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                            A special post by Taylor and Sierra in 3/4 KR

On Monday the 5th of August the 3/4 children went to the Melbourne Museum as part of our Inquiry unit, Earth Explorers. We got there by bus.

 We all went to different parts of the Museum at different times but this is what we saw.

 One room was a Marine room. We saw a giant squid, crabs and sea shells with funny music inside.

 Another room was the Rainforest room. There were tall trees and birds. There was one bird that collected only blue things for its nest.

 The next room we went into was the Crystals room. There were glow in the dark crystals, rubies, 7 different types of sapphires and much more.

 Next we went into the Dinosaur room.  We found about 5 different dinosaur skeletons. As part of this we also had a teacher tell us about fossils and it was very interesting.

 The last room was the Melbourne room. We learnt about Pharlap, how different suburbs came to be and mainly about the history of  Melbourne.

 It was a great day. Thanks Teachers

What did you learn and discover at the museum ?

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11 Responses to Melbourne Museum Excursion

  1. taylor says:

    The Melbourne Museum was great. I learnt soooo many things I didn’nt know there were glow in the dark crystals. Once again it was a great day, Thanks teachers and parents who helped and organized the terrific day.
    By Taylor

  2. taylor says:

    Kellie – Taylor’s Mum

    Sounds like you had a fantastic day. I can’t wait till William is at school so I can come on an excursion.

  3. Ryan says:

    Ryan here,
    The Melborne Museum was fantastic! I really liked how they made the Pteranodon stay up like it’s flying. I learned that the Tarbosaurus lived 250 billion years ago.

  4. Billy says:

    The Melbourne Museum was so fun and I learnt so many things I didn’t know before. I saw all the cool dinosaur sculptures, stuffed animals, lots of interesting insects, the universe and minerals under the Earth and saw so many other really cool things. So again it was a great and fun day with lots of laughs and excitement and once again thanks to the teachers and parent helpers on the day!

    From Billy
    3/4 A

  5. lana says:

    Excursion to Melbourne Museum was great for students to learn and see many things, especially the dinosours skeletens. Many thanks to teachers for organised it.

  6. ella and taylor says:

    Hi guys!
    3/4 has been great so far.The Melbourne Museum was great but we bet swimming is going to be better fun!

    Hope to see you soon!
    By Ella and Taylor
    3/4A and 3/4KR

  7. charlie says:

    Hi it’s charlie here,
    I really liked the Melbourne Museum. It was really fun. The dinosaur skeletons were really cool. the stuffed animals were really freaky. I hated the spiders, they were really creepy.

  8. Mirek says:

    Hey Mirek here,
    I really enjoyed the excursion.
    I learnt about what they did back in the day and how big mansions were then. I also learnt how they used to live, what sports they used to play and what the fun parks were like. Thanks to all the teachers who planned it for us.

  9. Scott 3/4 AM says:

    Hi Scott here,
    I enjoyed the excursion. We went there by bus, when we were driving our bus came past my house
    and Chadstone the capital. My favorite part was the dinosaur walk.
    Bye Bye from Scott.

  10. Rose Billy's Mum says:

    Hi everyone Rose here Billy’s mum,
    Well, when I found out that the 3/4’s where going on an excursion to the museum I thought that it was a great idea for them to learn heaps of new things and just thought it would be a great experience. From what I heard from billy and other students they all had a great time and I don’t think any of the things that happen on the day would of happen without the teachers help. Hopefully you learnt heaps and had a great time.
    From Rose Billy’s Mum

  11. khuynh says:

    Melbourne museum was a great excursion.
    I liked exploring new things.
    My favourite part was the 3D volcano adventure.
    I hoped everyone had a great day!

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