Term 4 Inquiry – What do YOU want to learn?

The Inquiry unit for Term 4 is based around Biological sciences, specifically gardening.

As we are sure you are all aware now, inquiry is a word with a very special meaning. It involves following your own unique journey of learning by thinking about what you already know, asking questions about things you are curious about and researching to find out new information. To know where to begin, you need to first think about what you know and what you want to know.

Please consider what Inquiry looks like inside as well as outside of school:

  • Exploring, wondering, questioning
  • Experimenting and playing around with possibilities
  • Making connections between things you know and things you want to learn
  • Making and testing theories
  • Researching and seeking information
  • Talking and defending an idea
  • Solving problems in a variety of ways

Who knows where our inquiry will end up? That is what makes the learning so exciting!


Please answer ALL of the following questions:

What do you and your family already know about gardening?

What are you curious about? Please include 3 wonderings.

What do you think would be important for you to learn about and why do you think it is important?

Other questions you may choose to answer:

How many different kinds of gardens can you list?

Why do we have gardens – what is their purpose?

What are the environmental benefits of gardens?

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71 Responses to Term 4 Inquiry – What do YOU want to learn?

  1. Keisha says:

    Hi everybody, Keisha here.
    What me and my family know about gardening is that plants need water and sunlight to grow. You can use Rooster Booster to help your plant(s) to grow more quicker, but it’s a little stinky.

    What I am curious about is ‘ Can plants make more plants when they drop seeds?’
    One question has left me wondering,’ How do you find rare species of flowers or plants?
    Another question has popped into my mind, ‘ Why do some plants bloom on some special, specific day?’

    I think it is important to have vegie gardens because sometimes in the shops the fruit and veg are usually expensive and they might have chemicals. So if you have your own you can grow your own at home and you will know what goes into your fruit and veg. Free and fresh! Yay that means you can stay at home and relax instead of jumping into the car, driving off, putting the bags in the boot, driving home, unloading the bags, putting them in the fridge, how boring and tiring!

    See ya fellow bloggers!

  2. Matthew says:

    Hi bloggers, Matthew here

    What my family know about gardening:
    1. Weeds kill plants
    2. Plants need water
    3. Too much water is bad
    4. Gardening can be enjoyable and relaxing
    5, Home grown vegetables taste better
    6. A well kept garden is good for the environment
    7. More trees mean more oxygen

    What I’m curious about is
    1. How does a plant know which way is up and how does a seed know to turn if it is upside down?
    2. How does a tree know it is Autumn and time to drop its leaves?
    3. How does a tree make oxygen from CO2?

    What I would like to learn is how to grow and look after a vegetable garden because then I could have one at home and teach my family what to do.

    Bye for now. Matthew.

  3. Sam says:

    Hi bloggers

    What do you and your family already know about gardening
    My family does a lot of gardening almost every weekend like weeding, watering and cutting dead plants. It’s a pretty hard job because you need to keep everything neat. We have a vegetable garden that has herbs, a mint plant, a tomato tree and a lemon tree.

    What are you curious about? Please include 3 wonderings
    Why does our tomato tree grow one year and the next year it doesn’t?
    Why do weeds grow so quickly?
    How do we stop possums from eating our lemon tree?

    What do you think would be important for you to learn about and why do you think it is important.
    How you should prune a tree.
    How much water we should be putting on a tree.
    How much sun a plant needs.

  4. Angela says:

    Hi bloggers Angela here,

    Well my family and I know gardens can grow vegetables and plants need water to grow.
    What I am really curious about is when the first garden was. How do plants give you seeds? Why do we need gardens?
    I think we need to learn about how to start a garden because some people just put the flowers in!

    Bye bloggers from Angela

  5. Anthony M says:

    Hi its Anthony.
    I have some information about gardening. I know that we need healthy gardens to survive. Gardens need water, sunlight and good soil.
    I wonder why flowers are different colours. I wonder why some trees lose their leaves in winter and others don’t. I wonder why some plants are bigger than others.
    How many gardens can you list? Tropical gardens, fancy gardens like French gardens, English gardens, botanical gardens, Chinese gardens, Japanese gardens and more.
    Next term I want to learn about how and why animals, birds and bugs are good for the garden.

  6. jonathan says:

    Hi guys it’s Jonathan here,

    My parents know lots about gardening. We have a big garden patch in our back yard, where every year my dad mixes through cow manure with the garden soil , so the vegetables we plant have good food for them. Dad and Mum plant many vegetables, which include, cucumbers, zucchinni, beans, peppers and lettuce.

    What am I curious about:
    1. How do plants grow?
    2. What kind of food do plants eat?
    3. Can you ever mix two veggies together to make one?

    I think in would be important to know how plants grow and what we can do to care for them. What food do they eat and how much water they need? After all, they are our future and we need them to survive.

    Bye bloggers

  7. jeslyn says:

    Hi bloggers. Jeslyn here,
    Me and my family know that when we do gardening, we have to use the right materials to do what we want.

    This is what I’m curious about.
    – What happens when we don’t use the right materials?
    – What happens when we don’t have the right dirt to put the plant in?
    – Will some plants need to be in water when you get them sent to you?

    I think it is important to know how to take care of plants otherwise your plant will die.
    I also think that when you order your plants, you have to be free to plant your plants at the right time, or you won’t be able to take care of your plants.

    Bye for now but not for ever.

  8. Charlie and his Dad (Owen) says:

    Hi bloggers Charlie here. What me and my family know about gardening is that you must take the weeds out.

    Why do we have gardens?
    Why do we grow food in gardens?
    Why do we have flowers?
    I think we need to learn about gardening so we know how to garden properly.

    The gardens I know are vegetable, crops, fruit and Japanese.

  9. Kobe says:

    Hi guys

    Spring is the best time to garden because it has lots of plants growing and it rains a lot and it is sunny very often. In Spring we have to weed our garden nearly every 2nd weekend.
    I’m curious about how farmers look after their crops, how they feed and water them and how often because the sun can damage the food. I wonder where they get the seeds from? How do they sell their crops/food to Supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths? What do they do with the crops/food they can’t sell?

    I think it is important to learn about how the farmers set up their farms and their business to sell their farm grown fruits and vegetables eg. strawberries, apples, blueberries, bananas, tomatoes and carrots. I think it’s important to know about this because the farms provide us with food and if they don’t grow it, where would we get it from?

    We have gardens for creatures eg. insects and birds to live in. We can grow our own food and flowers in our gardens and it also makes our houses look nice. We can grow plants and play and relax in our garden (in the shade of course).

    Bye for now but not forever …. Kobe

  10. Tiana says:

    Hey Tiana here,

    What my family and I already know about gardening is that: The best time to garden is in spring, because it is sunny but not too sunny, and it’s easier for the plants to grow. We also know about compost bins, what to put in the compost bin and what not to.

    What I would like to know is: What kind of animals can get into your garden, why and how to get them out without hurting them? Why do plants, veggies and fruit need water to grow, or what kinds of bugs can you find in your garden?

    I think it would be important for me to learn about why we need gardens?

    I think we have gardens so the animals and insects have a home and so we can have something natural and green in our house.

    Well see ya later!
    From Tiana.

  11. Scott says:

    Hello, fellow bloggers,

    My family, knows that plants die, when you don’t water them properly.

    I’m curious about how much watering we have to do to have a fully grown tree? I wonder what the seed of a tree would look like. I wonder what size the seed of a tree would look like. I wonder how many roots would a tree have, once fully grown.

    In think that the important thing for us to learn is, how to plant something.
    I think this is important because kids might be beginners.

    We have gardens, for us to breathe, and make our home look beautiful.

    Bye for now, but not forever, Scott

  12. Tyler C. says:

    Hi bloggers, Tyler here, me and my family know a little bit about gardening. Mum has a small vegetable garden and the vegetables we grow taste better than the ones from the supermarket. I know that plants give us oxygen to breathe and we give them carbon dioxide to breathe, so without plants we would die. They need sun and water and soil to grow, and I know that there are thousands of different plants in the world. I also know that bees and worms are important for our plants. I would like to find out why they are important though.
    Different plants need to be planted at different times of the year and fruits and vegetables are in season at different times during the year. Also some plants like the warm weather and won’t grow in the cold weather. And frost can kill some plants.
    Three wonderings that I have are:
    – How long do trees live for?
    – How do you make paper from trees?
    – How long does it takes fruit and vegetables to grow big enough to eat from when you plant them?
    I think it is important for us to learn how to grow fruit and vegetables so that we always have food to eat.
    Bye for now,

    Tyler 3/4 KR

  13. jusin says:

    Hello bloggers Justin here,

    My family knows that plants can die if you do not water them. I am curious about how much water you need to feed the plants. I wonder if the seeds are all different? I wonder what the seeds look like. I wonder what size the seeds are.

    I think it is important to learn what plants are safe to eat and which ones are poisonous.
    You don’t want to get sick eating something you shouldn’t. We have gardens for lots of reasons to produce oxygen for us to breathe, flowers for bees to pollinate, fruit and veggies to eat. Beautiful gardens to walk around, smell the flowers.

    Bye for now


  14. Aaron Rabaut says:

    Hi guys, Aaron here.

    My family and I know that weeds are messy and ugly. They are prickly as well. We know that plants need water and sun to grow. My mum hates gardening because there are a lot of spiders.
    My Nonno plants strawberries, cherries, peppers, tomato’s and lots of herbs. I know when they are ready to be picked.

    My three wonderings are:
    1 – Why do leaves change colour in differ seasons?
    2- What types off food do plants eat?
    3- How do some insects kill plants?

    I think it is important to know what seasons is the best time to plant certain plants and fruits so they can grow and not die.

  15. connor says:

    Hi bloggers Connor here,

    I know that a cactus does not need much water, but if you cut open a cactus it will give you water. On the outside of the cactus there are spikes to protect it and make it harder to cut down. i f you touch it you will jump or scream if the spikes of the cactus stick in your skin.

    Do cacti have a purpose to be a plant?

    Do cactus’s need to be protected?

    How do cactus’s get water?

    bye for now but not forever

  16. Iyushi says:

    Hi fellow bloggers it’s Iyushi here,

    One thing that’s amazing about gardening is that gardening can be done anywhere in the world and also can bring a lot of emotions to your mind! One thing I know about gardening is that Indigenous plants need less water to survive in it’s area. My family knows that gardens need a lot of care and respect because plants are very delicate.

    Three things I still wonder and am curious about are:

    1. How does a tree go through a cycle from Spring to Autumn?
    2. I wonder why the grass is green?
    3. I wonder why all flowers smell different?

    The different type of gardens are Veggie gardens, Japanese gardens, Flower gardens, Sacred gardens, Community gardens and Cactus gardens.

    The purpose of gardens is they make you relaxed, some people just like the look of the plant, some for decoration, some for food and some to remind it of someone that they admire and love.

    There are a lot of reasons and benefits of having a garden. Some of these benefits are
    that it enhances the beauty of the house, it brings a great fragrance to the neighbourhood and it creates an environmentally friendly atmosphere.

    Three things that are important to learn about gardens is that how plants breath carbon dioxide in and breath oxygen out. Another thing is to learn the types of gardens. One last thing is that what is a purpose of a garden. These things are important to know so it can help you in your daily lives.

    Bye for now but not forever!

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