Our First Reconciliation

Last term the Year 3s made their first Reconciliation. The Year 3s had been preparing in religion lessons for the few weeks before it. To prepare, they were learning about forgiveness and the story of the Prodigal Son. On the night the teachers gave the students a purple stole to wear for mass. Then they went up to a priest to say their sins. Some students were asked to say their penance. After this, they went up to a teacher to get a white stole and also a certificate.

Written by Alex S. and Sienna in 3/4M

How did you feel after you shared your sins with Father?

How did you celebrate with your family?

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11 Responses to Our First Reconciliation

  1. Thu v. says:

    Hi my name is Thu

    Congratulations to all of the grade 3s for making their reconciliation . Well done , I’m proud of you all . Did you have a good night ?

  2. Charlotte says:

    Hello everyone, After I spoke to father at my fist reconciliation I felt relaxed and not nervous. At the start I was nervous but once I did it I thought there was nothing to worry about. After church we went out for dinner. We went to La Porchetta and I had carbonara it was delicious!

    From Charlotte

  3. Justin X says:

    Hello everyone, after I spoke to Father Benedict about what I did wrong, he told me to say the Hail Mary. I felt better after I did. Everyone got a certificate & stole from Mr Stewart. When it finished we were about to go home when Flynn asked us if we were doing anything. He asked us to go to la Porchetta with them, it was yummy.

  4. Dylan says:

    Hey everybody Dylan here.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Reconciliation on the 19th and 20th of March.


    From Dylan

  5. Keisha says:

    Hi fellow bloggers,
    Congratulations on making your first Reconciliation. You really did a good job. I think that it was amazing. I liked how you gave up your sins and God took them away. With your sins taken away, you can start living a new holy life living in God’s path. Well done! I hope that you live in Jesus’s/God’s way.

    See you again soon,

    • Miss Minogue says:

      Hi Keisha,

      What a beautifully thought out response to this blog post. Well done for recognising how this very special event strengthened your relationship with God. You have a lovely way with words, Keisha.

      Best wishes,
      Mrs Marantz

  6. Shannen says:

    Hi everyone, Shannen here,
    Great job to everyone who made their First Holy Reconciliation
    because it is a very special time to confess your sins and ask for forgiveness.
    I hope that all of the grade 3s felt good and relaxed afterwards.
    After all the grade 3s made their Reconciliation lots of them where saying that they
    felt good about it. I hope all of the grade 3s felt like they where closer to Jesus/God.
    See you later.
    From Shannen

  7. vy says:

    Hi Vy here,

    Even though I am not catholic I just want to say congratulations to the grade 3’s that did their first Reconciliation. I hope you had a great time. Well done for going up to father and saying your sins.
    Did you all have a good night?

    From Vy

  8. Darren says:

    Hey guys,
    I would like to congratulate the people who made their first Reconciliation. When I made my first Reconciliation I was nervous at first but after I got blessed I felt grateful.
    Bye guys but not for long

  9. charli says:

    Hi guys it’s Charli,

    I really enjoyed reconciliation.
    I got butterflies for the first time.

    Bye for now but not for ever !!!!!!!!!

  10. Jack says:

    Hi, it is Jack in the house. When I did my First Reconciliation, I had to tell the Priest what I had done wrong, or if I had hurt someone. One week before we were going to do our Reconciliation the Grade threes and some grade fours had been working hard to make up an Act called the Prodigal son from the Bible. The night we did our act, we all were
    a bit nervous because all of the parents were watching us. It all went well on the night. Then after our Act we went to one classroom and we wrote down who we had hurt. When we had finished we were allowed to do colour in. The last activity was making a chain of paper that had things we would do on on it then when you did not do that you had to rip one off and out it back on with string.
    Bye for now, but not forever, Jack.

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