Maths in 3/4

 This is a special guest post by Alannah and Kayden in 3/4AM

In maths this year the 3/4s have been doing tests to check their knowledge. We get spilt up into groups on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We do this so all of the kids in our group are at the same standard and can learn things that they do not know.

This term in maths groups, we have learnt about multiplication and division. In multiplication groups some students have learnt about short or long division and remainders. Now we are learning about time in different groups. So far the first lessons have been fun. We have learnt about different things in our separate groups.

On Mondays and Fridays we do maths in our class groups. We do different topics to what we do on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We go around to different teachers and learn new things. It is nice to learn maths together as a class.

What is your favourite thing about maths in 3/4?

How is the way you learn maths different to the way your mum or dad learnt it?

What area of maths are you most confident with and why do you think that is?


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One Response to Maths in 3/4

  1. Annie says:

    Hi everyone,
    It’s Annie. We love doing maths groups because we work with other people and learn some things. It’s not too hard or not too easy. We have nice teachers to teach us. They help us if we don’t get some things right and we learn how to do it.
    Maths is the best, I like maths it is fun.
    From Annie in 3/4M 

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