Peer Feedback with Austin’s Butterfly

Research tells us that feedback is one of the most powerful influences on student learning and achievement. This week the 3/4 students watched an inspirational video called Austin’s Butterfly. The video illustrates the power of peer feedback and demonstrates, very clearly, the impact that it can have on student achievement. After watching the video students highlighted 3 important elements which make up good quality feedback – useful, specific and kind. The 3/4s are now using these 3 elements to provide feedback to their peers on a range of aspects of their learning.

We encourage parents and family members to watch the video and welcome thoughts and insights.

Why do you think it is important to receive feedback from your classmates?

How did you feel when you watched the video?

What did you learn from the video?

How has the useful, specific and kind feedback you have received from peers helped you in your learning so far?

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17 Responses to Peer Feedback with Austin’s Butterfly

  1. Bianca says:

    Hi it’s Bianca,
    I think it is important that we receive feedback from our class mates because sometimes we all need some help.
    When my mum and I watched the video we both felt impressed with the end result of Austin’s butterfly.
    I learnt that feedback is a good way to understand that we all get things wrong and we all get things right.
    My mum learnt that children are capable of far more than what we give them credit for, and we should encourage them to try harder and not give up on their first try.
    I have really enjoyed the useful, specific and kind feedback because when we have accidentally made a mistake the useful, specific and kind feedback can come to the rescue.

  2. Lachlan says:

    Dear fellow bloggers,

    I learn’t in the video that you can’t just do the thing you need to do straight away! You have to do it several times until it’s the best you can do! I hope everyone in the world does that!

    Bye for now guys!

    From Lachlan 🙂 XD

  3. Jack says:

    Hi bloggers it is Jack here.
    I liked the video because it had some different words.
    I think that the teachers have done a great job on finding the video!!.
    I think it helped us with our words that we can improve on because sometimes we use plain words that are not interesting.
    See ya guys!!!!

  4. Edmund says:


    I think it is important because feedback can help you make things better. My mum says it’s essential to receive feedback because not only can classmates advise you but seeing and hearing feedback makes you improve every time to make it to the best of your ability.
    When my mum and I watched the video, I felt interested because when Austin keeps on trying, Austin gets better and better, and my mum felt impressed because children
    understand that you can progress more from hearing comments and by putting in effort.
    My mum and I understand now that you get better at written works by using drafts. Hearing feedback from a person’s view, you can improve their view including yours to make it your greatest effort on your work.
    The useful, specific and kind feedback has helped me so far improve my learning because it helps understand more in what I am learning.

    From Edmund 🙂

  5. Shannen says:

    hi guys, Shannen here,
    I just want to say that I think that feedback is good, but lately I have learned that feedback needs to be kind so people don’t feel bad, specific so they know exactly what to do and useful, meaning it’s something people can use. One thing that I think is very important is that you need to be careful with what you say because you don’t want to hurt anyone, also don’t give an example because sometimes people won’t like it and if something does need to be fixed they might not do it. Austin’s butterfly is a amazing story and because of the video our teachers have been teaching us more about feedback but I don’t think some people give their feedback nicely and don’t even realise that they have made a mistake themselves because they didn’t look hard enough so they end up hurting the person they where giving feedback to.
    That’s why I say be careful with what you say:)
    Bye for now but not forever, Shannen.

  6. Jacob says:

    Hi it’s Jacob & his mum Maro,

    Jacob & I found this video very inspiring. This is a very important lesson to be learned in life – “if you first don’t succeed, try, try again”. It is also a great way to see the benefits of what you can achieve when you listen & take advice from friends. This video also clearly shows that the more you practise something, the better you get at it, no matter what it is, or how old you are.

    Great video!

  7. Ruby and her dad says:

    We liked the video because through positive feedback Austin was able to achieve a positive outcome. It also showed us that persistence pays off and that with hard work you can achieve your goals.

  8. Dan Haesler says:

    Hi Year 3/4

    You don’t know me, but my job is to go around Australia, and sometimes overseas to help teachers uncover great ideas like this!

    Austen’s Butterfly really is an inspirational clip, and one I think all your teachers should see… it shows that if you work hard with people around you who care enough to want to help, then you can really improve at anything you set your mind to! (except perhaps for my 6 year old son who is still trying to be Spiderman, but that’s another story!)

    It’s brilliant to see that your teachers are doing this with you, but even better to see that you guys really see the benefit of it!

    All the best!


  9. Lachlan's dad says:

    Hello all bloggers,

    I love this video! It’s simple but yet so powerful!

    It reminds me the importance of being able to take advice and learn from your experience and continue to improve.

    A little practice never hurts either.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  10. Shannen and Nicole says:

    Nicole: I felt very positive because everyone was very nice and if Austin was in there class then they where very helpful.

    Shannen: I think that by watching that video people can see how powerful feedback can be and that you need to be nice about it. One thing we learned in class is that feedback has to be kind, useful and specific.

  11. Charli says:

    Hi Blogger,
    My mum and I watched this video and were really amazed at how much Austin’s drawing improved from the 1st draft to his last (it didn’t look like the same person did it). I learnt that it is important to listen to other people opinions and feedback as they can sometimes see things that you don’t. I learnt that if you keep trying to do something and let people help you that you can get better and doing it.

  12. Charlotte and Mum (Shannon) says:

    Hi Bloggers it is Charlotte here,
    I think that feedback is important because then we can go back and fix our work so it can be better.
    I felt good after the video because then I understood that feedback is important and it is good to get feedback. I learnt that feedback can make your work the best it can be and to never give up. I think that the useful, specific and kind feedback from our class mates is great because you can hear other class mates ideas for your own work.
    BYE From Charlotte and Shannon!!!

  13. Ricky says:

    Dear Mrs Stuart

    Thank you for all the lovely stuff you have been teaching our class.
    And also the other teachers as we’ll. Because they train our mind so that’s all I’m saying Mrs Stuart.

    See ya Mrs Stuart

  14. Ricky says:

    Dear Miss Stuart thank you for all the lovely stuff you have taught me and my friends like maths, RE, writing and lots of other things. From Ricky to Mrs Stuart

  15. Jasmine says:

    Hi Jasmine here,
    I love Austin’s butterfly because he made a lot of progress through kind useful and specific feedback
    See you later but not forever

  16. Anthony says:

    Hi it’s Anthony and his mum.

    We both watched the video on Austin’s Butterfly and we were so impressed by how Austin kept trying and improving.
    Mum says that the video is a great example of how useful and clear feedback, as well as a good attitude can have remarkable results.
    P.S Austin is awesome!

  17. Charlotte says:

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you all had a good time at the Christmas carols? We had a great time and it was nice to see the Christmas spirit amongst us all. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and safe and happy New Year.

    From Charlotte and mum Celeste

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