Arrr! We are making treasure maps for pirates!

This week the year 3/4 students are making treasure maps. To create the treasure maps we are using some of the things we know about maths such as measurement and coordinates. We are also using what we have learned in writing such as descriptive language, procedures and persuasive texts. To make the maps we are drawing islands on graph paper with a compass rose and writing up directions for how to get the treasure using coordinates. To make pirates want to follow our map we are going to use persuasive writing techniques and also use the best descriptive language we can to describe the islands and the trouble pirates may get into! The 3/4s are loving it!

The teachers made this activity to help us see that maths, art and writing should not be separate even though we often learn them separately. In life they all work together!

Written by Charlie and Jakob in 3/4M

How creative and imaginative were you? Does you pirate map have an interesting detail that makes it unique?

What kind of words did you use to describe your island?

Can you think of another area of your learning that could be part of the treasure map project – performing arts, cooking, homework, inquiry, religion?

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11 Responses to Arrr! We are making treasure maps for pirates!

  1. Ethan says:

    Hi fellow bloggers Ethan here,
    WOW all the tresher maps are great.
    You should tell the other teachers at other school’s to do one to.

    Bye for now but not for ever.

  2. Darren and my mum says:

    Hey guys it’s me Darren and my mum,
    I personally like how we got to make maps. It felt like I was a real pirate making a map to hide my treasure. -Darren
    I think it is good how students are creating maps and learning about persuasive techniques and descriptive words at the same time. -Darren’s mum

  3. jeslyn says:

    Hi blogers,

    That’s true what Charlie and Jakob was talking about. And I personally think that everyone’s map looks so cool. I also think I put a lot of effort into my map and i’m proud of it!


  4. Dylan's Mum says:

    This sounds like a really cool thing to do. Are you going to have a exhibition of the maps so that everyone can have a look and try to make it to the buried treasure? Wonder who would be better finding the treasure – the parents or the kids????
    Dylan and his mum

    • Ethan says:

      Hey Dylan’s mum Ethan here,
      I think that the kids will better at finding the treasure if we do berry the treasure.

      by for now but not forever.

  5. Katya says:

    Hi it’s Katya
    I think it is a great idea to make a treasure map.
    I had heaps of fun making my treasure map.


  6. Katya's Mum says:

    I love a good treasure map too – what great fun and adventure!

  7. bianca says:

    Hi guys,

    We love the idea to do treasure maps in writing. The kids should draw the maps because while they draw the treasure maps they can get inspired with other people’s drawings. We wish we could see all of the treasure maps!

    Bye for now but not forever.

  8. Vy says:

    Hi bloggers!
    This sounds like a really cool and fun idea. It looks good for kids to understand how to use a map. Vy thinks she put a lot of effort in her work.
    Vy and her mum

  9. jay says:

    Hi its Jay here,
    I liked how we got to make our own treasure maps. It was a lot of fun. The best part was figuring the instructions out. I really enjoyed the part where I got to make my own instructions and map up.


  10. Angela and dad says:

    Hi bloggers,
    I really enjoyed working on the treasure maps it was super fun! It was fun but also took a long time.
    I love reading the descriptive writings and instructions.
    Bye, from Angela and dad

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