Term 3 Inquiry – Earth Explorers

This is a special guest post by Michaela and James in 3/4AM

This term the 3/4s are doing a topic on the Earth. We have been learning about volcanoes, rocks, the atmosphere, tectonic plates, the Earth’s crust and natural disasters.

We have enjoyed Inquiry because we get to travel to other places to learn more interesting facts about the Earth. It has been awesome learning about the Earth beneath our feet and also up above our heads in space.

The topic has been very interesting because hardly anyone knows about the Earth. We get to go out side to explore the world beneath our feet.

Recently we went to the Melbourne Museum to learn more about the Earth.


What is the most interesting thing you have learnt so far about the Earth beneath your feet?

Can you list 3 ‘wonderings’ you have about the Earth?

What are you planning to research for your Inquiry project?



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7 Responses to Term 3 Inquiry – Earth Explorers

  1. taylor says:

    Earth explorers has been really fun ! I find tectonic plates really interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects!

    By Taylor 3/4KR

  2. taylor says:

    I can’t wait to hear all the interesting Earth facts. Such a fun and HUGE topic. Good luck 3/4KR. Kellie (Taylors Mum)

  3. Kimberly.M says:

    Hi my name is Kimberly M from 3/4KR and this term we are learning about Earth Explorers. If you’re wondering what it is it’s Natural Disasters. It means that we are learning about things that have destroyed Humans, Nature, Animals and the Earth. Thanks by Kimberly M in 3/4KR!

  4. Emily says:

    Hi my name is Emily. This term the 3/4’s are doing Earth explorers and natrual disasters in inquiry. For my project I am doing recycling and how recycling helps the enviroment. The project topic this term is awesome.

    From Emily in 3/4 KR

  5. Christian says:

    Hi there fellow bloggers! It’s Christian here. The
    Earth explorers topic has been really interesting and fun! I’m really looking forward to the project presentation day.

    Christian 3/4A

  6. Christian's mum says:

    These blogs are such a great idea! I’ve really enjoyed reading all the blogs and comments. It’s great for parents who work to keep in touch with what is happening at school.
    Carolyn – Christian’s Mum (3/4A)

  7. lhazouri says:

    Hi its Liam from 3/4 Pm. Earth explores was a fantastic subject. I learnt a lot about Earth explores. Me and my partner learnt about mud pools. We made a model of a mud pool.

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