Reading Groups

Reading groups with Ms Mirabella. When we get there we read a book as a class and then CAFÉ read for 20 minutes. Then we do things like; listen to reading, book club, and teacher group and literacy circles. I find Reading groups really fun!

By Josh



Reading groups with Mrs Kelly and Mrs Royal. In reading groups, With Mrs Kelly and Mrs Royal we read a book called The Lost Thing and we watched the movie of it. We drew lost things and coloured them in and cut them out.

By Alisha



What do you enjoy about reading groups?

Do you have a favourite activity?



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13 Responses to Reading Groups

  1. Billy says:

    Hi Billy here,

    This term I have enjoyed doing reading groups because we have been working on our reading stamina and been working in groups. My favourite activities are study ladder and Readers theatre!!! I hope I can achieve my goal of becoming more a more fluent reader.

    From Billy in 3/4 A 

  2. Rose, Billy's mum says:

    Hi it’s Rose here Billy’s Mum,

    From what I’ve heard about these clever reading groups, Billy has improved heaps and I think all the other kids would have too. Also the activities that are being used sound very informative. Well done to everyone who thought about these wonderful activities and I hope everyone achieves there reading goals!

    From Billy’s Mum, Rose

  3. Monet says:

    Hi everyone,

    I like visualising and working in the teacher group with Mrs. Kelly and Mrs Royal. I also like reading to self and reading to someone. I like Listen to reading and reciprocal reading. I liked making my own lost thing. I made a mermaid with a T.V head and 10 tales. My favourite activity was reading The Three Rapunzels. It was about three friends competing to be Rapunzel. In the end they all got to be Rapunzel. I liked it because it was interesting for me and I realised that it had a great meaning that was to never fight over something silly or something as little as being Rapunzel with your friends.

    Bye from Monet

  4. monet's mum says:

    I am very happy with Monet’s enthusiastic approach to all types of literacy. She absolutely loves reading which is fantastic as it is the gateway to learning.

  5. Flynn says:

    Hi 3/4 just replying to say how much I’m enjoying the inquiry on natural disasters.My friend and I have lots of ideas for our project, which we will present at the end of the term. Can’t wait 🙂

  6. Louise says:

    My boy Flynn is really enjoying all the fun stuff he’s been learning about at school. He’s been telling me about all the cool things he has been doing in religion and the stuff he’s been learning this term.

    Keep up the good work 3/4’s.

  7. Amy says:

    I enjoyed being in the reading groups when we did some visualizing on Sophie Scott Goes South and we wrote and drew a picture of what we were thinking in our book.

  8. Doreen says:

    It’s good to see that all of the children are enjoying their reading groups.

    From Doreen, Amy’s mum

  9. Keisha says:

    Hi It’s Keisha here,
    Reading groups look like they are working well. I like literacy circles too. In my reading group my favourite text in literacy circles is called” Ellie and the magic computer”. My favourite Non- Fiction text wold be Sleeping Giant. Sleeping giant is about a volcano that can melt your skin if you get to get too close to it, but the volcano is dormant now. Some other texts I have read are The story of salt, Mighty Emperor, Man of steel, Firetown, and more. Last term my Reading group was focusing on Margret Wild books. She writes books about love, friendship, and death. This term my Reading group is reading about natural disasters. The first book we read this term was called” Cyclone”. Cyclone was about the big Cyclone in Queensland and that cyclone caused so many problems around Queensland. I am in Mr Mill’s Reading group. We have reading first thing in the morning.


  10. Keisha's mum :) says:

    It is absolutely wonderful to hear about all the enrichment and knowledge building that the reading groups are providing. Discussion and sharing feedback provokes greater interest and encourages wider reading and learning! Keep up the great work 3/4s. Look forward to seeing more updates on this blog…Happy reading 🙂

  11. Hayley says:

    Hi it’s Hayley,
    I have really enjoyed reading groups with Miss Minogue.I love learning about elephants facts.I love visualizing on the text.

    From Hayley 3/4AM

  12. Hayley's mum says:

    It’s great to hear that the reading groups make a difference to a child’s learning abilities. Hayley’s reading has improved immensely over time and to hear about the different topics she has learnt tells me that she enjoys learning.
    Well done to all 3/4AM students,

  13. Timothy says:

    Hi it’s Timothy,
    It is so fun when you go to reading group and it builds up your stamina and reading. Miss Adams is the best reading group ever.I enjoy reading group so much.

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