The Power of One: Anti-bullying

Hello Friends!

On the 12th of May (Monday), two special girls came to our school hall to talk about anti-bullying.

They presented it in a play, to keep us interested while having a good time learning.

They taught us not to be a bystander. That meant to never ignore bullying, watch bullying, or cheer bullies on. If you do these things, then the bystander can be as bad as the bully themselves. If you do end up being a bystander, then help the target, but still try not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

They told us not to be a bully, and how to notice one. To call somebody a bully they must
1) Do something hurtful to you (physical contact or verbally)
2) They do it on purpose
3) They do it repeatedly (Over and over again).

If you are the target then don’t just stand there and let the bully hurt your feelings, tell them to stop doing mean things to you. Tell them it hurts your feelings and it makes you sad. If they do it repeatedly then don’t get pushed around anymore, tell a teacher or a parent.

If you’re a bystander, don’t just stand around either watching the poor target get bullied.

Try and imagine if you became the target and the bystanders weren’t helping you. How would you feel?

BUT still remember that if you become the target, not to fire back at the bully or you will eventually become the bully. When you become the bully, everyone will know you not as a friend but as an enemy, they will become afraid of you.

Now, to end… THE POWER OF ONE means that you have the power to stop bullying.

Now remember, not to be a bully, a bystander or get pushed around by the bully.

BYE for now!

By Sienna Q and Matthew B


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7 Responses to The Power of One: Anti-bullying

  1. Mrs. Hirst says:

    Thanks Sienna and Matthew. I missed the play but after reading this I can imagine what it was all about!
    Mrs. Hirst

  2. Xavier says:

    It’s Xavier here!
    Just wanted to thank Sienna and Matthew for doing that. Things are going to get a lot better in this school from watching that play.
    OK this is Xavier saying peace out!

  3. Darren says:

    Hey guys it’s me Darren,
    I believe its truly important to learn not to be the bystander, because if you cheer the bully on you can be the victim but no one will help you because you cheered the bully on. That’s why you shouldn’t be a bystander.
    Bye guys but not for long.

  4. Delta says:

    Hello there it is Delta here,

    Well I thought that play was awesome. We should all have learnt that being a bystander is as worse as the bully. If you are a bystander you shouldn’t be cheering on the bully or even just standing there, anyway you can even turn into the target. So thats why I am writing this, TO STOP BULLYING.

    Sincerely Delta!!!!!

  5. Carol says:

    It’s great to see that the children are promoting strategies on how to deal with bullies. It is important for all of us to remember that we have the power to stand up for ourselves, and seek help, but just as importantly stand up for those who are being bullied. Students remember to stand up for each and not tolerate bullying!

  6. Giulia's mum Maree says:

    Hi everyone it’s Giulia

    I loved the play about anti-bullying and it told us that you should stand up for yourself and I really hope that the play encourages people to tell the teacher or stand up to the bully.

  7. Giulia's mum Maree says:

    Thats great Giulia !
    I think that it is fantastic that you watched a play on anti bullying.
    Also that you can feel comfortable and confident to let a teacher and your parents know if it is happening to you.
    From Maree ( Giulia’s mum)

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