Sock it to Poverty day – Socktober 23rd

This is a special guest post by Hayley and Jakob in 3/4M

Have you ever heard of Socktober? If you haven’t you really must read this. Socktober is an initiative of Catholic Mission and this year the slogan is, “When I grow up I want to be… ALIVE”. In Jamaica there is a lot of shooting around the community where poor people live. These people have to grab life with both hands just to keep on living it. 

Today our school, St. Mark’s, encouraged the students to wear as many socks as we could to support ‘Sock it to Poverty’ day. We also had to bring a gold coin donation to raise money for the kids and poor families to help them to survive and be healthy.

To donate money you can visit this website


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19 Responses to Sock it to Poverty day – Socktober 23rd

  1. Hayley and Katrina (Hayleys mum) says:

    Hey Bloggers,
    Socket to poverty day was pretty cool!
    There were so many different socks there were crazy socks, creative socks, and even socks on our arms and in our hair!
    When Hayley got home she said that there were so many different, funny and creative socks around the school!
    Socket to poverty day was so much fun! Especially when we got to wear socks!
    Cant wait to hear how much money St Marks raised to help the poor families!
    Thank you Mrs Bauvior for organising this day!
    It was a very important day to remember!
    Well done to the kids at St Marks for being creative and imaginative!

    Bye for now but not for long!
    Hayley and Katrina

  2. Veronica and Vanessa says:

    Hi everyone,

    My mum and I think it is great that St. Mark’s did Sock It To Poverty Day, because the school is raising money for Jamaica.

    Although the aim was to raise money for the poor, it was an opportunity for the students to have fun and be creative with the socks that we brought to school.

    What are your thoughts about Sock It To Poverty Day?

    Bye and thanks for reading!!

  3. Ruby C and her dad says:

    Hello readers,
    We think sock it to poverty is a wonderful idea for others that are less fortunate
    especially those in other countries who probably only have a little bit for breakfast
    and no lunch or after noon tea and just a tiny bit of food for dinner.
    We also loved everyones wacky ways of wearing socks we hope everyone had a
    fantastic day !!!!!!

    Thank you for stoping to read this comment,
    Bye for now but not for ever!

  4. Julian says:

    Hi peeps

    I liked sock it to poverty day. It was great fun. I had 17 socks on my head, 1 in my shirt pocket and 4 on my feet. I won best decorated sock puppet in my class. I liked creating my sock. It was fun

    Julian out!

  5. Seth says:

    Hi Bloggers,

    Seth and his Dad here.

    I really enjoyed Socktober and wearing all the cool socks. I decorated my sock with stickers and icy pole sticks. I liked that we could raise money for people in need. I think we should raise more money for poor people so they can have all the things we enjoy. Thanks to everyone that gave a gold coin donation. Lets keep up the good work.

    See you around

    Seth & Richard signing out.

  6. Nicholas & Kris (Dad) says:

    Hi everyone,

    Everyone was really creative with the way they were wearing socks on the day. It was a way to wear something different, and at the same time, support a very worthy cause.

    Nick was happy that it was another day he could wear his footy socks to school. Have St Marks considered changing the uniform so footy socks can be worn every day?

    Bye for now…..

  7. Liana and Marie (mum) says:

    Hello fellow Bloggers,
    Its Liana and mum here, Sock it to Poverty Day was fun and successful.
    Liana’s sock creation was inventive and funny. She said it was a French man.
    We hope a great deal of money was raised for the struggling families.
    Thanks to Miss Bouvier for organising the day.
    I wonder which sock will win…………

  8. Claudia and Melissa says:

    Hi everyone ,

    Me and my Mum thought sock it to Poverty day
    was a great idea beacause we were raising money by doing something fun,
    like making silly looking socks. There was also a competition
    you could enter and win prizes. It was a fun day because we could wear socks on our arms, feet and legs. I had fun at sock it to poverty day beacause everyone at school got involved and looked different. It was a great way to raise money for a worthy cause.

    Bye for now from Claudia & Melissa.

  9. Rivali and Tracey(Mum) says:

    Hi guys,
    I enjoyed the sock it to poverty day because my friend Ella got through to the competition for the best sock. I also enjoyed decorating my own sock.

    Rivali loved the sock it to poverty day as she had so many buttons, threads and other things to decorate her sock with. I saw many of the children’s creations and they were fantastic. Job well done by all involved.

  10. Cooper and Karen says:

    Cooper and Karen [Mum] says

    Hi everyone,

    My Mum and I think the sock it to poverty is a great idea, especially for the less fortunate who don’t really have that much. It was a great to see all the different ways the socks had been decorated. I had great fun decorating my sock and I think everyone else did to.
    It was great to see all involed and the money raised. Lets keep it up to help the needy.

    Bye for now Cooper & Karen

  11. Bianca says:

    Hi it’s Bianca here,

    I really enjoyed “Sock it to Poverty” day because we got to wear crazy socks and decorate a sock for the day.

    I also really enjoyed entering the competition for the best sock. I didn’t win but I still really enjoyed entering and naming my sock Queen Bee.

    I hope everybody enjoyed it as much as I did.

    Hi it’s Paul. Bianca’s dad. Socks are underrated by some but very important for many. A lot of people take socks for granted – but I bet they wouldn’t if they had to go for a week without them! God bless socks.

  12. Javier says:

    Hey everyone,
    Me and my mum loved everybody’s socks and I thought Sock It To Poverty day
    was a great idea. It was great to see the amount of money raised for people not
    as fortunate as us.

    I hope we do Sock It To Poverty day next year because it’s a
    fun way to raise money.
    Thanks for reading… Javier and Carol (Javier’s mum).

  13. Sienna and Fiona (Sienna's Mum) says:

    We had fun getting both Sienna and Ella dressed for Sock it to Poverty Day… We had lots of giggles working out how the girls were going wear their socks…. A really fun way to raise money for a worthy cause… Sienna hopes that the school participates in Socktober next year. Bye for now Sienna and Fiona

  14. Dylan says:

    Hi my peep’s Dylan and his Mum here!
    I liked sock it for poverty day it was really fun I liked how we got to make our own random sock I liked how Mrs Bouvier planned that for us 3/4’s. Thanks Mrs Bouvier I liked everyone’s sock’s.

    See you late my peep’s!
    From Dylan and his Mum.

  15. Leeah and her mum says:

    Hi all,
    We think that having a fun and hands on project day like “sock it to poverty day ” is a very successful way to educate all involved and also raising awareness for people who live in poverty while having fun .
    Great job all !
    Till next time Leeah & Maria

  16. Julia says:

    Hi bloggers,
    I thought it was a really good opportunity to raise money to the Jamaica. It was really fun having everyone wearing socks every where even on their heads. My favorite part of the day was when we had to vote for peoples socks for the sock competition even though I didn’t win I stilled had lots of fun but congratulations on the people that won!!

    I hoped everyone had a great day and had lots of fun!!!

    Bye for know but not for ever!!!!

  17. jay says:

    Hi guys Jay and Rabeena here,

    Sock it to provety was so much fun. All you could see was colours everywhere and people laughing at theire socks! What a wonderful way to bring awareness about poverty through play. Well done!!!

    From Jay and Rabeena

  18. Javier says:

    Hey guys Javier and Carol here,

    Sock it to poverty day was a lot of fun! I cant believe how creative everyone was that day. It was a good day because we raise some money for charity.

    Thank you
    Javier and Carol

  19. jasmine says:

    Hi it’s Jasmine here,
    Sock it to poverty day was so colourful and sooooooo
    pretty. I love that you could have as many socks as you want.
    I also loved that you did not have to wear white socks, you could
    wear rainbow coloured socks.
    I hope we can have another sock to poverty day.

    Bye, Jasmine

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