We are learning to persuade our readers

The 3/4s this term have been learning how to write persuasive texts. We started off with learning how to do a plan. The strategy teachers used to get us hooked in (like we want our readers to be) was to get us to do a plan that was a Burger Plan! It is a fun and easy way to do a plan and everyone did a remarkable job on it. We used the two buns as our introduction and conclusion. There were three pieces of things that go in burgers such as cheese, meat patty and lettuce. We write our three arguments in those three things. To help us hook the reader into our arguments, we use sentence starters. Some of the very popular ones are, ‘most people would agree that’, ‘a sensible idea would be’ and ‘it’s clearly obvious that’. We use those to get the reader to agree with our argument. The first text we wrote was about superpowers. We picked a superpower like flying, invisibility or super speed. We then did a Burger Plan on our topic. Once we had finished that we went on to writing the whole piece. It would have been very hard not to enjoy it and I don’t think anyone disliked it. We are learning how to persuade people so that we can stand up for our beliefs and convince other people to do the right thing throughout their life.

Written by Jakob A. in 3/4M

What are your favourite sentence starters?

What do you think is the best way to hook your readers in during the introduction?

Have you got any great ideas on how to end with a BANG for your final sentence?

Has anyone in your family ever done or bought something because of a persuasive piece of writing they read? Maybe you have been convinced that you simply must buy the toy in that catalogue? What did the writer do to hook you in?


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5 Responses to We are learning to persuade our readers

  1. Mrs. Hirst says:

    You have persuaded me that I should include more high modality words in my texts. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Xavier says:

    I just wanted to say that our playground is awesome. I wish we could go outside but it is pouring out there. Thunder, storm and rain even hail too. I wish it wasn’t raining today so we could go outside.
    Okay that’s all.
    This is Xavier signing out!

  3. cody says:

    Hi guys
    I really like the new playground. You get to play with all of your mates.
    It is really fun.

  4. Jack & Noah says:

    Hi guys it’s Jack and Noah here.
    We want to say that the new playground is AWESOME!!! But it does not look like a spider web but it’s still AWESOME.
    Thanks SRC for getting the idea of a new playground.
    Bye for now but not forever,
    Jack & Noah

  5. Vallan says:

    Hi blogger’s it’s Vallan.

    Persuasive text’s are really fun because they are always interesting and they really hook you in. Persuasive text’s are really easy to remember and are a really fun skill to have.
    I think persuasive texts are the greatest pieces ever to get people to enjoy reading.

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