Wednesday Night Concert Reflection

This is a guest blog post from Tom, Linda and Leeah in 3/4PM


Before we started the concert all the parents and visitors looked at all our fantastic artwork on the walls. It was really colourful and a variety of the Wednesday night and Tuesday night concert artwork was there. It was great that everyone enjoyed the artwork on the walls and had a look around the place.


Next was an introduction to the concert with the 5/6’s opening dance, it was a really good dance and everyone tried their best to put a lot of effort into it. Most of the visitors enjoyed the dancers through the night.


Mrs Podesta tried her best to make the dances good on the night. Our performance song was ‘’Move Your Body’’. It was funny how we got penguin costumes. We enjoyed the dance, had a lot of fun and got our smiles on.


Finally Mrs Podesta got ready for our finale song. Every class on Wednesday night had a great time singing and doing the moves and we ended the concert safely.

What was your favourite act in the concert? Why?

Did you have fun on the night? Explain your answer.

What are your ideas for the next concert? (Either an idea for what we should do next or what we could improve on)


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8 Responses to Wednesday Night Concert Reflection

  1. bailstar says:

    Hi it’s Bailey
    I liked the costumes and how they were made. The songs where good, if you are dancing to the beat. The dances were good, but I think we should change the choreography. I also thought the artwork was great, a lot of work was put into it.
    See you later, Bailey

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi guys Michelle is here,
    What I liked about the concert were the dances because I liked how the moves matched with the songs. Also I liked people talking on stage so they can say whats going on in the story. My favorite act was Madagascar because I liked how they go in a circle and do flips and stuff.

  3. James says:

    Greetings everyone it’s James

    My favorite act of the concert was The lion king because I liked the costumes. They put a lot of effort in it and it was a great performance.
    Yes I did have a really fun time because the acts were amazing, the costumes were colorful and I had the time of my life performing.
    The ideas I have for next time are turn the light tone a little darker, make the class’s acts a little longer, and put all of the acts on the same night.
    From your friend James in 3/4AM.

  4. Cassie says:

    Hey 3/4 bloggers it is Cassie here,

    Wow!!! I loved the concert it was so so fun and entertaining to watch. My favourite act would be the Boys are back and Madagascar ,because I loved the dance moves in both of them and also their costumes they were wearing. For the concert 2015 I think they can improve on putting the lights way more darker and make the acts a bit longer and less people on stage at once. I loved the concert 2013!

    from Cassie 3/4A

  5. Ella says:

    Yo! What’s up?

    Wednesday night concert was awesome! If only I could do it all again. My favourite part about the concert was the topic of movies. I just love movies!

    See ya! Ella

  6. Sebastian.M says:

    Hi guys,
    I was in the concert with 3/4A on Wednesday night. I am going to tell you what I liked about it. I liked all the special effects that Mr Speranza had in the background on the stage like Toy Story, Disneyland, Happy Feet and all the others. I also liked our act and wearing the Hawaiian costumes. My favourite act was ‘The Boys are Back’ – rock on guys!!

    from Sebastian M.

  7. Cheyenne says:

    Hey guys it’s Cheyenne here,
    The thing that I liked about the concert was that the actors were really good and all the dances were set out well. All the dances were great keep it up!

  8. Rohan says:

    Hi Rohan here,
    I liked the concert because there were different themes. I also liked dancing with my friends. I disliked when the music started too early. I liked it because I improved in my dancing.
    From Rohan 3/4 AM

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