Family Christmas Traditions


This is a special guest post by Charlie and Shelby in 3/4 AM.

There are many different family traditions for Christmas. Some families get Christmas trees and decorate them together, some families crack the bonbons, some families go to morning mass and some families have meals together.

Charlie: I have a family tradition where we crack the bonbons. We have a contest of who will keep the hat on the longest.

Shelby: I have a family tradition where we go to a different family member’s house to celebrate Christmas.

As you can see there are many different family traditions for Christmas. What’s yours?

What are the Christmas traditions of your family?

Does your family have any Christmas traditions that come from other countries?

If you do not celebrate Christmas, what is the tradition for your biggest celebration of the year with your family?

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24 Responses to Family Christmas Traditions

  1. Bexley says:

    For Christmas my family go to church on Christmas Eve. We then have Christmas lunch with Grandma and Grandpa or Nanna and Pa. A couple of hours later we have dinner with whichever grand parents we didn’t have lunch with.

    From Bexley.

  2. Liana 3/4AM says:

    Hi it’s Liana,
    Christmas with dad’s family is a huge turkey for lunch with all the trimmings.We start early because there are about 20 of us.Dinner with mums family we have lamb on the spit. We dance and stay up very very late.
    Bye From Liana.

  3. Hayley says:

    Hi Bloggers,
    For my family we have a big lunch and dinner with the whole family. We have it like Australians and I like it like that! We also take turns of who’s having it at their house. I love it when we all take turns and having it even.

    From your friend Hayley

  4. Shannen says:

    Hey hey, Shan here,

    For Christmas me and my family decorate the house. Then we decorate the tree. Then we get to have lunch and dinner with our family. I have a great time at Christmas.

  5. Alisha says:

    Hey Alisha here,
    My family’s traditions is to have everyone come over and we open our presents. We have pasta for lunch. My cousins and I go and play games and build forts. Then we have dinner and after we have jelly, chocolate, cake, cupcakes, jelly and much much more.
    Bye for now but not forever

  6. Anais says:

    My family tradition is we wake up really early and open all our presents. Then we go to a family members house and we can open even more presents. It’s really fun because at the end we have heaps of presents. 🙂

    From Anais

  7. james says:

    Hi guys,
    James here and I am on the 3/4 blog to blog about my family Christmas tradition. In my family our Christmas tradition is every time someone says Christmas we have to say the Australian Christmas song. We have 2 turkeys and 2 chickens to eat with everyone from our family. On boxing day my family goes on a holiday to Scotland to celebrate how grateful we are for what we have from Christmas.
    From James

  8. Madison says:

    Hello it’s Madison,
    My family has so much fun and we get so excited. At Christmas time my dad’s side of the family take turns to have a Christmas party at each others house. When it is near Christmas time my mum’s side has dinner or lunch at my cousin’s house. My family’s main tradition is cracking bonbons and having a big feast with lot’s of presents.
    Bye for now but not forever!

  9. Samantha says:

    Hi bloggers its Samantha here,
    Christmas with all our cousins and family is like a big dinner. We have a huge turkey and with all the kids we give each other lollies and Christmas presents. On every Christmas eve our family picks a man to pretend to be Santa and that person dresses up, our parents buy presents for us and we put it in the sack. After we all get our presents we put on the disco lights and we dance and normally we stay up really late.

    From Samantha

  10. kayden says:

    I also pop bonbons and I also have a family dinner. I also sometimes celebrate this special day with my cousins and my family friends . Sometimes I go to Vietnam and celebrate. Then we do things with other people in Vietnam.
    Bye from Kayden

  11. Sienna says:

    Hi it’s Sienna

    Christmas eve is with my dads side of the family. We play bingo till midnight and then at one o’clock in the morning we have to open our presents at home and then we go to our house and sleep.

  12. Taylor says:

    Hey, Hey!, It’s Taylor here!
    I love Christmas and our family has a few traditions. The whole family normally goes over to my Nana and Pa’s house and the kids play for a bit while the parents talk. Then we normally come inside and go to the Christmas Tree when every ones here. My Pa sits on a chair with Santa hat on, then 2 or 3 kids give him presents, he reads the label and then a kid gives the present to that person. This repeats until all the present are gone. About 20 minutes after we have a big lunch with bonbons and jokes, then we have dessert. About 1 hour later we all start to depart. This then repeats the next day with the other side of the Family.

    By Taylor

  13. leeah says:

    Hi everybody it’s Leeah,

    My Christmas tradition is that all of my family meets up at a restaurant and talk to each other. After, we go to my Nonna and Nonno’s house to celebrate Christmas. After the kids open presents, we get to go on a Christmas hunt. We all spend the day together and have a great Christmas.


  14. Sebastian S says:

    What’s up bloggers, Sebastian here!

    I can not wait for Christmas because we have a great tradition we celebrate it at my Grandmas house. She cooks the worlds most amazing Lasagne and meatballs ever! After dinner we go in the lounge room to receive our gifts and my uncle dresses up as Santa. My favourite part of the night would have to be spending time with my family, everyone has a lot of fun and a wonderful night. That is why I can not wait for Christmas.

    Bye from your friend Sebastian.S 🙂

  15. Claudia says:

    Hi it’s Claudia. At Christmas I go to my Dads Mums house we eat pasta for lunch then I open my present from my Nonna. At night we go to my other Nonna and Nonno’s house we have dinner there with the family. We have fun with my cousins.
    From Claudia in 3/4/PM

  16. Eleni says:

    Hi all Eleni here,

    I very much agree with Shelby and Charlie about how we all have different family traditions. In my family we wake up and open our presents (dad records it on video…..of course). We have some traditions like we choose a theme for our Christmas trees. Sometimes it’s blue and silver, red and green, gold and green or random. Then we have family come over or we go over to another family member’s place and have a meal. As the parents chat the kids play games then we come together as one big happy family. Very good job Charlie and Shelby I am sure everyone has different and fun traditions.

    Bye all and enjoy your Christmas.

  17. Billy says:

    Hi everyone Billy here,

    In my family we have a tradition every year. Our tradition is that we have a lamb on the spit with loads of other foods like salads and so forth. Some of my family traditions come from Greece because that’s where my grandparents come from. We celebrate Christmas every year in our family because it is a very important day because that’s the day when Jesus was born. So I love Christmas and love getting lots of presents and sharing a wonderful day with my family!

    From Billy in 3 / 4 A

  18. Britt says:

    Hi Guys,
    In my family we celebrate this tradition every year. We get to decorate our backyard tree and open the presents with our cousins. The food we eat is cake and delicious jelly and candy. Our family get to play games and some draw on the sands. At the end, we do some dancing and singing. I hope you guys have a lovely Christmas!
    Love from Britt

  19. Karen (Ebony's mum) says:

    Hi everyone it’s Ebony here,

    Family traditions are all very different from one family to another. One of my family’s tradition is that every year my family goes to a Christmas Tree farm and buys a real Christmas Tree. Another family tradition is that we can’t open any presents, until everyone in the house is awake! So my usual plan is to wake everyone up so we can open our presents!!!! But Christmas is not all about the presents it’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus, which is always important to remember. It’s also about gathering as a family and preparing meals to eat! Christmas is a good time to just sink in the year that’s past and get ready for the new year, that’s why I LOVE Christmas!

    By everyone from Ebony in 3/4AM:)

  20. Micah says:

    Yo Bloggers,

    As a family we go to the Christmas tree farm at the beginning of December and choose our Christmas tree. What I like when we do this is we get to choose the size of our tree. Once we pick our tree the helper at the farm measures our tree and then they cut it down. They then lift it onto the tractor and deliver it to our car.

    We also celebrate at my grandparents house on Christmas eve. We have a Christmas tree decorating and open presents. We eat oysters and yummy pudding.

    On Christmas day we have all of my mum’s family members to come to our house for some seafood.

    By Micah 3/4 AM

  21. Jacinta says:

    For Christmas my family and I go to church in the morning.Then we go to my mum’s parents house, where we unwrap all our Christmas Presents. After that we have a big lunch with my Aunty, Uncle and my cousins. In the afternoon we go to my Dad’s brothers house with my other grandma for Christmas dinner.
    From your friend Jacinta in 3/4 A

  22. Angela says:

    Hi…Angela here,

    Christmas morning will start at my Nonno and Nonna’s house (my dad’s parents) for breakfast and present opening. Then we may visit my great Nonna for lunch and more presents. The evening is Christmas dinner at my baba and deddo’s house (my mum’s parents) and again more presents to open. I love Christmas day because there’s lots and lots of presents to open.

  23. wynter says:

    Hi bloggers

    My Christmas tradition is, usualy when we start putting our tree up, at least 5 days before Christmas eve. That’s when we start decorating our tree but we don’t put up the star until everybody that we invited comes. We buy Christmas bon-bons. At least 12. Thats about enough for everyone while mum makes some Christmas cake. After that, we start giving presents!
    from your friend, Wynter

  24. jayke.k says:

    Hi its Jayke K,

    For my Christmas I have pasta for lunch and after lunch we go inside to open our presents.

    Then we have dinner and then we all go home and play with our presents and go to bed.

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