Be Persistent in ‘The Pit’!

Today the 3/4s were asked to write haiku, cinquain and acrostic poems to express their thoughts and feelings about the Holy Spirit. This was a difficult task so many students found themselves in ‘The Pit’.

The Pit is a name for the place that you go (in your mind) when you get stuck when working on something that is challenging. The Pit is a wonderful place because it is here where you do your best thinking. However, when you are in The Pit you might feel frustrated, impatient or even upset. It is important to remember that whenever you find yourselves in The Pit you must be persistent (keep trying and trying even though it is hard). It is also important to remember that when you are in The Pit there is ALWAYS a way out of it!

There are many different strategies that will help you get out of The Pit. One strategy is to ask a teacher or friend for help. It is even better, however, to develop your independence and learn strategies that you can use by yourself. When you become more independent you will learn to trust that you will find a way out of The Pit so being in it will be less scary. Remember that there is ALWAYS a way out of The Pit and when you get out you will feel extremely proud of what you have accomplished!

When you go through the process of falling in then getting out of The Pit you know you are doing some wonderful learning! Remember to always be persistent in the pit!


When have you been in persistent in The Pit and what strategy did you use to get out of it? 

How did you feel when you got out of The Pit?


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16 Responses to Be Persistent in ‘The Pit’!

  1. Mrs. Hirst says:

    I think I find myself in ‘the pit’ quite often because I like to think of new ways of doing things. That means no one has done it before, so I have to work it out for myself. One of my favourite ways is to make a picture in my mind or to visualise the way I want something to be. Then I make a list of the steps I need to take to complete it. It feels so fantastic when I have finished what I set out to do.
    Good luck to all of you!

  2. leeah says:

    Hi I am Leeah.

    I know that I have been in the pit but I know to get out of the pit. I ask a friend or anyone on my table and if that does not work I ask a teacher. Then BOOM I am out of the pit. Then now I know how to get out of the pit.

    Bye everyone:)

  3. Lachlan in 3/4 u says:

    Hi everyone,

    When I was in the pit I was so frustrated and upset. When I just tried over and over again, I got out of ‘The Pit’ and I felt relived. :] Bye guys and see you next time!

    From Lachlan in 3/4u

  4. sienna says:

    Hi Sienna here,
    I think it is good to be in the pit because you can push yourself.

  5. jacob says:

    Hi it’s Jacob

    When I was in the pit I was so frustrated. But I was persistent and kept on trying. Once
    I got out of the pit I felt so good.

    Bye see ya guys later

  6. Charlie says:

    Hi Charlie here.
    I have been in the pit before and I know how to get out. You have to think so hard and then BANG! You’re out of the pit.
    By now

  7. Julia says:

    Hi it’s Julia

    When I was in the pit I got very frustrated, but then my teacher said that I should be more persistent. So I tried and tried then I got out of the pit and I felt very happy that my teacher told me to be more persistent.

    Bye see you guys later

  8. Thu says:

    Hi there Thu here,

    I have been in the pit about 10 times already. I try to be persistent and it really works for me. Sometimes I get annoyed and it was so not helpful to me that day.
    Bye bye but not forever.

  9. Shirlee (Luke D's mum) says:

    What a great idea! I wish I had ‘The Pit’ when I was at school. I am learning something very new at the moment and I use my ‘Pit’ at work to help me work out how to do these new things. Sometimes it takes me a little while to work it out as I have no one to ask like you have your friends and teachers. So far I have managed to work out some great stuff in my ‘Pit’; I feel fantastic afterwards knowing that I have worked it out myself. It’s also a great feeling when all my peers congratulate me on working in out myself (and saving them heaps of $$$$$).

  10. Luke D says:

    Hey Guys

    Isn’t it funny that my mum uses a Pit at work! I think it’s also a great idea to have a pit and l use it a lot. A lot of people in my class and around the 3/4 area use it a lot as well. Well done to the people/person who invented the Pit. It’s also good to stay persistent in the pit because it allows you to have confidence and keep on going with whatever you are stuck on.

    Bye for now

  11. kyle Stutz says:

    Hi its Kyle here,

    I think that the pit is a great way to learn because you keep on finding ways to get out so you eventually get the answer.I know that you get a bit deflated when you are in the pit but once you are out you become proud of yourself.

    Kyle out

  12. Jack says:

    Hi. I like the pit because it is hard to get out of it but it still gives you a challenge.
    I have been in the pit a few times for my spelling and for my better writing skills.


  13. Mrs Marantz says:

    Wonderful article found by Ms Stuart. This is a concept that staff at St Mark’s have been learning about and discussing for some time.

  14. Rachel Jack's mum says:

    Hi all I just saw Jack’s comment about the pit and I’m glad that students want to challenge themselves to be their BEST. Because that’s all we can do is aim to get a PB (personal best) every time we learn different things !

    Have a great week from Rachel

  15. Ricky says:

    Hi Mrs Stuart

    Thank you for teaching me lots of new stuff like how to write a biography and how to use your knowledge to solve maths problems and learn new spelling words.

    From Ricky and his family

    • angestuart says:

      My pleasure Ricky! Thank you for being such a good learner in our class! Always asking great questions and you always being persistent in tackling all the problems that pop up during a lesson/school day.
      High 5 Ricky..

      Ms Stuart

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