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Around the World in 3/4

The 3/4 children have been going to different countries during their Integrated Studies lessons. They have a passport  that they get stamped as they enter each country. They learn all about the culture of each country and write about their … Continue reading

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The Power of One: Anti-bullying

Hello Friends! On the 12th of May (Monday), two special girls came to our school hall to talk about anti-bullying. They presented it in a play, to keep us interested while having a good time learning. They taught us not … Continue reading

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Be Persistent in ‘The Pit’!

Today the 3/4s were asked to write haiku, cinquain and acrostic poems to express their thoughts and feelings about the Holy Spirit. This was a difficult task so many students found themselves in ‘The Pit’. The Pit is a name … Continue reading

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Fab Four Reading Strategies

Hello everyone we would like to tell you all about what we have been learning in C.A.F.E. reading. We have discovered how to use four very important reading strategies we call the Fab Four. They are predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising. … Continue reading

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We are learning to persuade our readers

The 3/4s this term have been learning how to write persuasive texts. We started off with learning how to do a plan. The strategy teachers used to get us hooked in (like we want our readers to be) was to … Continue reading

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The New Playground !

I am pleased to say that our new playground has been a great success. It is a very good place to just relax and hang out with your friends. It has ropes coming out at all angles and looks just … Continue reading

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