Genius Hour!

This term the Year 3/4 students will be working on their first Genius Hour projects! Genius Hour is not a new learning concept at St Mark’s.  The whole school community has been astounded at what our senior students have accomplished in their Genius Hour time.

The idea of Genius Hour is based around the concept of purposeful and self-directed learning through the exploration of student passions and curiosities. Through research and experimentation students are guided to discover what they have to offer the community and even the world!

We want students at St Mark’s to develop a sense of empowerment as they engage in and wonder about the world around them. We want students to discover what they are capable of through the development of a single question.


Please view this clip to discover the power of Genius Hour

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Here are some Genius Hour projects of 3/4M students:

How might we help people with depression and sadness enjoy their lives?

How might we create a fundraiser for children with cancer and make them happier about who they are?

How might we help people with Down Syndrome make a piece of art that shows their personality?

How might we share the joy and benefits of AFL football with other countries?

How might we teach little kids about koalas being endangered?

How might I help kids that do not have a good relationship with their families feel less lonely?

 GH minds at work

What are you investigating in Genius Hour? 

What kind of impact do you want your project to have? 

How do you feel about Genius Hour so far?

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25 Responses to Genius Hour!

  1. michaela says:

    Hey guys!

    Me and my Mum both agree that genius hour is a great way for kids to have fun while working on something they love and teach others at the same time. It is also a great way for kids to learn more about there passions not through the internet but talking verbally to someone because that way you learn way more. We both believe that genius hour could change many problems, for example i am doing my genius hour project on how can we can keep animals calm while at the vet and that will help many people not think twice about going to the vet, imagine what you could change!

    Bye for now but not for ever!
    Michaela and Kylie

  2. Lachlan says:

    Dear fellow bloggers,

    We have been working hard on our project! My group is Justin, Samuel, Dario and I. Our group leader is Justin. He is a very good group leader. He always concentrates and works REALLY hard!

    Bye for now!

    From Lachlan 🙂

  3. Nick & Sienna says:

    Greetings to all budding Genius’s
    Genius hour is a constant discussion in our household…even for that reason alone, we think it has been of great benefit i.e.. to create discussion within the family. It’s great to see that the Grade 3/4 are also now having the opportunity to be involved in this inspiring unit. As a parent, we have challenged their thoughts by asking them to think about what they are doing and why…it all makes for a greater understanding of their own thought processes. This is one of the best introductions to their education. It’s a great idea to have Genius Hour!!!

    Nick and Sienna P

  4. Celine and Long says:

    Hi Celine & Long here,

    We think that Genius Hour is great for learning new things. I am doing something very fun for our Genius Hour but I can’t tell you yet, but I told my dad and he thinks it’s great. I think Genius Hour is great for all of us, we could learn how to make something healthy without using money or lots of things, it just comes from one small thought to a big deal. It’s a perfect idea to have Genius Hour !!!!

  5. Jack says:

    Hi guys it’s Jack here

    The 3/4 s are making genius hour projects for the first TIME!!! We’re working in groups to complete the project, they are very awesome!

    I’m in a group with 2 other people, our project is about how to save the Fish,coral and other sea animals in the Great Barrier Reef.

    We’re all working together and when we’re all finished the they are going to be 100% = fantastic!! My favourite fish so far is the Parrot fish because it can blend in the back ground!!


  6. Edwina (Jack's mum) says:

    This sounds like a fantastic project. I am very excited to see the finished product as I have just been to Hamilton Island and snorkeled the reef.
    The fish are amazing and I hope that you research many beautiful ones.
    Good luck to all of the groups with your projects.
    I look forward to seeing them.

  7. Jacinta says:

    Hey guys Jacinta here,
    My group and I are looking at junk food for Genius Hour.And what it does to peoples brains and stuff like that. The impact on other people that my group and I are looking for is that we want people to not eat as much junk food as they usually do so the world can be a healthier place. I am feeling pretty confident about Genius Hour so far.
    bye for now not forever! 🙂

  8. Breanna says:

    Hey people Breanna here,
    I am doing my project with Jacinta and Sienna.
    We are doing our project on junk food.
    Me and my friends are trying to help people stop eating junk food.
    People can get really sick from eating junk food.
    Bye for now but not forever

  9. Kobe says:

    Hi, its Kobe here
    In Genius Hour, my group is working on sports in other countries. We are investigating what types of different sport they play. The impact I think this will have is that other people will learn new sports from around the globe. I want to research this because its my favorite thing to do in my spare time. Also working in a group is fun. In Genius Hour I have been enjoying the research and learning about new sports in other countries that we didn’t know before and I’m looking forward to making a model with my group.

    Bye for now but not forever … Kobe

  10. Kobe and TIana's Mum says:

    Hi all, great to read about all the hard work and research that the kids are doing for this project. They have been really creative with their topics and seem to want to make a difference in the world. Good luck with getting it all finished and I’m looking forward to seeing the final results.

  11. Tiana says:

    Hi Tiana here,

    I am investigating a healthy meal and how it is good for you (the calcium levels and what kind of vitamins it has in it.) I want my project to encourage other people to be healthy and give them easy recipe ideas. My group and I have been working hard on the project, Genius Hour has been really fun and a bit hard but I am loving it so far!

    See ya later!
    From Tiana!

  12. Lana & Ryan says:

    Hi Everyone,

    It’s Lana and Ryan here. We think it is a great idea to learn things that we don’t know yet so we are very happy about genius hour. We should have this again sometime next year.


  13. Louisa says:

    Hi fellow bloggers, Louisa here!
    I think that having Genius Hour in year 3/4 is a great idea because it teaches us what learning in 5/6 will be like. My Genius Hour question is: How can we make healthy cat and dog food with our own ingredients? I think that we will benefit from doing Genius Hour because it will make us become better and deeper thinkers. It will also promote stronger minds and the way we look at questioning. Genius Hour has helped me to really think about a question and what it is actually asking.
    Bye for now from Louisa!

  14. Riley says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am investigating how to raise money for cancer patients with Jakob. We have been looking at the different types of cancers and different ways that we can work towards our goal. We have chosen to try to help scientists to find a cure for cancer. We are going to raise money by having a crazy hair day at school with a gold coin donation.
    We would like to see a cure for cancer being found and cancer patients getting better. We are also trying to tell everyone how bad cancer can get and hope that they will donate.
    So far I am enjoying Genius Hour. I like that you can choose any question and the possibilities are limitless.

    From Riley and Riley’s Mum (Jo)

  15. Hayley and Katrina says:

    Hey bloggers Hayley and Katrina here,
    Hayley- Genius Hour has been so much fun. Students have been thinking outside the box with their questions they are AMAZING! Since its the first time 3/4s are doing Genius Hour I think that we are doing better than 5/6s! My question is “How can we help animals not be scared to go to the vet” so people don’t have to think twice of going to the vet! I cant wait to see what students have come up with!
    Katrina – WOW, there are definitely a lot of genius’ out there!
    Hayley, what an interesting question because animals, just like children and parents, also have a fear of going to the vets or doctors and it would be great to see how we can protect our animals from being scared visiting the vets.
    Just remember that our pets also have feelings and need to be protected when they feel scared!

    Bye for now but not for long,
    Hayley and Katrina are out of here!

  16. Liana and mum says:

    Hi Guys, Liana and mum here,
    I am doing my Genius Hour project with Jasmin, Giulia and Shelby. Our project is about how to make healthy energy drinks. We are combining healthy fruits with fresh milk and no artificial products. Mum said she cant wait to taste our smoothies and see all the different projects on the day.
    Bye for now but not forever!

  17. Lukey D says:

    Hey guys, Luke D here,

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GENIUS HOUR! My topic is how can we make people with depression and sadness enjoy their life and have a better future. I think it’s good that we can do Genius Hour in 3/4 because it gets us started for 5/6 just to get an idea about it and what it’s like. I don’t think it would be good to do genius hour in 1/2 because it is a little to advanced for them. I can’t wait for 5/6 because we do four times a year, OH YEAH!

    Bye guys see you later

  18. Shirlee - Luke D's Mum says:

    Hi Guys, Shirlee here

    What a great idea Genius Hour is! To have the children research topics that are current and worthy of finding out about, is fabulous. ‘Knowledge is Power’ and the earlier the children learn and research relevant topics the better they will be in the near future to make decisions for themselves and the world that they will live in.


  19. Alex says:

    Hi it’s Alex

    I think 3/4 genius hour is a great idea instead of waiting until 5/6. Me, Charlie and Jacobs’s question is how can we make AFL international? We are going great in our project and we are nearly finshed. We think we might add a video for the end.

  20. sean and lan says:

    Hi everyone,
    I think that genius hour is a brilliant idea. My topic is: How games can educate you? I think that it will benefit others because many people play games and many parents think that it is a waste of time and effort. Games can help with education in many ways and benefit us. I love genius hour because I can choose what topic that I am comfortable with and it is fun

  21. Caitlyn says:

    Hey bloggers
    I am so excited about Genius hour, I bet all the 3/4’s are working hard.
    My partner is wording hard as well, my partner is Isabelle our subject is about the RSPCA and how we can stop pet cruelty.

    From Caitlyn

  22. luke says:

    Hi bloggers Luke here,
    I think genius hour is going in the right direction. I am in a group with Rogan and Jack, we are studying how to save the fish and coral at the Great Barrier Reef I think our project is perfect and is going to be great. I hope to see other great projects for genius hour. Genius hour is perfect right now and hope to keep it that way.
    bye for now.

  23. Nicole says:

    Hi Bloggers
    I think it’s great that everyone is enjoying genius hour. It is fun to learn about something new. I have learnt a lot from past genius hour presentations that I have been to. Its interesting that so many diferent topics are covered and new skills are learnt.
    Can’t wait to see the results from all your hard work,
    Luke’s mum.

  24. Emily says:

    Hi all, Emily, Caitlyn’s mum here…:-) 🙂
    I was super impressed with my Caitlyn and her friend Isabelle who chose a great topic to do their Genius Hour project on. They both put a lot of time, energy and enthusiasm into a cause that they are both so passionate about and that was the RSPCA and the work they do for animals that have been treated cruelly. I think the Genius Hour concept is a great initiative to get our kids doing fun projects whilst also learning….
    I cant wait to see all the finished projects….:-) 🙂

  25. Rachel Jacks mum says:

    Hi Rachel here Jack’s mum. Love hearing all about genius hour on PANDAS. Can’t wait to see the presentations!

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