Eucharist Reflection Day

A special guest post by Sean and Christian from 3/4KR

Do you want to know about the best day ever. Well read this blog post. Firstly our day started by going over to the hall and playing some games. The games were all about trust. In the first game you had to put on a blindfold and stand in the middle of a circle, get pushed around by your friends, and trust them not to drop you. Secondly we played a different game that was similar to the first one. This time there were two people. One person fell and the other saved them.  Every time you got caught the catcher took a little step back. Then we had morning tea. There was so much food like doughnuts, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, chips and lots more. It was very filling. We also made our Reconciliation.  After snack we made posters about “Going out and serving the Lord.” For lunch we had a sausage sizzle and a juice box. It was great to be together and prepare for our first Eucharist. That was the end of our fab day. Thanks for reading.

Why is the Eucharist such a special sacrament?

How did you prepare for your first Eucharist?

How did you feel when you made your first Eucharist?



Eucharist Reflection Day on PhotoPeach

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8 Responses to Eucharist Reflection Day

  1. Shawnee says:

    Great job Sean and Christian on the great blog post.
    The photo story Miss Kelly made was fantastic.

    From Shawnee

  2. Michelle - Shawnee's Mum says:

    The school blog is a great way for parents who are working to still know and see what’s going on at school. The blog post from Sean and Christian on the Eucharist Reflection day was well written and informative.
    Thanks from Michelle – Shawnee’s mum

  3. Em.D says:

    Hey everyone,
    Sounds like you all had a fantastic day! I remember when I made my First Communion last year. Falling backwards sounds scary but I trust that my friends in 5/6 would catch me. Congradulations to all the year 4s who made their First Communion this year!
    From Em.

  4. Sean Dunne says:

    That was an awesome day. I had lots of fun. Morning tea was my favourite. We all had a great time. Thanks to everyone who made it such a great day.

    From Sean

  5. Helen Dunne says:

    The students seemed to really enjoy this special day of celebration leading up to their First Eucharist. They had fun with the trust games and enjoyed having morning tea and lunch together.

  6. Nicole says:

    Thanks for writing about your Eucharist reflection day. It sounds like you all really enjoyed the day. After reading this with Luke, he is also looking forward to being part of this next year.

    Nicole, Luke’s mum.

  7. Julia - Ken and Edmund's mum says:

    Hi ,

    I think the reflection day was a
    great day for the children to
    learn all about Eucharist. The students
    really had a fun time playing games and
    having sausage sizzle.

    From Julia 🙂

  8. Ken says:

    Hi guys,

    Eucharist is a special sacrament because we serve The Lord and receive the Body of Christ. I prayed to God to prepare for my Eucharist. I felt happy on my first Eucharist because I got my first Eucharist and I received the body of Christ.

    From Ken

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