This is a special guest post by Breanna, Samantha and Claudia in 3/4PM.

On Terrific Tuesday there are different groups. The groups are cooking, gardening, fun maths, computers and drama/puppetry. We start at 2pm and finish at 3:15pm.

In cooking Mrs Dermizetel takes the class, sometimes it’s Miss Laird. Most of the time, the 3/4’s make what the 5/6’s had made the day before. For cooking you need:

  • An apron
  • Hairnet
  • Container

Mrs Dimetizal always wants you to wash your hands with soap before class.

For gardening, Mrs Bouvier takes the class. In gardening, you need:

  • Gardening tools (optional)
  • Gardening gloves

Sometimes in gardening, you move the mulch.

Fun Maths is taken by Mr Snell but for this term Mr Mac is taking it. In Fun Maths you do activities on the computer and you will also do the speed test you have one- hundred questions in the speed test. You will learn lots of good strategies for maths.

Ms Collins takes the computer group. In computers group, you learn how to type on the computer and do activities that Ms Collins gives you.

In Drama and Puppetry, Mrs Podesta teaches you how to make stick puppets and make a nursery rhyme using it. You also make a sock puppet for your own play.

On Tuesday, we also do our specialist subjects: Sport, PA (Performing Arts), Library, Home and ICT/ Digital literacy.


What is your favourite activity on Terrific Tuesday?

Do you want Terrific Tuesday to be longer?

What’s your favourite specialist subject? 


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27 Responses to TERRIFIC TUESDAY

  1. Ryan B says:

    Hi fellow 3/4’s,

    My favourite activity is Fun Maths because we do speed tests and go on mathletics. I think Terrific Tuesday should stay the same amount of time as usual. Though some people don’t like the groups that are chosen for them.

    From your 3/4 friend, Ryan

  2. Darren says:

    Hi guys it’s me Darren,

    My favourite group is cooking because you can make all sorts of food like muffins and much more. But my least favourite group is gardening because you have to pull out a lot of weeds.

    From Darren

  3. Billy says:

    Hi Everyone It’s Billy here,

    My favourite activity on Terrific Tuesday is Puppetry because I love using puppets to act out things; I think Terrific Tuesday should go for longer because it’s heaps of fun! And lastly my favourite specialist subject is Sport because I enjoy playing games and being active.

    From Billy in 3 / 4 A

  4. Rose Billy's Mum says:

    Hi Rose here Billy’s mum,

    From what I’ve heard from Billy, Terrific Tuesday is a great and fun day to lots of activities with different teachers. It also sounds like you do so many fun activities with education in them so I hope everything keeps going well every Tuesday and hope all you kids have lots of fun 🙂

    From Rose billy’s mum 🙂

  5. Celine says:

    Hi Celine here,

    My favourite group is cooking because we can cook with friends/group. We use aprons, hairnet and containers it is so much fun. Some people don’t like what they have chosen but on the other hand some people like what they chose. I chose cooking second because I like it second so I chose fun maths for first. I just like it.

    Bye bloggers peace out

  6. Scott 3/4AM says:

    Hi guys its me Scott,
    My most favourite activity is cooking because you can cook lots of food plus I like food. I think terrific Tuesday should stay longer.

    bye Scott.

  7. Kieran says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I love the new groups that we have for term 4 because I am doing gardening. I’m loving it so far and I hope everyone else is too. I can’t wait to plant some seeds and watch it grow into a full plant.
    From Kieran

  8. Andrea - Kieran's Mum says:

    Its great to see the 3/4’s getting involved with learning about gardening. I can sure do with the help at home in my garden too from Kieran! I’m looking forward to seeing your produce grow and see it being sold after school. Well done gardeners.
    From Andrea (Kieran’s Mum)

  9. Eric, Darren's brother says:

    Hi it’s me, Eric
    I liked it how the 3/4’s do different activities not just the same ones and I think is was a good idea how the 3/4 does gardening because it is good to learn about planting plants. 🙂
    From Darren’s brother

  10. Nadia - Charlie's Mum says:

    Hi its Nadia (Charlie’s mum)

    My favourite part of Terrific Tuesday was the cooking class. I think it should be a specialist subject all year round. I loved coming to school pick up and sampling the delicious treats Charlie had prepared.

    It’s also really cool that he is now interested in helping me in the kitchen. He made us a batch of Mrs D’s famous yo-yo biscuits that were out of this world!! If he keeps it up, hopefully I won’t have to ever cook again 🙂

  11. luke says:

    Hi 3/4s,
    I like terrific Tuesday a lot. My favourite group is cooking and puppetry. It is fun to go to the different groups and learn more stuff.
    From Luke

  12. luke says:

    Hi I’m Luke G’s mum
    Terriffic Tuesday sounds like a lot of fun, wish we had that when I was at school.
    Can’t wait for Luke to start using some of his new cooking skills to help with dinner.
    Hope you all keep having fun!!

  13. Madison says:

    Hi it’s Madison,
    I love terrific Tuesday activities because they get me interested and I have so much fun. My favorite activity is fun maths because it is so much fun and it teaches me a lot. P.E is my favorite specialist activity because it makes me so much fitter and I get to spend it with my friends. I think terrific Tuesday goes for a reasonable time to do lots of activity’s and it finishes near the end of the day so we have plenty of time to pack /clean up.
    From Madison!

  14. Ben.N says:

    Hi 3/4 friends,
    My favourite Terrific Tuesday activity is going to be cooking because I never knew how to cook. I had lots of fun cooking with Mrs D. She taught me loads of things about cooking.

    By Ben N

  15. Delta says:

    Hi it’s Delta here,
    My favourite thing about terrific Tuesday is that at the end of the day we get to do fun things like: Gardening, cooking etc. My favourite one must be cooking because you get to eat the food and mostly because you get to cook with your friends and because the food is so yummy.

    See you later, Delta oxoxoxo

  16. Lachlan.D says:

    Hi fellow 3/4 bloggers,
    I like Terrific Tuesday because it’s a whole day of fun. My favorite activity is sport because we get to play fun games and get some small tips for improving. My favorite group activity is cooking because we get into groups with lots of our friends. I also like cooking because I like to cook new recipes. My favorite recipe was Mrs D’s famous yo-yo biscuits.
    From your 3/4 mate Lachie.D

  17. Ella says:

    What’s up?

    I love Tuesdays! And do you know why? Because they are TERRIFIC!!! And you know why they are terrific? Because they are very very very… FUN!!!
    I think dancing should be included for P.A instead of puppets.

    Cheers 🙂 Ella.

  18. Amy says:

    Hi it’s Amy here
    My favourite terrific Tuesday activity would probably be cooking because you get to learn how to cook yummy food. I would like terrific Tuesday groups to be longer because when you are cooking sometimes you have to go back after school to get your food. My favourite specialist subject is sport because you get to run around and play very fun games with the teacher and your friends.

  19. Doreen Amy's Mum says:

    Hi it’s Doreen here Amy’s mum.
    It is a great idea to have terrific Tuesday’s as all the kids seem to love it and look forward to it each week. Amy loves it and her favourite seems to be the cooking and sport, although I never get to see her cooking as she has always eaten it so it must be yummy.

  20. Luke D says:

    What up bloggers,
    Do you know why they call it Terrific Tuesday?
    It’s because Tuesdays are Terrific. My favourite activity is sport because we get to play fun games.
    From the other Luke

  21. Taylor says:

    Hey it’s Taylor here,
    I love Terrific Tuesday and I have a little something to say about it.
    My favourite activity is Performing Arts with Mrs Podesta because we get to explore different areas of performing and there’s always something a bit funny around the corner. The only thing I would want to change is the specialist thing at the end the end of the day. My favourite specialist thing is COOKING with Mrs D. I love cooking and experimenting and learning other peoples tips and recipes because we all share the same interest.
    That’s all for now,
    From Taylor

  22. Lynna says:

    Hey It’s Lynna here!
    I read some amazing post about people enjoying Terrific Tuesday. Well I absolutely LOVED IT!!!! I think it is a great way to learn and have fun at the very same time! The activity I enjoyed most of all was Food Tech, because it was the most fun you have in all of the activities. Food Tech is also a great way to learn your fractions too! And I definitely love how you can take home your cooking and test taste it.

    Cheers for now but not forever!!! Lynna

  23. Linda says:

    Hey it’s me Linda here!
    I’ve heard some amazing comments about terrific Tuesday. I think that Terrific Tuesday is a great way to have fun and learn lots of new things for e.g.
    -food tech
    -drama and puppetry
    -fun maths
    My favorite part in Terrific Tuesday was fun maths because I like it how we get to play different kinds of maths games and doing the speed test. It made my mind go faster as I got used to it. It was a great doing Terrific Tuesdays in the afternoon.

    See ya’s!!!! Linda

  24. Shannen says:

    Hey, Shan here.
    I just want to say that it has been great fun this year doing Terrific Tuesday. For the grade 3’s it was different but fun. What a great year it’s been. We all can’t wait for more next year.

  25. Louisa says:

    Hi Louisa here,
    I think that Terrific Tuesday is a great idea because everyone gets to try all of the different activities, such as: cooking, gardening, computers, fun maths, and puppetry. During the day we also get to do other activities such as: home/art, library, sport, performing arts, and I.C.T. One thing I don’t like about Terrific Tuesday is that sometimes you have to rush to the next activity. An idea that I had to change Terrific Tuesday was to do more art instead of the usual home activities. By for now!

  26. Lachlan.T says:

    Hi everyone,

    My favourite thing about Terrific Tuesday is sport. My favourite thing is sport because I love sport and love being active. I also love cooking. I love cooking because we make delicous foods. My favourite day from Monday – Friday is terrific Tuesday!!!!!!

    From Lachlan.T

  27. Angela and Monet says:

    Hey Guys,

    Our favorite thing for Terrific Tuesday is cooking because it’s super fun and great to teach kids about cooking and the safety of cooking and what to do. Cooking is also good for teaching kids the utensils of cooking and the recipes. Bye for now but not for ever.

    Angela and Monet

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