Footy Day – Friday September 19th, 2014

On the final day of last term the school held their annual Football Day. The colors were out in force with everybody getting into the spirit of things throughout the parade, with great singing and dancing. Then there was the fun of the annual handball competition where all of the class champions from each year level are pitted against each other to identify each Year levels champion handballer- our champions are listed below. After this we held the K-2 longest kick competition where again we had each class champion (per year level) compete against other class champions so we could identify the longest kicker in each Year level- champions also listed below.

Between snack and lunch all children were placed into groups where they performed various football activities. Unfortunately the inclement weather brought an early finish to these activities (this happens almost every year!). After lunch the Year 3-6’s completed their longest kicking competitions, with some huge kicks from boys and girls alike.

It was an extremely fun day for all and it was particularly pleasing to see the enthusiasm which all of the children brought to the day.

Thank you also to all of the Year 6 children who ran the activities throughout the day, displaying great leadership qualities. We look to these enjoyable activities next year in the year of the TIGERS! Bring on 2015.

Handball and Kicking champions:

Year Level Boys- H/Ball Girls- H/Ball Boys- Kick Girls- Kick
Foundation/ Prep Tam N Gabriella C Oliver M Eden R
Year 1 Bailey B Grace R Patrick H Chanel M
Year 2 Vincent N Sienna G Dante Q Georgie O
Year 3 Justin X Ruby B Luke G Aspen C
Year 4 Jakob A Tianna W Liam C Amy K
Year 5 Joell M Emily T Sean D Kimberly M
Year 6 Nathan G Emily D Matthew D Phoebe and Rianna T

footy day winners

Aspen footy day 2014 micah footy day vicki footy day


What did you enjoy about Footy Day?

What was the best activity you did? 

How would you do something different for the day next year?


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14 Responses to Footy Day – Friday September 19th, 2014

  1. Isla F. (J.F.'s Mum 3/4U) says:

    Well done to all of the kids for putting in such a great effort!

  2. Thu says:

    Hi there to anyone who’s reading this comment,

    I enjoyed all of the activities but especially number 17 because it was all about team-working because I love team-working. I enjoyed all of the activities and they were so great. And next time please make sure that all of the students know where they are going because a lot of students were asking where the high-jump or long-jump is. So hopefully we can improve on that. I want to thanks Mr. Snell for his awesome work and effort. Thank you very much.

    Bye for now but not for ever.

  3. Liam says:

    Hi Bloggers!
    Congratulations to all the children who participated in footy day activities at school. The children all appeared enthusiastic and the teachers yet again, put so much work into making the day the success that it is.
    Well done!
    Bye guys!

  4. Liam's mum says:

    The footy day at school looked like lots of fun. A big thank you to all the teachers who both participated and planned all the activities for the day.

  5. Vallan says:

    Hi there,
    Footy day was great becase particepated in dressing up in their own team colours .The best and most enjoyable activity was when you had to go from different angles to kick goals. Next year i would like to see an activity where you learnt the different kinds of kicking techniques.

  6. jay says:

    Hi its Jay here,

    What I enjoyed about football day was that everyone was cheering each other on and that they were not booing the other team. I also enjoyed watching all my friends dressing up in their football gear.

    From Jay

  7. Vallan says:

    Hi there,
    Footy day was great everyone participated in dressing up in their own colours. My favourite activity was when you had to shot from different angels to get goals. Next year I would like to see an activity where you learn the different ways to hold and kick the ball.

  8. Vallan's Mum says:

    Hi there,

    Great day with all the football teams being represented. The children had so much fun with each activity they played. Each child put their best foot forward. Thank you teachers and parents for a fantastic event.

  9. Justin X says:

    Hi Bloggers

    Footy day is one of my favourite days at school. I love all the activities and singing all the footy songs. My favourite activity was kicking goals. Next year we try to get a AFL player to tell us what its like to play at the MCG on grand final day.

  10. Justin X (Michelle Justins mum) says:

    Hi Bloggers,

    All my kids love footy day, the chance to wear their teams colours with pride and cheer on all their friends during the parade and the handball or longest kick competition.

    The excitement is building as we are looking forward to grand final week activities, got to love school holidays.

    Go Hawks/Blues/Dingoes

    bye for now

  11. Ruby.C says:

    Hey bloggers,

    I loved footy day it was really good because nobody looked like they weren’t having fun.
    The pies and the sausage rolls were great and filled me up a lot!!!!!
    Can’t wait for the next footy day.

    Go Collingwood!!!!!
    See you guys soon BYE!!!!

  12. Cooper says:

    Hi Bloggers,
    This is Cooper and Karen [ Cooper’s Mum]
    Footy day looks like it’s a fun day for all to enjoy. It’s good to see everyone dress in their team colours and joining in for the fun activities. Thanks to the teachers and parents for making it a great day.

    Go Hawks

  13. hudson says:


    My Favourite part of footy day was the activities. They were really fun. My favourite activity was number 17 because you have to use teamwork to get from one side to the other.


  14. christian says:

    Hey everybody
    I hope everybody is making new friends. I can’t wait until everybody finds out their new math groups! When Cross Country comes,I hope everyone will run fast and I hope everybody has given up something for Lent! Just remember not to eat on meat on Ash Wednesday or Good Friday.
    Bye and good luck.
    from Christian

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