the day. Some of the activities were  Organic Gardening, Healthy Soil, Worms and Mini beasts, Biodiversity and Habitat Corridors and Indigenous Plant Uses.

We all learnt so much on our excursion including the teachers and parents!

What was your favourite activity and why ?

What interesting facts did you learn and can share with us ?

Do you now have any curious questions after visiting CERES?


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48 Responses to CERES Environment Park Excursion

  1. Cheyenne says:

    Hey guys its Cheyenne here,
    My favourite activity at CERES would have to be healthy soils because I learnt a lot about how to tell if the soil is healthy and I learnt about the pH level.

    I learnt that worms don’t really like citrus fruit and I learnt that when a worm eats the fruit in a compost once it eats it poos its out and that’s why the soil is so healthy!!

    Bye for now but not for ever!

  2. Nick says:

    Hi Guys,
    I really enjoyed CERES despite all the dirt.
    Other wise it was cool.The indigenous plants were awesome!!!
    I liked the way you figured out how to find out what soil was what.
    What happens if a cactus tries to grow in dirt?????

    See you, from NICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. luke says:

    Hi bloggers,
    My favourite activity was healthy soil with Marty because I thought it was fun and interesting. I learnt new things like Ph, the best soil for growing plants.
    I would ask Ceres how long it took to build it and how long to grow the plants?
    bye for now from Luke

  4. nicole (lukes mum) says:

    Hi bloggers,
    It’s Luke and Flynn’s mum.
    The boys said they had a great time on the excursion and learnt a lot about gardening.
    Hopefully we can put some of the activities to work in our own garden and the boys can enjoy working outdoors. I wasn’t too excited about the mini beasts!!!!
    Bye for now.

  5. Miss Corduff says:

    Oh wow it looks like you guys had a great day at CERES! The 1/2s had an excursion here too earlier in the year and they loved it!

  6. Jasmin says:

    Hi fellow bloggers,
    I went to CERES and I thought that organic gardens was the
    best because ……We answered questions on a sheet then look at all the plants
    that can grow around the garden.We also looked at the garden where the chickens were.We got to feed
    Bye fellow bloggers
    from Jasmin

  7. Keisha says:

    Hi everybody,
    I think going to CERES was a great idea for our topic sustainable gardening.
    My favourite activity was probably when we learnt about biodiversity and habitat. I liked this activity because we played a game and some people were predators and some were prey. During this we also looked at good and bad habitats. A good habitat would have lots of continuous plants. A bad habitat would have some bare patches without some plants. Something I learnt was that worms are hermaphrodites, which means that they are both boy and girl. CERES is a awesome place to find out some facts and information, I hope that I can visit again and look at some other things that CERES produces and does within their company.

    By Keisha!

    • Phuong (Keisha's mum) says:

      It was wonderful to hear about what Keisha had learnt from her visit to CERES. I think it is important to understand where our food and produce comes from and to have an appreciation of the processes involved with their growth.
      We had a new spelling challenge when Keisha got home and asked how to spell “hermaphrodite” because I had to really think about that one 🙂 I don’t particularly like worms, but as the visit to CERES would have proved they have an important role in our environment!

      Cheerio for now!

  8. Nicole C says:

    Hi Bloggers,
    My favourite activity at CERES was mini beasts because I learnt a lot about what worms and mini beasts do to our gardens and that worms make worm juice. I also liked feeding the chickens with chicken food. While feeding them they bit me a little bit and I never knew that in the past they lived in tight spaces.
    Bye From Nicole C

  9. Nicole says:

    Hi bloggers,
    My favourite activity at CERES was mini beasts because I learnt a lot about what mini beasts do for our gardens like worms make worm juice for the garden. I also liked feeding the chickens with chicken food. While feeding the chickens they pecked me a little, but it was fun.

    Bye From Nicole

  10. Tyler C. says:

    Hi bloggers, Tyler here,

    I really enjoyed the excursion to CERES, my favourite part was going with Marty and seeing what types of soils he had in the buckets.
    I loved how we needed to find out what the different soils were using the Key sheets. We answered questions about each soil, and for every question we had to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Then we followed the arrows depending on our answer and it lead us to what type of soil it was at the bottom of the page.
    I found out that there are lots of types of soil including sandy loam, clay, silty clay, loam, silt and sand.
    Bye for now.

  11. Tyler's Mum - Raewyn says:

    Hi there,

    I wish I could have gone on the excursion to CERES, it sounded like fun!
    Tyler talked a lot about all the different soils, I could tell that he found it very interesting. Maybe it will make him help me more in the garden!!
    He has also told me that CERES is open on weekends and is quite keen for us all to visit, and to catch up with Marty and Shane again if they are there!


  12. ROLENA AND DAD says:

    Hi bloggers
    When we went to CERES I was so excited to learn about soils and plants, because that is what I have been doing at home lately. I have been helping Mum and Dad in planting and choosing the right plant and the right soil mix which can be a mixture of Organic Compost and Soil and finishing with a top cover of Mulch that contains a wetting agent which holds water around the roots of the plant. When I put my hand in the ground on the CERES day I felt the texture was sandy and loose and it was nothing like the soil that we put in the plants at home. So my dad and I suggest that I should use the compose that we made at school and mix it with soil then plant the indigenous plants .
    My Dad was delighted to know that we can find indigenous nut at the supermarket and that is Macadamia nuts.
    ROLENA 🙂

  13. Dylan says:

    Hey all you bloggers Dylan here.
    I LOVED going to CERES it was the most fun I’ve ever had I hope we can go again. I liked habitat and biodiversity we played a game were you have to get past the cars and
    not get tagged. I absolutely loved it.

    See you later alligators.
    From Dylan.

  14. sam says:

    Hi bloggers

    I just wanted to say going to CERES was FANTASTIC. I enjoyed it so much because we learnt about the different soils and saw the veggie patches. It was so colourful.We all so saw different types of plants like the kangaroo grass.

    Hi this is Sam’s mum. Sam really loved going to CERES and when he got back from the excursion he told me about the different types of soil. Sam also looked pretty tired but he was excited about CERES.

  15. Annie and Andrew (Annie's dad) says:

    Hey guys it is Annie here,
    CERES was the best day ever. I have to say that the best activity was learning about the healthy soil. It is so interesting. I learnt that healthy soils is the only soil that you can grow plants in. There is so many soils but sandy soil is not a soil at all. If you put a plant in sand it will sadly die.
    From a parent and teachers perspective it was a very educational excursion. It gave the children the opportunity to learn about different kinds of plants and what it take to keep them healthy. This excursion was a great lead into their current Inquiry unit of work. Annie come back from the excursion with a wealth of new knowledge and a thirst to find out more about plant life. I would encourage all families to visit CERES and experience what they have to offer.

  16. Marlo (Noah's mum) says:

    Noah told me he enjoyed his day at CERES. He said the presenters name was Marty and he taught Noah about what soil is good for different plants and vegetables. He also learned about indigenous plants and the fact that they are really old. He learned about habitats and the places that animals can hide and get away from predators. They played a game to explain this and Noah was chosen to be a predator. He had to tag “animals” who were trying to get away from him. He learned that if these animals didn’t make it across the roads to their homes and were hit by a car or eaten by a predator then they became road kill. This made Noah upset because he doesn’t like to see animals dying.

    What a great day to help the children learn about gardening and the environment in which we live.

    Marlo 🙂

  17. Riley says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I really enjoyed the excursion to Ceres!
    My favourite activity was learning all about worms and mini beasts because we got to touch the worms and look at all its features.

    I learnt that worms have no bones in their bodies and that they have 5 hearts! Also, I learnt that the biggest organ in the human body is the skin. WOW!!

    I am curious to know whether there are other gardens like Ceres which are built on top of rubbish tips.

    Thanks for reading – Riley and Riley’s mum/Jo

  18. Jacob & Maro (Jacob's mum) says:

    Hi bloggers,
    It’s Jacob & his mum Maro. My favourite part of the CERES excursion was feeding the chickens. I also learned about the consequences of keeping chickens in cages – which was very bad.
    Another thing I learnt was that worms don’t have bones, ears & mouths.
    That’s all for now bloggers. See you next time.

  19. Angela plus mum says:

    Hi guys,
    Angela’s mum and Angela
    My mum said she wants to go there as well since it looks so fun. And it was! And also my favorite activity is the minibeasts activity and feeding the chickens (my mum was not happy to hear all that!). Some bugs help the garden and most of them do special roles to help the garden. What I have learnt is when 2 worms rub each other a sack comes out and it has some babies inside. My questions for CERES are how did the CERES staff get all the information about the garden and were the chickens wild?

    BYE but not forever!:-D

  20. Debbie- Julian's mum says:

    Hi everyone
    Julian came home from CERES and told me all about the gigantic worms that have been found in Gippsland. We then Googled ‘Gippsland worms’, we seen pictures of them and they are sooooooo long! I don’t think I would like to find one of those in my garden.

  21. Sienna says:

    Hi bloggers. it’s Sienna and my mum Fiona. We really enjoyed the excursion to Ceres. My favourite part was the mini beast hunt. My (Fiona’s) favourite part was holding the squirmy worms. It was great that I could come along with Sienna, Mrs Marantz and 3/4 AM on this fantastic day. See you next time, bye…. From Sienna and Fiona.

  22. jonathan and lil says:

    Hi all,
    Jonathan says its really important not to chop down trees as were removing habitats and killing animals. The day at CERES was fun and we all had lots of fun.
    Jonathan and Lil

  23. Sean + Mum says:

    Hi everyone,
    CERES was very interesting. Sean tells me that he learnt about different types of soil, what pollinators do and different types of plants. My favourite part was walking with Shane and talking about new plants and feeding the chicken with Alice!!!!

  24. Samuel says:

    Hi it’s Samuel here.
    My favourite activity at CERES was learning about worms and mini beasts, because we got to hold an earthworm and I found a spider.
    I learnt that Australia has the largest worm in the world that lives in Gippsland.
    I am curious to know how many worms and mini beasts are in my own backyard.

    bye for now but not forever.

  25. Paul says:

    Hey guys!
    When I went to Ceres, I was really excited because it was a happy place for little kids to learn about gardening. I learnt about citrus, worm farms and types of soil as well as plants and flowers. Some can even be made into tea, sunscreen and into a healing product! The chickens were really cute and it was fun to feel their beaks pecking on my hand when I fed them. I think everybody should go there to check it out and see how to treat plants really well. I loved this excursion!
    From Paul.

  26. Michelle says:

    Hi Michelle here
    I really liked going to CERES. The activity that I enjoyed was the mini beasts and I really enjoyed feeding the chickens! I liked feeding because they would peck you when you’re feeding them. I learnt that worms have 5 hearts and in Gippsland there are really long worms! I would like to know is there anything else we can do to save habitats?


  27. Andrea says:

    Hi everyone,
    It sounds like Ceres was an amazing place to visit! Paul talked for days afterwards about the things he learnt there! Looks like we’ll be going to visit as a family one day! As a result of this excursion, we will be making our own worm farm at home and starting a new vegetable patch! Paul enjoyed the experiment with the various types of soil and how quickly each one drained the water. I hope everyone enjoyed it just as much!
    From Andrea.

  28. Thomas and his mum says:

    Hi Guys,
    My favourite activity was the habitat because we got play a game and learn how animals survive in their environment. Through the game we learnt some of the difficulties animals face to survive such as being eaten by predators, run over by cars, bushfires, and die from hunger and dehydration.
    Thomas loved the excursion to CERES. He told me that he learnt about indigenous plants, healthy soils and habitats. Its wonderful that the kids are being encouraged to learn about the environment and our impact on it.

  29. Breanna says:

    Hey guys Breanna here,
    I thought Ceres was a great place because we learnt a lot about the environment.
    My favourite activity was the part where we got to learn about worms and mini beasts.
    Something I learnt about mini beasts was that they live right down in the soil.
    I think the teachers chose a good place to go to so we can learn about gardens.
    Ceres have helped me a lot for my inquiry project.
    I would love to go back to Ceres.
    Bye Breannna

  30. Leeah and her mum says:

    Hi guys it Leeah and Maria,

    CERES is a very valuable place which offers a learning environment were we can learn using our own hands and seeing with our own eyes.
    The experiences CERES offers is to get to see lots of diffent things. I got to learn about worms and mini beasts,organic gardens and healthy soils.

    Great sharing with you guys

  31. alex and his mum (Carol) says:

    My favourite activity at Ceres was feeding the chickens. I liked it because it helped the chickens stay alive. I liked the way the chickens scrabbled around for their food. It was fun. At Ceres I learnt that worms have about 200 body parts, how to water gardens and why it is important to do gardening (it helps humans stay alive).

  32. Vy and her mum says:

    Hi bloggers!
    Ceres was an awesome place to visit. My favourite activity was healthy soil. We got to feed chickens! I learnt that we should stop wasting paper because we are chopping down trees and that means we are killing habitats. A thing I am still curious about is why did people lock chickens up in cages? My mum says that Ceres looks very interesting and she would love to go there.
    By for now.

  33. calvin says:

    Hi Calvin and Dad here

    At Ceres it was great fun because we fed the chickens and we had learnt about plants. It’s great what the teacher had made up for our excursion for our inquiry project.

    Dad says:
    It is good that for the kids having some kind of this excursion because they can understand more about animals and environment. And how important of the relation between animals and environment. Calvin told me that he loved the excursion. He learnt how to plant a good gardening like vegetables and indigenous plants.

  34. Anthony M says:

    Hi Anthony here
    I thought Ceres was fun because we had mini adventures. My favourite adventure was the habitat because we got to play a game. I learned that there are more than 700 indigenous plants. I think we should have another excursion at Ceres.
    Liz here (Anthony’s mum)
    Ceres sounds like a fun and educational place to visit. I would love to see the various gardens.

  35. Matthew says:

    Hi guys, Matthew here,
    My favourite activity was the habitat learning activity because they gave us lots of useful information and made it fun to learn. We played a game where there were two cars and if you got tagged by one you became a road kill animal. There were predators trying to eat you as well. I survived the game, I was a chameleon and I ran across the road without being hit and wasn’t eaten by a predator.
    An interesting fact I learnt is that humans are cutting down rainforests and trees the size of the MCG every day.
    My curious question is:
    How much does a chicken eat each day and how much would that equal in one year?
    Bye for now

  36. connor says:

    Hi guys
    Connor here. My favorite thing at CERES was learning about the different plants that have come from other countries and plants that were here for a long time when aboriginals were here. Then we learnt that water is good for swimming in or for drinking. We also learnt worms and mini beast help put moisture and air through the soil.

    Hi guys
    It’s shauna, Connor’s mum here. Since going on the excursion Connor and Shelby have been very busy in our vegetable garden planting new plants and adding fertiliser and mulch to help them to grow. They help to water the plants each day and they are getting so big we are going to have to start putting stakes and strings for them to grow taller on.

    Will update you in the next blog Connor

  37. Shelby + mum says:

    Hi bloggers Shelby here
    When I went to Ceres I learnt about organic gardens and healthy soils but my favorite was worms and mini beasts. I learnt how they help their garden and how they have 5 hearts and lots of scales. I had lots of fun there. I would love to go back and learn more.
    Bye bloggers for now
    It sounded like everyone had a great time on the excursion. Shelby and Connor could not stop talking about all the different things they had learnt. Shelby’s favorite thing though was the worms and mini beasts.

  38. Andrea Valvo says:

    Hey Blogger, Andrea (Josh’s mum)
    Josh had a wonderful time at the Ceres excursion, he came home with an abundance of information and was enthusiastic about planting something in his own garden. So much so that he has started planting some plants in his Grandparents garden. We would love to plant some in our back garden but our dog Billy would just dig them up.
    Josh and his Nonno Planted some pumpkin seed. Now we just have to water it and wait for some lovely pumpkins to grow.
    What a brilliant idea for an excursion for the kids to go to.
    Cheers everyone.

  39. jasmine says:

    Hi it’s Jasmine
    I just want to say to the teachers THANK YOU for thinking to do it.
    I had the best time ever and I learnt lots about habitats and worms and minibeasts.
    I loved the playground and everything else and all the bugs there and I saved one of the beetles there too.
    I hope we go again next year.

    From Jasmine

  40. Luke G says:

    Hi guys Luke goes here,
    I am here to talk to you about our CERES excursion. My favourite activity was healthy soil because we got to learn about cool soils. Everyone had so much fun I thought it was a great idea for an excursion.
    By for now
    Luke Go.

  41. Kyle says:

    Going to Ceres was so fun and I highly enjoyed the fun activities that they had in store for us. It was a great way for all students to develop and grow their knowledge about all different types of plants. The trip was interesting and was enjoyed by most students including me.

    From Kyle 3/4 s

  42. Jacinta says:

    Hi guy’s Jacinta here,
    My favorite activity was when we were learning about worms and mini beasts, because we got to hold worms and search for mini beasts. I learnt that worms have five hearts and that they have no eyes or ears. I don’t think I have any more questions. I think they were all answered when we were at CERES.
    Bye guys:)

  43. Vallan says:

    Hi bloggers,
    Vallan here. Going to Ceres was fun especially on the way there. My favourite activity was the one where you had to judge Ceres water and all the plants. One of the questions was. Is the water shallow or deep? I learnt that worms can turn plants into soil and that flesh is the largest muscle in your body. I would like to know why plants have there own PH level.

  44. Vallan's Mum (Tracey) says:

    I thank all the teachers and parents involved in the Ceres excursion. What a wonderful experience my son Vallan had on that day. He came home full of excitement and couldn’t wait to tell everything they did.

  45. Charlotte and Shannon (Mum) says:

    Hi guys it’s me Charlotte and my mum here,
    I loved going to CERES because I loved learning about indigenous plants, mini beasts and worms and insects.
    The Excursion was so cool. I came home and told parents what I did and what I learnt and they learnt and from what I told them is that only the macadamia nut is the only fruit plant that is native to Australia. My parents loved hearing about what cool things I did on Friday!
    From Charlotte and Mum (Shannon)

  46. Amanda and Charlie says:

    Hello it’s Amanda (Charlie’s) mum,

    It sounded like everyone had a great time at CERES, I really like what the students are doing to help plants and trees live. Sustainability of our plants and wildlife is so important as the students today are the ones who have to care for our environment into the future.
    Well goodbye Amanda.

    Hi everybody Charlie here, I really liked ceres because there were lots of fun facts about the environment. This is one fact I learnt that a worm can be more than a meter long.

    Charlie out.

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