Congratulations to all the Grade 3/4 children on the amazing artwork they created for the concert. They all did a piece that related to their performance and worked on them for weeks before the concert. Mrs Selby displayed them beautifully on the night. Well done everyone!

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6 Responses to CONCERT ART

  1. Charlie says:

    Hi it’s Charlie here,
    I really liked the artwork. It was amazing! I loved making it too. My favourite artwork was my one, the penguins.
    Bye from Charlie

  2. Sienna says:

    Hi! Sienna here,

    I loved all of the artwork, but my favorite would have to be the penguins made by 3/4AM & PM.

    It was fun making the fantastic artwork. Our school put heaps of work into it.

    Bye! From Sienna

  3. Tracey (Vallan's Mum) says:

    The concert art for the 3/4 was fantastic and so colourful. Well done to every student who put so much effort into their pictures.

  4. Alisha says:

    Hey Alisha here,
    I loved all the artwork. It was so amazing. My favourites where the 5/6 artwork and the one by 3/4M and A. The penguins were cute and I loved them to.
    From Alisha

  5. Samuel says:

    I had lots of fun making my penguin for the concert art.
    I also liked the hawaiian flowers from 3/4 M. I proudly showed my family all the artwork.
    Bye From Samuel.

  6. Michaela says:

    Hi its, Michaela here,

    I love all the concert art. My favourite piece of artwork was the 3/4 rainbow parrots they were so cool. The art that I did was making a penguin that I named Snowy. IT WAS THE BEST CONCERT EVER!!!!!:)

    By from, Michaela

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