Tuesday Night Concert

This year’s concert was awesome. It was a big success as there were heaps of props and everything was organised. The theme was on Disney movies. There were lots of lights and lots of people that came to watch. The costumes had a lot of work put into them and thankyou to all the people that helped to make them. There were a lot of good dances I think, the most popular one was The boys are back. On the nights the 3/4 classes that performed were 3/4M and A (Hawaiian roller coaster ride) 3/4 AM and PM (Move your body Happy Feet) and 3/4 KR (Afro circus).

Thankyou to everyone that helped or participated in the concert.

Everyone had a great time and did very well.

By Sienna Q and Lachlan D.

What was your favourite part of the concert?

Which class do you think did the best performance?

What was your favourite song?

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3 Responses to Tuesday Night Concert

  1. jpullen says:

    Hi guys James here,
    I loved the concert because the dance moves were really fun and the songs were really well picked because everyone from the classes had an awesome time. I honestly would of liked to do Madagascar circus but my song was still very energetic. It was really helpful picking stuff from our dance to improve so we could get it right. I would have loved to do the concert on the last day of school so we could see our friends and teachers just before we leave to go to a new grade.
    From Jimmy

  2. Sienna Q says:

    Hi! Sienna Q here,

    This years concert was a big success. Heaps of people came, and everyone enjoyed it.
    All the dances were amazing, but my favourite dance would have to be the Mickey Mouse one. The art was great, all the bright colours and 3D affects made it really stand out.
    Thanks to Mrs. Podesta that made the concert happen.

    Bye! From Sienna Q.

  3. Gloria says:

    Hey bloggers,

    The concert was awesome. I think that we should add photos on the blog like the 1/2s blog. I hope everyone had a good day at the concert. And everyone did a great job at the concert. 
    By Gloria

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