Fab Four Reading Strategies

Hello everyone we would like to tell you all about what we have been learning in C.A.F.E. reading. We have discovered how to use four very important reading strategies we call the Fab Four. They are predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising. When we read we use these strategies to help us understand the text. We talk about the text with our classmates using a Fab Four chart in Reciprocal Reading groups. Here are the characters we created to help us remember the Fab Four.


Have you been using the Fab Four when you are reading ?

Have they helped you understand different texts ?

What other strategies have you been learning about during reading groups ?

Have you been building your reading stamina by reading each night and filling in your reading log ?

Could you recommend any books you think we would enjoy reading ?

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18 Responses to Fab Four Reading Strategies

  1. Miss Minogue says:

    Hi everyone,

    I use the Fab Four all the time when reading. I find ‘Chloe the Clarifyer’ to be very helpful. I often come across words or sentences that I don’t understand. Chloe always reminds me to read on, read back, look at word parts, think of similar words, use a dictionary, and more!

    Thank you for helping us with our reading, Chloe, Polly, Quincy and Sammy!
    Mrs Marantz

  2. Miss Rowe says:

    Hi everyone!

    What fantastic ideas!

    I think the Fab Four would work very well in the 1/2 area. I can’t wait to use it with my next guided reading group.

    Well done to those four students who explained the role of the Fab Four really clearly.

    Miss Rowe

  3. Esmith says:

    Hi everyone, Ethan here.
    I have been reading the 13 Story Tree House and I think that Sam the super Summariser helps me with my reading.
    I think that the 13 Story Tree House is a great book for kids. I think that the school will be very interested in the 13 Story Tree House.
    By for now.

    • Noah says:

      Hi everybody,
      I have being reading the 13 Story Tree House too it is a very funny book.

      bye from Noah

      • angestuart says:

        Hi Noah,

        That sounds like a real fun book to read! Keep enjoying it!

        From Miss Stuart

        • Noah says:

          Thanks Miss Stuart,
          What book are you reading at the moment just asking

          From Noah!!!

          • angestuart says:

            Hi Noah ,

            I’m actually in between books at the moment ! But I think I’m going to revisit a book I haven’t read for a long time. Its called To Kill A Mockingbird.
            It is an old classic that your mum and dad would probably know ( ask them about it). A couple of reasons I love the book so much is because the characters come alive when I read it . I can really visualise them in all the pages! I also really like it because it was the first book that made me fall in love with reading.
            The other book I’m reading is The Adventures of Tintin . It’s set out like a comic book. Tintin solves crimes. I love all Tintin books. I think I love them so much because they are always exciting and all the adventures set place all around the world .
            Thanks for asking Noah!
            Ms Stuart

  4. Mrs Kelly says:

    Thanks for sharing your book with us Ethan. I’ve noticed lots of other children enjoying that book this year. I think Sam the Summariser is a great helper too. He helps you gather important parts of the story so you remember and understand it.
    Mrs Kelly

  5. Nicole says:

    Hey it’s Nicole here,

    I really like how the fab 4 can help us when we read. I also like how they say what to do.

    Bye for now,but not for ever.

  6. Noah says:

    I really want to read the 36 story treehouse.Maybe I could spend my birthday money on the book.

    From Noah!!

  7. Noah and Jack says:

    Hi guys it is Noah & Jack here.
    We have been working on trying to get a 5 star comment.
    We want to find the 36 story tree house.
    We want to bye it with Noah’s money or my money.
    It was pretty funny with Noah on the fab 4 video.
    still it was COOL!!!

    Noah & Jack!

  8. calvin says:

    Hi guys

    I’m in Mrs Royal’s class for cafe reading.
    My focus is to read good fit books.

    Bye from Calvin

  9. Ethan says:

    Hi Noah,
    Come over to my place because I have the book.
    Also you can keep it until we get back.

  10. Liam says:

    I really liked your performance. I am reading a new book that has just been released. It’s called Wall Tall, a young readers’s edition of My Journey by Jim Stynes. I am going to think about the four points -predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising when I read this book.
    Bye Liam!!!

  11. Liam's mum says:

    You should be really proud of your performance. The presentation was really clear and also funny. I have just finished reading Melissa’s Doyle’s new book titled Alphabet Soup. I also tried to picture the stories she told in my head. It gave me a better understanding of what she was writing. We’ll done!!!!

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