Around the World in 3/4

The 3/4 children have been going to different countries during their Integrated Studies lessons. They have a passport  that they get stamped as they enter each country. They learn all about the culture of each country and write about their visit in their passport. They have been travelling to Italy, United Kingdom, India , Vietnam and Greece.

Written by Ruby 3/4 SM

What have you learnt so far?

Why have migrants from these countries settled in Australia?

What have they contributed to our Australian culture ?

Have you been to any of these countries with your families ?


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13 Responses to Around the World in 3/4

  1. Darren says:

    Hey guys it’s me,
    I really enjoyed learning about the countries when I was visiting England. I learnt that they have this big clock called Big Ben. When we were at Vietnam we mostly talked about the war and how the North Vietnam wanted to invade South Vietnam. I was thinking about doing a project about Vietnam because I learnt alot in the lesson.
    See you guys later.

  2. lachlan.T says:

    Dear fellow bloggers,

    I loved being ‘Around The World’ it was SO fun! Especially England! Louisa was dressed as the queen and Jay was dressed as the prince! It was SO hilarious!

    From lachlan.T

  3. lachlan.T says:

    Hi fellow bloggers,

    Being ‘Around The World’ was SO SO fun! Mostly Mrs Kelly/ Mrs Royal’s group! It was fun having tea with the queen!

    Bye for now fellow bloggers!

    From Lachlan.T

  4. Vicky says:

    WOW! Being around the world was the best thing ever! I remeber eating yummy cupcakes in England. They were so great!!!

    From Vicky

  5. charlotte says:

    Hi it’s Charlotte here.
    I loved the inquiry because in some classes we got to eat foods.

    From Charlotte

  6. rosie says:

    Hi it’s Rosie here,
    Just wanting to say hi and I loved the inquiry about our backgrounds.

    From Rosie.

  7. Bianca says:

    Hi it’s Bianca here,
    I have really enjoyed going around the classes and learning about different cultures.
    I think that everyone will enjoy going around and trying everybody’s dishes from their cultures.
    I enjoy seeing everybody’s inquiry and how they presented their projects and their different ways to share their culture.

    Bye bye friends of 3/4.

  8. Delta says:

    Hi guys, it’s Delta

    My favourite of all of the countries is Vietnam because I come from there and also I got to learn more about my country. Also after going around the classes, we started on our project. When we finished our projects everyones turned out perfect. Well that’s all see you guys next time.

    Sincerely, Delta

  9. Lana (Ryan's mum) says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I love to see the pictures of clothes from other countries and how students dress up as King and Queen, very good!

    Bye now

  10. Jack says:

    Hi guys Jack here.
    I have read all the comments on this page.
    I want to know what some people did in their project.
    If you want to know my country I it will post it on the blog at the end of the comment.
    I missed a country that I wanted to see on that day. Some of my friends come from Greece and I missed it.
    So someone please tell me a bit about Greece.
    So earlier in my comment I was going to say my country at the end of the comment and it is the last bit of this post.
    My country was New Zealand!!!!
    Bye guys see ya soon.

  11. Michelle X (justin's mum) says:

    Hi Bloggers,
    Wow ! What an adventure I was taken on. I was very impressed with the effort and knowledge you put into your countries presentation. It bought back many memories of countries I had visited and a thirst to travel to places I had not. I loved that you had some food to taste, national costumes & displays.
    Look forward to seeing what you will be learning next.

    Bye for now bloggers


  12. .bianca says:

    Hi, it’s Bianca.
    I really enjoyed the play the Power of One. It has been really fun this year.
    I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.
    I liked how they got people to come up the front and perform.
    This is Bianca’s mum. That sounds awesome. I think interactive programs that involve students sounds like so much fun. Keep up the interaction!!!

  13. Noah says:

    That was cool dressing up and eating stuff from different countries. I liked the scones in
    Mrs Kelly’s and Mrs Royal classroom. They had jam and cream on the top of them. I know that they come from England. Maybe the King and Queen eat them all.

    See you Later !

    NOAH R

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