1870s School Day

This is a special guest post by Eleni and Scott in 3/4 AM

On Monday the 14th of October the 3/4s went back in time to the 1870s. When we walked into school we were all very shocked, surprised and excited about what we saw. The tables were set up in groups of two with girls and boys on different sides of the room. We had to find our name tags with the boys being addressed as Master and the girls being addressed as Miss. We were not allowed to talk or laugh.

In the 1870s school rules were very unfair.  For example, if you were left handed you got slapped by the ruler and if you were five minutes late for class you had to stay one hour after school.

Some of the bad things were:

We had to line up in boy and girl lines. If we didn’t have perfect posture we had to use the back straightener, if we were bad we had to kneel and face the wall and if we were to walk you had to walk straight. It was annoying that you had to stand up if you wanted to speak. Imagine being stuck in a chair ALL DAY and having hair, teeth, ear and nails inspections.

Some of the positives were:

The stick was funny when your table got slapped and it was loud. Reading and maths were fun.

It was just great being able to experience how it was like in the 1870s and to learn how school is much better now because the teachers actually care what you have to say and we get to sit in table groups with boys and girls. You can get out of your seats without having to ask, write with your left or right hand, you don’t get slapped or the tables don’t get slapped, we can talk, laugh and SMILE!


What did you like/dislike about our 1870s school day?

What did you learnt from our 1870s school day?

Can you share a story about when your parent/grandparent went to school?


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21 Responses to 1870s School Day

  1. charlie says:

    Hi its Charlie here,
    I loved the 1870’s day, it was great! I really liked how we got to be addressed as master and miss, it was funny. When the teacher hit the table you would get a bit of a fright and when the teacher says to someone that their back was not straight or you were not sitting properly everyone would sit properly or make there back straight. I liked how when your back was not straight you would have to use the back straightener. I did not have to use the back straightener but it was funny when other people had to use it.

  2. Jack L says:

    Hi guys Jack L here
    My grandpa told me a story. When he was in school his class was running laps of the hall and he saw the side door open, so whilst no one was looking he ran out the door and went to the milk bar then he went home. The next day he got into lots of trouble from his parents and teachers.
    See you from Jack L

  3. Owen L (Jacks Dad) says:

    Hi guys,

    It sounds like you had a very interesting 1870’s day. I wish I had that experience when I was at school. It would have been very difficult for left handers back in the 1870’s. I probably would have been in lots of trouble if I went to school in the 1870’s because I use to be late to class on occasions when I attended school.

  4. Marie (Charlotte's mum) says:

    Liana wants to know if anyone else had the strap in their day. Her dad did at his school! Thankfully he wasn’t on the receiving end.

  5. Samantha says:

    Hey guys its Samantha,
    In the 3/4 this term we are learning about how learning has changed. My parents had told me story about their school life and it goes like this. Back in the 1870’s school was a privilege and kids would have to always sit with their back straight, they would never be allowed to talk. You can never wear your hat inside because it would not be respectful.

    Bye for now but not forever!!

  6. Ella says:


    I think going back in time to the 1870’s was cool!
    Just the fact that you get to put your self in your mum and dad’s shoes was awesome! How were people able to stand the pain of the smacks they got!

    See you soon:) Ella

  7. Linda says:

    Hey its Linda,
    It was fun having the experiences of the 1870’s, I didn’t really get into trouble but I only got a bang on my desk once because my back wasn’t straight. Anyways I really liked the 1870’s day because if you do the right thing the teacher wont do anything to you. I got to learn lots about the 1870’s how the fonts of writing were different and how they did their reading comprehension in class was way more different by reading the stories the teachers chose for each year level. It was a fun day because I wanted to know more about the 1870’s, also I enjoyed the day learning more of the skills and experiences of the 1870’s. I liked it how the Children’s and kids in the 1870’s were called miss or master followed by their names, e.g.; Miss Linda. I had heaps of fun and I learned heaps.
    See ya!!!

  8. Lynna says:

    I’ve heard some awesome things about the 1870’s day, and it seems like everyone enjoyed it. Well the same with me, I absolutely loved it!! I’ve also learnt totally off the hook information on that day. I think it is the best day so far in the school year.

    Cheers, From Lynna

  9. Ryan says:

    Hi it’s Ryan here,
    I liked the 1870’s because it was different and a good experience of you life in the 19th century. Some of the things I learnt were they had canes or straps and would hit them if they did something wrong.

  10. Jazzy (Luke D's Sister) says:

    Hi Jazzy here (Luke D’s Sister)

    It sounded like a great day. I remember last year because we were going to Sovereign Hill for camp we had a 1860’s day. We sat boys and girls on different sides of the room and also got slapped if we didn’t follow the rules. I really enjoyed that we got to write with ink pens and the fancy writing we had to do. I hope you guys enjoyed that day.

    Cya, Jazzy ☺

  11. Edmund says:

    Hi guys,

    I really like how we practised our timetables. I learnt from the 1870s day that school in those times was bad compared to now. My mum used to see people get whacked because they wrote with their left hand and for talking in class.

    From Edmund

  12. Sean says:

    Hi it is Sean here

    I loved the 1870s day because we got to experience what school was like in the 1870s. My favourite part was where we got to sit in rows. All the boys were called master and the girls were called miss. I am glad that the punishments that they had in the 1870s are illegal now a days.

  13. Nat says:

    Hi everyone its Nat here,

    I loved the 1870s day because we realised how lucky we are that we do not need to get the strap or cane. When my grandma was in school she was left-handed and they hit her hand and believe it or not but now she can write with her right AND left hand. There was a person in her class who always got in trouble because he was hyperactive. My grandma grew up in Germany.

    Bye for now but not for ever!!!! 🙂

  14. Ryan D says:

    Hi bloggers,
    What I didn’t like about the 1870s school was that you would get hit in the bottom or knuckles by a cane/whip if you did the wrong thing. When we did the 1870s school the teacher didn’t whack us on our bottom or knuckles. Instead she whacked our desk which made loud noises. The 1870s school was fun and scary because out teacher whacked on Tom’s desk hard which made the noise frightening.
    Bye from Ryan D

  15. Keisha says:

    Hi everyone it’s Keisha here,
    When I got to school I completely forgot it was the 1870’s day. Having the 1870’s day was a not so great experience because the teachers were walking around whacking the desks. We got to learn a lot about how we got ready in the morning like on the table we should have a ruler, a pencil, and a red pencil. On the 1870’s day we didn’t write in our books, we wrote on sheets of paper. I also learnt that boys sit on one side of the room and the girls sit on the other side of the room. I really didn’t like being called Miss Keisha on the day. It was really interesting that when the teacher addresses you, you must stand up to talk back. Finally at the end of the day it was all back normal.
    See you soon!

  16. Iyushi says:

    Hi bloggers,
    I am so happy I was not in the 1870’s because I write with my left hand. It must have been really boring in those days because they did not have many subjects. It really must have been very uncomfortable with the back straightener. I would not have liked it if the teacher had to inspect our teeth, hair and nails all day!

    Bye from Iyushi

  17. luke says:

    Hi ,
    I’m glad I wasn’t at school in the 1870’s because the punishments were really bad. I also learnt that they did maths by writing columns of the times tables and reading them out aloud.
    Luke 3/4M

  18. Jack says:

    Hi bloggers it’s Jack here

    When the school went back to the olden days it was fun but I didn’t like the rules because you could not speak or eat in the classroom while doing work. The games were fun, I liked marbles the best because it was a challenge for concentration. The best part was the writing lesson because they used a font called old English and I think it looks fancy. The teachers used a cane for discipline, this scared me because of the loud bang when it hit the desk.

  19. sean .h says:

    I am so glad that I am in the 21st century and not in the 1870’s. They had a lot of fun games, but at the same time, they had a lot of strict rules, like if your back wasn’t straight in class, you would receive the whip/cane. I don’t think that anyone now would like the rules back then.
    Bye From Sean

  20. Ebony says:

    Hi it’s Ebony here,
    I very much agree with Eleni and Scott that our emotions were running wild and we didn’t know what was around the corner. I found that when we went back in time Miss. Minogue my teacher, didn’t enjoy being strict and mean. The moment I walked into my classroom I wanted to leave because we weren’t allowed to laugh or even talk! But personally I think it was a good experience for everyone to uncover! My favourite part of the experience knew what kids actually went through, knowing that their teacher didn’t care what they thought, or they couldn’t share their ideas. Wouldn’t it be torture? Kids these days don’t really realise how lucky they are, how they get to share their experiences and idea’s because all ideas are important. There is no way I’ll be able to wait to see everyone’s project and IDEAS! I think this is by far one the best topics because learning about 1870’s learning are helping us learn now!
    So long bloggers!

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